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With a drive to bring ‘a professional, clinic exclusive, kick-ass and homegrown’ skincare line into the Australian beauty landscape, Maria Enna-Coccilone, CEO of INSKIN, created O Cosmedics. These humble beginnings have grown into the nationally recognised product and brand it is today, as O Cosmedics celebrates their 9th birthday this week!

Featuring on the Beaute Industrie podcast this week, Maria spent time reflecting on her career journey and as well as her drive and the need for change in the professional beauty industry. Taking ‘lifes biggest lessons as blessings’, Maria shares her passion for the INSKIN and O Cosmedics brand partners, calling them famiglia, meaning ‘family’ in Italian.

Maria Enna-Coccilone, CEO of O Cosmedics celebrates

The first of its kind, O Cosmedics launched into the industry with the newly coined title ‘cosmedical’, a combination of the terms cosmetic and medical, creating a new market segment entirely. Referring to the formulation containing only the highest active ingredients, positioned beyond the realm of cosmeceutical and sold by therapists with an understanding of the skin in prescription only beauty spaces, Cosmedical became the new standard of skincare products.

A truly unique brand concept, O Cosmedics offers nation wide training, business development, social media support, annual conferences, clinic exclusive products and unwavering marketing support. The hard working head office team, which Maria says she ‘works hard on to create and maintain culture within the business’, drives consumer and brand awareness into the spaces of the professionally stocked product.

With the sale of major professional brands to private equity companies, Skinstitut to KKR in 2018 and newly sold True Solutions to WBN, Maria admits it’s getting harder and harder to maintain a product business in 2019. “It’s tough out there, and while we are currently clinic exclusive I need our partners to understand it’s their continued support that will effectively determine the success and exclusivity of the brand”.

Two thousand plus, O Cosmedics aficionados loudly sing praises of the brand and product results in many social media communities and platforms a-like, and too highly requested we feature Maria’s story on this weeks Beaute Industrie podcast episode and after doing so, we completely understand why!

With passion like fire, determination to start and grit to survive, we wish O Cosmedics, Maria and the team behind the brand a very Happy 9th Birthday.