Dr Clara Hurst graduated as a dentist from King’s College London Medical and Dental School in 2005. Her interest in cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics led to further training and study within the field of facial rejuvenation and cosmetic enhancement procedures, including training and working as a cosmetic injector at world-renowned Harley Street in London.

Clara has 15 years hands-on experience in anti-wrinkle and facial sculpting treatments and prides herself on achieving natural results for her patients and believes that in most cases a conservative treatment approach is the best way to achieve her signature “untouched” and refreshed look.

A mum, business owner, dr and now skincare formulator, Dr Clara is also a trainer and educator for Dermamedical Australia and trains doctors, dentists and nurses in the latest non-surgical cosmetic enhancement techniques.

Clara shares with us her story on moving to Australia opening up a clinic and continuing to run a clientele from across the world, the impossible juggling act of being the perfect woman society thinks we should project and why her clients and team come first.

You can find more about Dr Clara Hurst online here and on Instagram @blanc_perth and @the_secret_skincare

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