Sam is a born empath with a passion for holistic therapies and a belief that true skin health is a result of a 360° view on the body.

After 10 years working as a head therapist and trainer in some of Melbourne’s most coveted beauty salons, Sam decided it was time to follow her dream of creating a sanctuary for people to heal and moved to a beautiful 12-acre property in Red Hill.

Surrounded by nature Sam has created a series of ritualistic facials combining all the knowledge she has learnt working alongside energy healers, nutritionists and massage therapists to bring you a uniquely luxurious and holistic beauty experience.

Sam shares with us today what it means to ‘create space’ for clients to feel grounded after treatment, why performing the treatment is an emotional experience for many of her clients and exactly what touch can do for us during such an isolated time we are all in at the moment.

You can find more about Sam over on her website or the gram @marciwellness

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