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When choosing brands to use in your treatments and stock on your retail shelves, it isn’t (or shouldn’t be!) just about the products themselves. We know that for so many of you, it’s also about the support you receive from your distributor/s, the added value and the small touches, from training to marketing. We’ve heard so many unfortunate stories from business owners who find it difficult to get in touch with their distributors, that their BDMs fall off the radar, that their calls go unreceived, that training was sub-par, or that information provided was inaccurate. On the flip side, we know some incredible distributors in our industry who prides themselves on excellent communication, training and support. So if these elements are important to you and your team, we’re here to reassure you – not all distributors are made the same, and there are a few important questions and considerations you should be asking yourself when deciding which brands you’d like to work with.

One distributor in our industry who is raved about by their salon partners is Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) for exactly these reasons. PBS takes their commitment to their stockists incredibly seriously, and whether you’ve taken on just one of their brands or a handful, you will very much be a part of (as often referred to by both the PBS team and their salon partners) the ‘PBS family’. “I think the greatest differentiator for us is our focus on supporting salons in becoming better business owners, carrying them to the top of their game,” says Managing Director Matt Williams. “Most brands and distributors focus entirely on educating salons on their product’s benefits and how they can sell more. This is only one aspect of running a successful, profitable and predictable business, and a small fragment of what we offer.”

When your distributor is committed to providing their partners with not only the best products, but the best treatment protocols and the best training, you as a business will be in the best position to deliver the results your clients demand. But what are some other considerations to factor in? To give you some examples, let’s cover a few of the various elements that make PBS so special.

Stringent brand portfolio selection
How amazing is it to know that your distributor will only accept the very best brands, and having such a level of trust established between you that you can be assured right away of a brand or device’s efficacy based on those standards? PBS only takes on brands that they are confident will exceed the needs of their salon partners. Each goes through a strict checklist of questions: 1. Will it perform better than its competitors? 2. Will it be a reliable and profitable revenue stream? 3. Is it at the forefront of technological and cosmeceutical advancements? If it’s a no, it will not be taken on as a PBS brand.

Comprehensive online education portal
PBS’ impressive online educational portal continues to grow week by week – you won’t find the same content sitting there stagnant. Salon, spa, and clinic partners and their employees can access education and training materials 24/7, including videos, resource documents, and seminars specifically designed to bridge the gap between where your knowledge and skills are now, and where they need to be in order to grow sales and increase profitability. But it doesn’t stop at online learning- Professional Beauty Solutions treats its stockists to a number of events throughout the year, including educational symposiums and their annual Skin Summit. Other annual events include the PBS Gala Dinner, where all of the achievements and hard work of PBS-stocking spas, salons, and clinics are recognised, further reiterating the warm family culture the team prides itself on. And when it comes to BDM support, all PBS educators are trained in all 14 of the distributor’s brands, meaning you can find the support you need in just one meeting or phone call, irrespective of how many PBS brands you currently have.

PBS Rewards Program & Team Incentive Program
Want to be rewarded for all of your hard work retailing in-clinic? With PBS you can achieve a number of loyalty rewards and staff incentives, and if you stock multiple PBS brands you can combine all of your rewards together for even greater incentives. These types of rewards programs from your distributors are a fantastic perk to pass onto your team, but here’s another question you should be asking – are the targets your distributor is setting out actually achievable enough to get much return on investment? This is something that sets the PBS programs apart. 

Unparalleled marketing support
Figuring out what to post on social media, creating the design or photographing the products, and then writing the captions is all incredibly time-consuming. This is why social media management is a full-time job after all! Wouldn’t it be nice if your distributor took care of this for you? Imagine having access to thousands of dollars worth of free marketing material for every brand you stock. Well, PBS’ exclusive Marketing On A Platter (MOAP) program offers just that. The easy-to-use platform gives you access to everything you need to promote PBS brands in-store and online, including social media images as well as ideas and materials for packages and sales promotion, – so you don’t have to come up with these yourself, leaving you free to get back to working on your business. This includes not just social media content but collateral and signage you can use in-store.

So if you’re on the lookout for a distributor that can provide you all of the above tools in order for you to build a profitable, reliable business that provides security for you, your team, and your family, perhaps PBS may be the solution for you.

Bringing you 14 world-class professional brands that work in harmony to protect, perfect, nourish and repair any skin and anybody, Professional Beauty Solutions offers a 360° approach when it comes to treating clients’ skin. Enjoy the convenience of having all your business needs met by a single supplier, and benefit from the exceptional service, training, marketing support and business education on offer. Visit for more information or to become a PBS stockist today. Managing Directors Matt and Lisa Williams would love to hear from you!