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A frequent topic of beauty industry conversation is our salon software programs. The fact that they are impractical, hard to use or are unsupportive during times of malfunction are often what business owners tell us are their biggest frustrations. Then, we discovered Phorest.

Taking the pain out of managing and growing the salon you have always dreamed of, Phorest is in a class of it’s own in the tech space. Described by none other than Forbes itself, as ‘the leading salon appointment and CRM software company’, it’s seriously worth looking into, heck we will even give you ten reasons why you should!

Let’s start at the top shall we?

1. Customer Service

Now, I know every salon software program promised you excellent customer service when you first signed on with them, but the real question is, where are they now?

Do you know who your account manager is? Do you have a dedicated account manager? Do they visit you? Do you have their contact details and how available and accessible are they?

Since first communicating with Phorest in late 2018, Account Managers Rebekah and Gavin have been brilliant in their correspondence. Both frequently visit their accounts, are prompt at returning calls and answering emails and never make us feel silly when we ask them those silly questions we probably should already know how to do!

 2. 100% Cloud based

You don’t have to be a tech genius to know that the sky’s the limit – literally!

Cloud based software programs mean your information is kept in the clouds, allowing you flexibility to log in and play with your program from any location you so wish.

Going on a holiday to the Maldives? Log on and checkout how your daily sales are tracking along. Working from home during school holidays? Sign on and shuffle the roster around to keep your labour costs down and boost productivity.

No remote log ins, no slowing down the system, no using other peoples passwords and licences and no ducking into the salon on your days off. Just pure blue sky baby!

3. Reviews & Online Reputation Manager

Since your clients already love your business, why not have them shout about it out from the rooftops?! Phorest Salon Software sends a review request to your clients phone and/or email after they have finished their appointment, asking them to rate and review you.

Your client then has the option to post their review to public platforms like Google and Facebook, giving your business a better chance online when someone searches for it! Hello free SEO all with the touch of a button.

4. Digital Consultation Forms

Ingredients, packaging and now consultation forms are all going green and keeping up with industry trends are now made easier with Phorests’ digital consultation forms.

Say goodbye to paper, dodgy pens, time spent entering notes and hello to safe and stored client information that never accidently gets thrown in the bin or lunch split on it!

Not only do Phorest have generic digital consultation forms, they also house bespoke options for your business or services that may be niche to your space. Here you can also take your before and after treatment photos, and store them on the clients file for returning to during their next appointment. Genius, we know.

5. TreatCard loyalty program

Sick of stamping and collecting client loyalty cards? Phorests TreatCard loyalty program not only allows you to effectively track your clients services, but it also increases your clients average spend by incentivising your clients to book in for treatments they haven’t experienced yet.

This means, no more marketing budgets on attracting new clients, instead rewarding and retaining your current clients – a feature every salon needs and deserves!

6. Branded booking app

Yes, you read that correctly – Phorest will create and brand an app specifically for your business. I repeat, Phorest will create and brand an app specifically for your business!!

Available in both iOS and Android, the app allows your clients a direct contact to your business in the palm of their hand. Book appointments, make payments, purchase gift vouchers or purchase from your store from their pocket.

Bonus – The spa & salon booking app has been seen to save businesses an average of 5-7 hours per week in admin tasks meaning you can get more done with less work – we like this very much!

7. Marketing Editor

Not so savvy on technology, no worries! Phorest has a marketing editor who is creating content specific to the beauty, hair and wellness industry, such as social media tiles, email marketing, sms and other templates ready for you to drag and drop your logo into and send directly to your clients.

8. Predictive Rebook SMS

Clients who keep forgetting their appointment or not sticking to their treatment plan as per your prescription, is all a thing of the past with the predictive rebook SMS system.

Phorests software program picks up your individual customers booking cycle and automatically sends them a message, prompting them to make their booking for their due service. Add this function to the traditional marketing methods of SMS and promotional blasts and you would be silly not to be curious by now!

9. Staff Management

Not only does Phorest control your booking and inventory system, it also controls staff management systems. Staff performance reports can be accessed through your rostering program which shows retail x service percentages, rebooking rates and labour costs.

Use the Clock In/Clock Out system to see a full breakdown of your staffs roster, time management and logged hours of work.

10. Accounting and Reports

Last but certainly not least, the most important piece of information for your business.

The various reporting figures Phorest salon software pulls can calculate your staff commission and integration of payroll, including sick days and annual leave.

Organise your till float, your banking and your accounting transactions all in the same place, and stay on track every hour with financial performance reports for your team.

If that hasn’t made you think twice about your current salon software program, Phorest also has all the traditional functions like these;

Appointment management + Online Booking system

Client Card/CRM POS SMS

Stock Inventory Management

Gift Voucher Systems

Staff Rosters

Phorest GO App Reviews

Client selfies: Clients can post up their own selfie of a recent service with you

Because we love Phorest so much and believe every salon owner needs to know about them, you can get 50% off your set up fee by clicking the link below and organising a conversation with Rebekah or Gavin about what Phorest can do for your business.

Should you want to find out further information without having a conversation, you can tune in to a podcast episode we recorded with Rebekah and Gavin here.