Today’s guest is Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson from Physiologic.

Hailing from Sweden, Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson relocated to Australia in 2010, pursuing her love of the health & wellness industry.

She is a Swedish-qualified physiotherapist, personal trainer, cover model, group fitness instructor, online coach, yoga teacher – her 17 year career is best described as vast.

More recently, Alex has become a proud member of the Les Mills Asia Pacific family, hand selected as a national presenter. She is a Reebok sponsored athlete and an ambassador for Parkinsons Queensland, supporting people in the community with Parkinsons disease. Alex regularly hosts immersive full day yoga retreats, welcoming guests of all levels and abilities, encouraging them to explore movement, mindfulness, and empowerment, through breathwork, meditation and posture workshops.

Alex is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping clients rehabilitate and prevent injuries through training techniques based on Physiotherapy. Having dealt with a variety of personal injuries throughout her career, Alex knows firsthand the impact injury can have on your life. She is a firm believer that physical activity is the BEST medicine for a variety of illnesses and conditions of the human body! Through movement, we can prevent, improve and heal hundreds of conditions in the musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular systems, while addressing a variety of mental and emotional health concerns too.

Here to discuss self care and taking control of your physical health and wellbeing from Physiologic today we welcome Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson.

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