Today’s guest is Emma Hindmarsh from Murad Skincare Australia

Since arriving on Sydney’s Northern Beaches 14 years ago, Emma has worked with all major Australian retailers; department stores, pharmacies, e-tailers, grocery businesses and pure-play cosmetics enterprises. She’s nurtured businesses, propelled innovation and launched brands across the globe and across sales channels.

Her latest role as Country Director for Murad Skincare Australia has seen Emma wearing all of the hats! Initially running every channel and customer touchpoint for Murad Australia, she has since appointed a team of skilled professionals to take over implementation, leaving her free to build strategy, identify partnerships and accelerate a profitable business, achieving the elusive break-even 3 years in advance of plan.

Emma is passionate about sharing her insights with salon partners, to identify actionable steps to building a memorable brand and financially viable business model through branding, wording and the consistency of your message.

If you’re looking to make branding changes in your business, to embrace the endless (but overwhelming) possibilities of Social Media and to embark on some basic google activity then stay tuned for this discussion with a marketing mastermind, from Murad Skincare Australia, today we welcome Emma Hindmarsh.

This episode of the Beaute by ABIC podcast is brought to you by Murad Skincare Australia.

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