Reika and Simone are the perfect examples of when women come together, support one another and play to their strengths, impressive things can happen. Right-brained, analytical and armed with an arsenal of business background knowledge, Reika’s role encompasses commercial operations, business development, strategic growth and the task of guiding her team toward future success.

Simone on the other hand, in true left-brain style, is the visionary behind the brand and leads the education sector through her ever ticking ideas and broad-spectrum thinking.

Reika partnered with long-term friend and now business partner, Simone Vescio, to introduce Dermaviduals bespoke skincare in Australia in 2010, followed by New Zealand. Starting from their dining room tables, one heck of a trip to Germany and a relationship build on soli foundations of purpose, trust and ambition, they now have over 20 staff across Australia and New Zealand, have sold hundreds of thousands of moisturisers, they are the staple brand in over 300 skincare clinics, and their friendship is stronger than ever. Derma Aesthetics was also recently awarded a global customer service award and claims many accolades for the way they do business.

Though both Reika and Simone have achieved a great deal of success, this conversation highlights both light and dark, wins and challenges and everything in between it has taken the ladies to reach the brand success we know and love today.

You can find out more about the ladies on their website and over on the gram @dermaviduals

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