MOTHER SPF was born out of necessity a few years back when Tandia’s mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. After extensive research to help her mother reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in her skincare whilst undergoing treatment, Tandia discovered how nasty some conventional sunscreens can be and couldn’t find a mineral sunscreen suitable for everyday wear, so she decided to be a boss lady aka daughter of the year and make her own. After experimenting in the kitchen, passionately studying the chemistry of ingredients, and partnering with expert formulators and PhD’s to develop the product to it’s highest performance and efficacy, she found a lab that could make it for her, and in true overnight success 4 years in the making, we know have MOTHER SPF.

Apart from the incredible story behind the brand and Tandias passion to bring the product to life, Mother SPF is a unique blend of ingredients, ethics and values that the company abides by which clients and our professional industry are seemingly loving.

You can find more about MOTHER SPF or become a stockist by visiting their website and their socials @motherspf

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