Evette is a skin expert, to put it bluntly! She had 10 years of experience under her belt specialising in IPL, medical-grade skin peeling, microdermabrasion, skin analysis, brow shaping and make-up, as well as teaching beauty therapy before she started Esmi Skin Minerals in 2017.

Evette identified an opportunity in the market for an Australian-made mineral foundation that had additional treatment benefits. Cue the inaugural product – the Liquid Mineral Foundation, which still has a cult following today. From there, the range has grown to include a comprehensive line of skincare to support customers from cleansing through right through to the foundation.

From understanding your passion for the brand before building it, aligning your purpose with your people and everything in between, Evette and Tamara for Beaute Industrie.

Find out more about Esmi Skin Minerals on their website and Instagram

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