Today’s guest is Gay Wardle from Gay Wardle Education.

Gay Wardle – businesswoman, coach, mentor, internationally recognised speaker and educator and Council Member of ABIC. Gay was honoured as the “Educator of the Year” at the 2015 Australian Beauty Industry Awards for her passion for skin analysis, which she champions both nationally and internationally.

She has become one of the most respected icons in the “skin and beauty” industry because of her dedication and commitment to learning and teaching others. Her work as an educator and practitioner was recognized in 2014 when she was inducted into both the ABIA Hall of Fame and the Reed Exhibition Hall of Fame.

If you have sat in one of Gays “Everything you need to know about Skin” classes, you’ll know Gay is anything but just a beauty therapist. She’s intelligent, kind, humble and an absolute queen of the beehive behind all things skin. To talk about intrinsic ageing, from Gay Wardle Education, today we welcome for the first time to the Beaute by ABIC podcast, Gay Wardle.

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