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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.

Different to our usual Mystery Shops, this one won’t include the name of the space nor the therapist, as unfortunately, this is the Mystery Shop, no Mystery Shopper wants to report on. For benefit of industry learning and therapist growth, the below is a step-by-step walk through of ‘what not to do’ in the treatment room.


Undisclosed for privacy reasons as above.

(There will be no photos during this post either for privacy of the space)


I had the Customised Deep Cleansing – 60 MIN – $160

Website reads: “A purifying treatment customised for all skin types. Renew with a skin smoothing resurfacing peel, revitalise through massage promoting circulation and balance oil production, enhancing an overall glow to reveal healthy skin.”

My husband had the Remedial Massage – 50 Minutes – $155

Website reads: “A targeted treatment performed by a qualified remedial massage therapist.”


Shall not be named. Let’s call her Jodie for benefit of the story.


Having been recommended I try this space by an industry friend, I hopped online to make the booking. Thinking it would be lovely for my partner to come along with me for a doubles treatment, I headed to the website to make the booking.

Unfortunately the website wouldn’t let me book two treatments at the same time, in the same room (an areas for salon software system Book4time to update it’s functionality) and so I phoned instead. Reaching 3 rings the line went dead, therefore I persisted to send an email directly to the spa.

In any normal circumstance, I would have and I am assuming many clients would have, given up at the point which I wasn’t able to make a booking online, however for the purpose of this Mystery Shop and visit, I persisted going back and forth with the Manager via email trying to find a suitable time for my calendar and her appointment book.

Arriving at the space I was BLOWN AWAY (in capital letters to truly show you how BLOWN AWAY I was!) as the space was divine. Everything a day spa should be. Neutral colours, inflowing light, serene sounds playing through the space. I thought I had died and gone to day spa heaven.

Completing the consultation card and being asked to enter into the change rooms and change into a robe and slippers, we then were moved to the pre-treatment lounge area for some herbal tea. Blissed out already without even having a treatment my husband said ‘I felt like we are on holidays’.

Two stunningly presented therapists walked down hall, greeted us with their names and gave us direction to the room, while Jodie, my therapist stopped just before the OBSERV machine (Hello Global Beauty Group!) and asked if it would be okay if we had a look at my skin ‘on a deeper level’.

Well, you can imagine the happy dance I was doing in my head when I calmly responded ‘yes, ok’ and under the machine I hop acting like I’ve never done so before.

For some reason, many therapists feel like when they do double treatments they can’t perform the same facial as they would have if they were in separate treatments, which is so far from the truth and this is case in point. I was thrilled to be looking at my skin on a deeper level as that’s exactly what I had booked in for – a facial!

Showing me the different colours Jodie pointed out to me places of dehydration, pigment and oil flow on my nose and chin, before telling me we would discuss this further post consultation – I’m basically doing the nutbush in my head at this stage.


Entering into the treatment room is double treatment room goals, with so much space a therapist could swing a cat in there and still perform a treatment. Hubby is getting his remedial consultation when we walk in, and i am directed to the chair for what I would refer to as a basic consultation.

‘Why basic?’ you ask, because the consultation went like this:

Jodie: “So you’re concerned with pigmentation and breakouts? – Good we can definitely work on that for you today.”

Jodie: “And you’re using quite a lot of products at home, but you haven’t ticked an eye cream? – That’s okay we can have a chat about that today.”

Jodie: “And you’ve had a few treatments in the past, but nothing recently? – No” – Tamara shakes head no.

Jodie explains treatment sequence today.

This is not a consultation, rather, it’s not even a conversation, because that requires two people to talk – not one person to be talked at while reading from a card which I spent 15 minutes out of my day completing. Onwards.


Jodie presented to me a tray which held three large white smooth stones with words on them and asked me to choose one for my intention today. I chose the word ‘love’. All together now “awwwww.”

I really enjoyed this little touch and did set my intention for the treatment to be ‘love’ with that in mind. Jodie placed this stone under the head of the treatment bed which had a little glass bowl in it – I am assuming for the purpose of the energy to flow through the crown chakra, however this wasn’t explained. To anyone else, it’s a stone in a bowl.

We were asked to de-robe while they left the room, and hop into the beds, which we did.


Returning to the room, the blanket was draped over me and a headband secured.


Unfortunately I wasn’t told which range would be used on my skin today, however the familiar scent of HydroPeptide professional products (which I had previously worked with) came flooding through my senses during the eye and lip cleanse on two damp cotton rounds.

Following this, an oil cleanse number one, and a warm foaming cleanse number two performed with confident hands. Jodie then swivelled her chair to the right of the bed (yes the client can feel EVERYTHING a therapist does) and opened the draw that was under the bed to reach for a hot towel for cleanse removal.

At this point i’m thinking ‘where have these magical treatment beds been all my life’, however that thought quickly banished as Jodie slammed the draw shut, sending my bed shaking before swiveling her chair back to the head of the bed that I thought ‘oh no’.

Skin Analysis

Jodie took a look at my skin while feeling her way around the face – YES YES YES give me the skin analysis Jodie – before confirming for me that I did have some blackheads that she could extract for me if I would like. I accepted the extractions. (this would have been a great time to upgrade me to LED, eye treatments, educate me further on my skin, product recommendations and plant the seed for future treatments – all about maximising every opportunity.)

The extractions were performed with fingers and applied pressure and weren’t too painful at all.


Jodie let me know she would be using a two-part exfoliant on my skin today – first an enzyme solution and then vitamin c crystals. Jodie mentioned the exfoliant might be similar to ants running over my skin and to let her know if I were uncomfortable. Well done Jodie, great communication here.

Post manual exfoliation, Jodie performed a 5 minute scalp massage with basic hair rustling and circling movements. Scalp massages should be deep, full body movements that make the client drool. This one unfortunately did not.

Removing the exfoliant was completed with a chair swivel, draw slam and hot towel application.

The Massage

The HydroPeptide massage oil is possibly my favourite smelling product ever. BIG call, I know. Honestly, it’s such a unique smell, which defines the brand so clearly. Good work HP formulators. (no paid plug for HydroPeptide, just a massive sucker for something that smells divine.)

Unfortunately, the massage with my favourite smelling product I was holding on for did not eventuate. Again, the moves were basic. A little effleurage here, a little knuckling there and a few circular movements around the eyes and it was over.

In my (perhaps unpopular) opinion, you cannot perform a facial massage sitting down. Massage is the pressure of a therapist body weight combined with the pull of gravity and pressure applied to the client. This was neither of those. Use pressure points, kneading, friction and tapping movements – whatever your clients concern is, guides you on the type of massage you perform. It should be custom, not one size fits all.

At this stage of the treatment i’m pretty annoyed and trying not to show my stress rash and have poor Jodie freak out thinking she’s caused some kind of allergic reaction on my skin. We persist to the mask.

The Mask

Painting on the mask with a mask brush (10 points to Gryffindor for remembering the mask brush!) the mask is instantly cooling and feels hydrating and soothing on my frustrated-flushed pink skin. An eye pillow is applied.

Jodie walks to the side of the bed and performs a 2 minute hand and arm massage on each arm and then the unthinkable happens. JODIE LEAVES THE ROOM. I’m not even joking.

How do I know Jodie leaves the room? Because she was wearing loud squeaking shoes which squished their way on every surface she walked on, as she walked out the door.

Returning to the room, Jodie walks back to the head of the bed where I’m thinking ‘okay, time for some more scalp massage’, only to be disappointed when Jodie picks up the dirty trays and bowls she has been using, and takes them into a small room off our treatment room, and STARTS DOING THE DISHES.

Well, if you thought the stress rash was not present before, it was full shade of truss tomato now! In what world ever, in any training, induction, course, school, ever – are you taught to wash your dishes during a client treatment? A client who is paying $160 for your time, presence and expertise!!

Finishing products

Returning back to the bed with a signature Jodie chair swivel and draw slam, the mask is removed with a hot towel and finishing products are applied.

Jodie applies the eye pillow again and starts walking around the, very large, room with her squishy, squeaky shoes, doing only god knows what ( I do try to peak out of the eye pillow but I can’t damn it!) before returning to lift the eye pillow, advising me my treatment is over and when i’m ready to hop up and meet her and the remedial therapist outside.

As the therapists leave the room I look over to my husband who says ‘that was the best remedial massage i’ve ever had’. He explains how the therapist made him feel comfortable, talked him through breathing techniques and encouraged him to relax with whispers in his ear to be sure she was communicating with him, while not disturbing my treatment. YES REMEDIAL QUEEN, I LOVE YOU.


We leave the room and head to the post-treatment area, where the finishing touches of hand-made chocolates, white peach and blueberry tea and fresh strawberries await us. It’s here I realise the experience and finish is perfect – it’s my therapist who brings the entire space down. This is such a sad realisation that just one therapist can ruin such a magical experience. A mouldy peach in the fruit bowl is how I generally refer to this therapist during my team development sessions.

Jodie comes over to me with a mirror, shows me the power of the amazing HydroPeptide products, which have left my skin much brighter than it was before the treatment, and asks me ‘would you be interested in having some recommendations today?’ I answer with a cool ‘no, thank you”.

Hubby and I return to the change rooms, get dressed and move towards the reception. Jodie approaches me with a small card of writing which outlines the products she would recommend for my home use. No product brochure, no price, just random names of ‘plump and peel’ and ‘power serum’,

We pay, we leave and as we enter into the lift, my husband turns to me and says ‘was she doing the dishes?’ and I clearly give him the ‘dont ask wife look of death’ and he is quiet. He bravely then says as we walk a few meters outside of the space ‘and did she leave the room’ – to which I explode a rant of the treatment sequence to which you have just read, only with a few added swear words too naughty to include in this blog piece.


All of the above can be fixed and should be used for you and your teams as an exercise to reflect on as touch points during the treatments you perform. Every lesson is a blessing and you cannot know, what you do not know, until someone tells you.

Given the physical skin results of the treatment, the fact that Jodie showed me my skin in the mirror and opened up the conversation around my homecare, I probably would have purchased product. However, there was absolutely no way after that level of service, was I purchasing product from her recommendations after such a poor experience.

Therapists need to move away from asking the client ‘would you like me to show you some products?’ as it opened up the chance for me to say ‘no’ prior to even knowing what Jodie wanted to show me.

‘What about the space – they need to know what’s happening!’ you say?

They have been sent out a detailed Mystery Shopper report that I complete post treatment with the above comments and a grading of the performed treatment for quality assurance and training purposes.

If you too would like a Mystery Shop in your space, all you have to do is click here and book me into your space. The price of the Mystery Shop treatment will be used for payment when entering into your space and a detailed report will be completed post treatment.

This is a stock image as we will not be using the photos we took of the space for this review.