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The impact of acne on a client’s skin isn’t just the breakout itself but the post-acne scarring, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and most significantly, a serious dip in their self-confidence. Consequently, reducing the appearance of these textural irregularities is arguably one of the most common skin concerns presented to therapists each week.

When delivering skin resurfacing services and treating the effects of acne, one of the front running treatments is ablative laser services. Paid with lengthy downtime, these services present barriers for darker skin tones, so when Venus Concept delivered their unique innovation known as NanoFractional™ technology, we can’t say we were surprised at the excitement from therapists!

If you’re new to Venus Concept, let us get you up to speed. Distributed in 60 countries across the globe and on the radar of many A-List celebrities, Venus Concept is a leader in medical and aesthetic technology innovations. Covering all bases from skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, body contouring, laser hair removal to even hair restoration, Venus Concept pairs world-class devices with some of the industry’s most celebrated ongoing support.

Offering skin-focused clinics a high performing skin rejuvenation solution is Venus Viva™, Venus Concept’s tabletop technology that claims to replace all other skin resurfacing devices in your business. Able to treat a broader range of skin types than other ablative technologies, Venus Viva™ provides clinicians outstanding control and customisation when diminishing the appearance of acne scarring and post-acne hyperpigmentation.

So, what makes NanoFractional™ such a ground-breaking approach to treating the effects of acne? The concept combines two advanced aesthetic procedures, ablation with the proven track record of radiofrequency energy. Together, they deliver deeper collagen stimulation than other modalities whilst providing the therapist complete coagulation and ablation control.

Using a patented tip of tiny micro-pins, energy is delivered into acne-affected areas via radiofrequency. This treatment tip boasts the largest spot size in the industry which means faster treatment times and a higher profit per hour in your business. The tip is applied in a fractional matter which allows the surrounding tissue of the treated area to remain intact. The process creates tiny micro-channels within the skin that appear no larger than pinpricks but underneath the skin’s surface, they are beginning the natural healing response of stimulating fibroblasts and rebuilding collagen in the acne-scarred or textually irregular area of concern.

What differentiates acne treatments with Venus Viva™ versus other skin resurfacing technologies is the sheer precision in which this energy is delivered. Most technologies focus on addressing the top layers of the skin and deliver a more superficial response and post-treatment downtime where with Venus Viva™, the treatment is focused on deeper layers of the skin.

Each micro-pin on the Venus Viva™ treatment tip delivers individual energy rather than it being shared across the total tip size. This unique delivery of treatment not only significantly increases patient comfort but ensures that every treatment to the area of concern is performed uniformly. When it comes to intricate treatment areas, like the varying sizes and shapes of acne scars, we couldn’t love this approach more. Consistency is a key theme across so many elements of our industry and this technology is going above and beyond to deliver that.

Supporting their drive for total clinical efficacy, the team at Venus Concept shared with us some insights into a published clinical study. The study showed that over a four-week treatment period, up to 96.97% of patients were satisfied with their Venus Viva treatment experience. This commitment to efficacious skin rejuvenation treatments saw them take out the Anti-Ageing Treatment of the Year in the 2019 MyFaceMyBody awards.

Therapist control and customisation are at the forefront of the Venus Viva technology thanks to their forward-thinking SmartScan™ Pattern Selection tool. This innovation takes skin resurfacing to the next level by using a specially designed algorithm to match the therapist with the best performing treatment pattern for their individual client concerns. SmartScan™ Pattern Selection gives therapists control over the depth of ablation and increase or decrease of coagulation within the treated area. This makes treating deeper, pitted acne scarring a seamless process for both the therapist and client.

What we love most about this concept is its return on investment for the business owner. When adjusting the treatment settings dependent on the concern being treated, typically a device would require a different handpiece or treatment tip. With Venus Viva™, there is no need for additional tips or changing of tips mid-treatment! When performing treatments with Venus Viva™, all the therapist needs to do is adjust their settings to suit the area of concern being treated. This makes for speedier and more straightforward treatment sessions that save you significant costs in consumables.

As evident in the impressive before and after result, the team at Venus Concept have shared with us, significant improvement to the appearance of acne scarring and textual irregularities occurs from the very first treatment.

With most clients requiring up to three treatments, Venus Viva™ showcases just another way it’s a tabletop profit booster for your clinic. As each client visits your business for their Venus Viva™ treatment, it is an opportunity to transition them onto other supportive treatments and of course, a regime of professional home care products.

Traditionally taking less than an hour per appointment, Venus Viva™ treatment packages can see you gaining a return on your investment much sooner than other services on your menu. In addition to outstanding acne treatment outcomes, our team were impressed with the array of face and body concerns this single compact and lightweight device could deliver! From overall skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, body scarring and stretch marks, this device not only looks stylish in your treatment room but loads your service menu up with ultra-progressive and high profit earning aesthetic services.

The team at Venus Concept have shared some exciting offers with the Beaute Industrie Community including 0% interest on Venus Viva™ repayments for 36 months. That’s three years to maximise advanced aesthetic treatments in your business and gain your return on investment sooner.

Paired with their highly recommended marketing support and outstanding clinical guidance, the Venus Concept team are ticking every box when it comes to technology investment that backs your business. To learn more about what Venus Viva can do for your clients and to book your free demo, click here