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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.

Disclaimer: cosmetic injectable treatments are subjective and individual. I do not plan to go ahead with all the treatments suggested, they are a guide only.

THE CLINIC: Sally Sutherland

Cosmetic Nurse Sally THE SERVICE: Virtual Injectable Consultation – via Online platform Zoom


THE EXPERIENCE Unlike our traditional Mystery Shop reviews, this one was not performed in clinic, nor even in a salon but rather online via virtual consultation room. After posting a ‘no filter’ selfie on my Instagram stories, Sally replied with message saying “your skin looks absolutely amazing!” – what does any women on planet earth do when given a compliment, they shun the compliment away which I did in response with “Can’t wait for beauty to open again so I can get my lips done and pigment lasered again though – I may also get my first anti-wrinkle treatment too, seeing lines around the crows area now!”

Sally mentioned to me that she was using this time to pivot her injectable business and she would be available for a FaceTime consultation if I was interested (insert you reading this post) – I was very interested!

Prior to our virtual consultation, Sally sent me through a list of photos she would need for the consultation to be most accurate, they included: – front on – left side – right side – 45 degree left

– 45 degree right

I sent Sally through my photos and mobile phone number and we booked in a time for the consultation!

THE CONSULTATION Getting on the call with Sally was simple. Sometimes I wonder if technology will over complicate the process of service based treatments but it didn’t at all – in fact I was able to schedule the call around my other appointments and talk to Sally from my desk which was brilliantly easy!

Sally mentioned to me that the consultation process we were going to look at would be that of a ‘holistic view’, as without understanding my history, prior use of product and budget that the goals I had in mind would or would not be achievable.

What I LOVED about this point was that this was the first thing Sally said to me, which made me realise that I had work to do, time, energy and money to take note of should I wish to gain the results I am after. Sally was confident telling me these things and was not worried about ‘whether I had money or not’ or ‘whether she was selling or not’ (like many therapists think) – she just told me the facts!

If beauty therapists took on this confidence with regards to their suggestions then I think our clients would take our services and recommendations much more seriously.

Sally then asked me a question I have never been asked before in my life “what do you like about your face?” – I was speechless. Dumbfounded if you will. Like about my face? Hrm, I spend all my days looking in the mirror thinking about my pigmentation, my hollow under eye area, my crooked smile and my bum chin that I literally had no words to tell her what I DID like! How crazy is that!

I mentioned that I didn’t hate my forehead, my blue eyes were nice, and that I often get complimented on my cheek bones – but perhaps that’s thanks to the Jane Iredale blush I wear daily. This exercise was much harder than I thought. I’d love you to take a second and think about your face when asked the same question – what do you like about your face?

Maybe therapists should ask this question to their clients during consultation – just a thought?

My concerns included the corners of my eyes, my lips and the frown lines developing between my brows.

Progressing into her investigation, Sally explored my medical history, background, family genetics, past injectable treatment and skin quality, before proceeding to travel down the face through the diagnosis.

THE DIAGNOSIS Assessment Notes: Face shape: Oval

Facial Curve: Straight

Harmony/Symmetry: More volume to right. Decreased muscle

Imp Opp: Lower Face, Mid Face, Upper Face Skin Quality: Discolouration

Starting at the top of the face moving downward, Sally asked that I raise my brows and try to frown as deeply as possible, only to mention to me that I had quite little movement and that there were currently no lines or impressions to be worried about at the age of 30.

Though mentioning that ‘we aren’t trying to augment the face, we are trying to recreate my age’, in the years to come it may be something that I could address using minimal product to target the area for ‘rejuvenation’ rather than ‘setting’. – I like this very much!

There’s something so satisfying about someone saying ‘recreate your age’ which has a beautiful sound to it.

Moving towards the outer eyes, (my area of concern) Sally noted that there were some slight fine lines, however attributed them to my lack of water intake causing dehydration and the fact that I often don’t wear sunglasses in sunny Queensland – naughty, I know!! Sally mentioned that if I took a little more care in this area I could get away with pushing out the treatment a little further while I focused on other areas of the face.

Cheeks are next. The 45 degree photo Sally asked that I take, was to see the current volume of my cheeks (or lack there of!) and applauded me for taking the perform 45 degree photo, before telling me that my cheeks would be one of my top two priorities today.

‘A little volume in the cheek area would give you some definition in the cheek area and provide you with some subtle smoothing of the crows feet’. I actually never thought about getting filler in my cheeks but considering the amount of blush I wear daily to obtain that perfect apple look, perhaps it is indeed something to think about!

Travelling down the face further we reach the jawline to which Sally asks me ‘if I ever wake up with headaches or if I am finding that i’ve been grinding my teeth in the middle of the night?’ – neither of these are a problem for me, and I am wondering why she is asking these specific details when Sally points to the jawline area (which I mimic) and can feel an instant soreness when pushing onto the muscles that join the jaw and the side of my face – these are the masatar muscles.

Sally mentions to me that while sleeping, we can often grind our teeth or clench down during stressful situations without even knowing it, which causes tension in the muscle, making it firmer and more visible on the face. While Sally doesn’t see the need for this area to be treated immediately, she does mention that if I would like to keep the oval face shape that I have, or if I start to experience headaches further down the track, then this would be an area for treatment.

Next up is the corners of the mouth – a concern of mine. I often find that I look grim when i’m not smiling, and if possible, I would like to look less grim and more content/care free! Sally states that when talking her she can see that these muscles are quite active and agrees that this area (called the marionette) could be treated with a little muscle relaxant, which would decrease the downward pull of my mouth and help with that content look that i’m after – third treatment area for priority in Sally’s eyes.

Moving to the pointy end of the face, we reach the chin which Sally points out as an ideal area of priority on my face. Sally points out to me that she has been assessing the entire face in areas of thirds – top, middle and lower, and notices that the lower third of my face is shorter compared to the mid and upper thirds. Suggesting treatment in the chin to include filler to assist balancing my face overall, Sally mentions this would be a quick fix to elongate the face and cause the illusion of a more proportionate face shape. Though I have never looked at my face as thirds – I now see what Sally is taking about and my little bum chin is letting me down in the thirds area!

THE PRESCRIPTION So, what does all of this mean? Sally put simply that when coming out of an injectable consultation their job is to provide clients with an overall suggestion and treatment plan for life. This treatment plan gradually takes the client through the stages of their life and does not suggest all treatment has to be performed at once.

If I choose to go ahead, Sally has clearly outlined three areas of priority for me; 1. The chin 2. The cheeks 3. The marionette

With a cool price tag of $1318

Personally for me, this reassures me that I have somewhat pin pointed correctly the areas that I was concerned about (lower mouth area and the eyes) and but also reassures me that these little quirks about my face actually aren’t anything to be worried about at all, but nice to know there are options to subtly tweak them should they become more of a concern as the ageing process sets in.

Important to note

I love the fact that after the consultation I have a complete plan moving forward with treatment should I wish to, I know the complete price of the treatment plan and too I know areas of my face to keep an eye on, should I wish for my face to age gracefully, yet still remain looking how I want it to!

One thing that I noticed and adored about Sallys choice of wording when it came to discussing age was the subtle way she talked about ‘gaining more candles on the cake’ rather than saying ‘getting older’ or ‘aging’ which was a really beautiful way to make a client feel that they are going through the ageing process but putting a positive spin on it. I would highly recommend all treating therapists have an educated training session with an injectable nurse so that they can understand the aging process, the fat pads and realise what the stepping stones between advanced facials and cosmetic treatments. So often I see injectors and therapists separated when it comes to training, meetings and conversations, however if we all understood each others perspective and worked collaboratively together in referral for our client to achieve their best outcomes, the professional beauty industry would be a much better place – and we would really be putting our client at the forefront of why we are treating in the first place!

Next month we will be resuming normal Monthly Mystery shops back in clinic when the world is slightly more normal. If you would like your space Mystery Shopped, or for further information on how to make a booking with me in your space for your team, please email Until next time, Stay Connected. Tamara Reid