Today’s guest is Kelly Cunningham, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Your Leasing Co.

Your Leasing Co. and ABIC Supplier Member provides an expert commercial leasing service exclusively to Tenants and ABIC members that gives them access to the same market data and negotiation advantages typically reserved for Landlords.

Managing Director, Kelly Cunningham is a highly skilled commercial property consultant and tenant representation expert, who brings over 25 years of industry experience. Kelly is a licensed real estate agent and has a broad background in retail and commercial leasing, management of super regional shopping centre assets and a specialisation in retail and commercial leasing.

Kelly is well regarded for her expertise in negotiating leases and getting the absolute best results for her clients. She has also consulted to legal firms in the capacity of an Expert Witness in relation to retail leasing litigation.

Here to help us with our leasing negotiation skills and to discuss the Power Play of the Landlord and Tenant relationship from Your Leasing Co., today we welcome our Leasing Expert, Kelly Cunningham.

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