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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Mien Salon Spa 370 Queens Parade Fitzroy North, VIC 3068


Spray Tan



THE EXPERIENCE Firstly, you may be thinking ‘why would you Mystery shop a spray tan?’ Reason being, every service on the menu is as important as the next. Despite the time and the price of the treatment, you need to be providing 5 star treatments to every client, every service, every time.

On Friday night at 10pm I decided I need a spray tan for a Saturday night event I was attending. I jumped online and typed into Google ‘Mien day spa’ because it was walkable distance from where I was staying.

The booking process and flow of booking online was a breeze. After securing my appointment with a $1.25 credit card charge, which I noticed was all processed through Phorest Salon Software, the booking confirmation came through to my email and the appointment was secure.

One thing that is important to note here; booking an appointment from 10pm – 1am is a regular occurrence for me. This being said, if you do not have online bookings integrated into your website, you are missing out on an entire market. As a consumer, I expect the booking system to be easy accessible and available at any time. As a business owners, it is up to you to make the booking process as smooth as possible and as accommodating as possible for your clients, not the other way around. In this day we cannot expect that all clients will phone to make an appointment, or wait until your opening hours to ‘try again’.

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Cheysa presented beautifully in a clean pressed black tunic and pants, hair neatly tied back and a full face of make up on. Her shoes were suitable for the long day of treating ahead and her jewellery was minimal. Nothing to fault on this presentation! Here, I am already excited Cheysa is my therapist because her presentation has set a standard to the level of treatment I am about to experience – even if it is just a spray tan.


Cheysa collected me from the lounge and directed me up the stairs into the spray tanning room, and at that point I realised that I had not completed a client card. I had in fact been to the spa before, however it was 3 or more years ago, so naturally it would be relevant to complete a new one as things often change with regards to medical history, allergies and the like.

When we arrived in the tanning room, Cheysa explained to me in really simple terms how to get undressed, where I was placing my clothes, the hairnet and g-string process (if I was inclined) and that I would be wearing ‘sticky feet’ in the tanning booth as to not get overspray on the bottom of my feet.

Often if the therapist is not communicating with the client correctly, the client will end up wearing the g-string on her head and is left trying to figure out how to wear the hair net down there – we have all seen this. Avoid these awkward moments by, as Cheysa did, getting the disposable and opening it for the client and literally showing the client where the bin and baskets are.

I undressed, entered the tanning booth and waited only a short while before Cheysa returned – fantastic timing! It was a cold Melbourne morning and standing naked waiting 5 minutes for my therapist was not what I was looking forward to!

Before spraying, Cheysa asked me what colour I would like to be. As a Fitzpatric 2, I told her I preferred something natural, not extremely obvious, and that I was going to an event tonight.


Two crucial details to pick up on here.

1. At this stage I did not know Cheysa’s name. Unfortunately Cheysa forgot to introduce her name when she collected me from the lounge and I had to look for it back through my confirmation emails to write this. Had I wanted to recommend her to a friend or family member I couldn’t, and had I wanted to rebook with her, I would have a hard time doing so. Small error that is easily fixed.

2. I don’t know the brand or the tan or the length of developing time. When I made the booking online I was searching for the brand of tanning solution Mien uses, however I could not find it. Cheysa too forgot to mention this, so I still don’t know what the brand is to this day.

When Cheysa asked me about the colour of the tan, I did have to ask her what time I was supposed to leave the tan on for because I wasn’t aware of the brand and developing time. Cheysa mentioned it was a 3 hour developing tan.


– Starting on the back, Cheysa sprayed in vertical movements the back and back of the legs.

– Turning to either side, sprayed the arms, torso and sides of legs.

– Turning to the front, sprayed across the decollete, bust, stomach and down the front of the legs.

– Asking me to hold out my hands in claws, my hands and fingers were sprayed.

– Asking me to hold my breath, Cheysa sprayed my face and neck.

This sequence is correct, however two essential parts of my body have missed being sprayed.

Can you guess what they are?

The inside of my legs and the inside of my arms.

To do this, you need to get the client to point their leg out to the side, and for the arms, you ask them to extend their arms to the side like they’re holding a bowl of fruit.

I noticed that Cheysa forgot these two areas and I asked that she spray them for me.

Had I been a client not understanding the spraying sequence, I would have walked out of the salon, got home and showered three hours later and been extremely upset having an event that night. An opportunity for extra training and development here.

Cheysa kindly dried my back and legs with the air hose and once finished, she turned the machine off and explained to me that she would be leaving the room for me to continue to dry myself. Here I was shown how to turn the machine off – a critical point to do for clients as all spray tan machines are different, and can be confusing for clients who have never operated them before!

Cheysa mentioned she would be waiting on the stairs on level two for me, and will direct me out of the salon from there. When I was leaving, Cheysa kindly walked me down the stairs and provided me home care at the same time.


As we walked down the stairs together, I was advised that I should wash the solution at 12noon today, when the 3 hours ended, and while I was having that shower not to use any shower products. If I would like to shower and wash my hair before the event, to do so later tonight and use my regular shower products then.

Continuing the walk out to reception, it was explained that for tan maintenance I should moisturise immediately after showering because tans can be dehydrating for the skin, and come Tuesday/Wednesday when the tan would start to look dull, to use an exfoliating mitt to release the residual tan from the skin, keeping it look fresh.

Well done Cheysa! I was so pleased to know that I was given home care advice to increase the length of my tan and how to remove it once it started coming off the skin. Fabulous advice. Perhaps this should also be a point of marketing collateral that is printed so that clients don’t forget, with a prescription of products recommended that have been ticked– just a thought.

Cheysa stopped me at reception and I completed the checkout process with the receptionist I met before the treatment. For making the treatment purchase today, my receipt was entered into their monthly draw that I would be called for if I had been successful. A really nice touch and great way to contact clients post treatment.

Unfortunately I had not been asked to rebook for the treatment.

In this case I would have said no to solidifying another spray tan, however I do visit Melbourne every six weeks and the salon is a short distance from where I stay, so I would have brought and pre-paid for a series of spray tans, had I been asked or promoted to do so, as generally every time I am in Melbourne there is an event I am attending.

Opportunity for team training around opening the conversation for rebooking from therapist to receptionist.


Treatment details – When spraying the back of the legs, ask the client to gently bend their knees, so they expose the ‘smile lines’ of the buttocks. If you fail to do this, you are left with two white smiles underneath each cheek!

Close details – During the close I was nodding along with the recommendations of Cheysa and I so wished she would have shown me to the Aveda product stand and showed me what moisturiser and exfoliant she was talking about. The Aveda products have a beautiful sensory experience and having a look and smell at the products would’ve closed the sale instantly.

If I was interested in purchasing those products but wasn’t shown them, as a client, I would make my way to the closest Priceline and purchase ones off the shelf similar in explanation to what I was just recommended.

If you are not showing your clients products and are only talking about them, your clients will not visualise what you are saying and they will not purchase. It’s that simple.

Let’s do some quick math.

Spray tan only

Cost of treatment $10

Cost of therapist for the half hour $15.00

Client pays for treatment $50

Returns to salon $25.00

(yet to factor in overheads)

Spray tan and retail sale

Cost of treatment $10

Cost of therapist for the half hour $15.00

Cost of retail products $40 ($20 each wholesale)

Client pays for treatment $130 (tan $50 and retail products $80)

Returns to salon $65 – an extra $40 in half hour!

(yet to factor in overheads)

Lastly, when I left the salon I received an email from Phorest Salon Software asking to me review and rate my experience with the salon. The email easily navigated me through the review and rate process and once completed, asked me if I would like to publish my review across Facebook, Instagram or Google. This kind of tool is going to help your SEO, your advertising, your word of mouth and hugely impact your business. Go Phorest! (Again – to save 50% on the set-up fee and have a chat with Phorest click here.)

Overall, a fantastic experience, brilliant therapist service, stunning space and perfect presentation. A few minor details that could be improved with some further team training and quality assurance would easily make this a stand out service.

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Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Shaw