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When you combine a doctor of biochemistry with a beauty business owner to produce a tanning product good things happen. Good things like Phoxy Tanning.

Australia’s safest way to tan yet, Phoxy Tanning is more than just another tan in a bottle, it’s skincare first, colour second. Packed with native Australian ingredients for cellular support against uv oxidation that many Aussies soak themselves up in throughout the sunny months Phoxy is the perfect way to enjoy your summer and have your tan too.

Dr Donna Lee Marcal, Formulator of Dermatonics and Relievamed skin and body ranges, has exploded on the Australian beauty industry scene over the last 18 months with her warm Canadian nature and passion for beauty business owners as her brand representatives. Featuring on at the Professional Beauty Industry roundtable filming, Beaute Industrie events in Melbourne, Donna has been welcomed into the industry with open arms.

Helen Gerasimou, owner and lead therapist of Heavenly Retreat in Sans Souci Sydney brings 37 years of skin changing industry knowledge to the table. A reputable DMK stockist and award winning clinic, Helen has been at the helm of the industry as a trusted friend and industry inspiration for many years.

Perfecting the formula took three years as the two finessed the texture, tone and outcome to create the final product. A subtle nod towards the pH correct, anti(oxi)dant rich formula, the name Phoxy was born. It’s aqua blue bottle throws hues in reference to the Australian coast line, our most iconic beach fronts including Bondi and Noosa and a typical Summer’s day on the water.

Unleash your inner phox, their tagline, Phoxy tanning is about letting yourself be your most natural, vibrant self, free from insecurities and harmful sun damaging rays. Light weight, hydrating not sticky and pleasant smelling with the ability to enhance your natural colour, Phoxy is clinic exclusive and currently open to new stockists.

Find out more about Phoxy Tanning here and check them out on social media for the latest updates and Phoxy news.