From a young age where her chemistry and science-loving father would bring home the latest research journals for her to read, Stefanie has held an interest in advanced technology, which comes as no surprise as to how her career in the aesthetic industry has planned out today.

Stef is a skin expert in the highest form of the title, whos passion for client outcomes and results has driven her through to further study as a Dermal Educator. For the past 20 years, Stef has directed some of Australia’s most well known and highly regarded dermal clinics where she has lead teams of dermal clinicians, nurses and doctors to perform non-invasive skin and laser treatments.

That career recap would generally be enough to satisfy anyone, however, through noticing a disconnect between a therapist recommendation and client compliance in understanding why they had to use such a vast amount of products at home to gain the desired result, Stef saw a need to simplify but not compromise the way we achieve healthy skin and developed Dermalist.

Stef and Tamara do not hold back today as we talk about the need for science and beauty to be combined, the truth behind multifunctional skincare, inclusive marketing campaigns and we get to find out what makes Dermalist so revolutionary in the way it works.

Stef and the team have kindly offered all listeners of today’s episode to receive a complimentary 3 step Dermalist trial kit just by phoning or texting 0411 807 665, emailing or private message them on Instagram @Dermalist.

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