For many years Tasneem personally struggled with feeling the love when it came to makeup especially when finding the perfect lipstick shade, for some reason if you’re 2 shades darker than “almond” you’re going to face nightmare nudes and off-tone reds. Having had enough of being left out of the commercial beauty industry, Tasneem decided to create her very own custom lipsticks, with shades carefully crafted to suit not only her skin tone but also a variety of complexions!

Being a third-generation South Asian woman living in a Western society Tasneem wanted to foster a brand that acknowledges and celebrates her personal cultural background along with a multitude of backgrounds. For too long brands and society have happily utilised people or colour for their appearance/aesthetic but not given them a voice/identity or even considered them in the development process of creating their beauty products.

Tasneem’s personal cultural upbringing has defined the person she is today, from appearance, mindset, interaction, and character. So, she is making it a KEY focus for TASNEEM Cosmetics to unify Beauty, Culture, AND Colours!

Talking about the education we should be searching for to better show up for all cultures, the work that needs to be done from top down to represent every person that walks through our doors in our marketing campaigns and very generously sharing her own personal stories with the lack of inclusion she felt growing up.

You can find more about Tasneem and the range online or on Instagram

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