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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


La Bella Medispa Parkes

21 Church St, Parkes NSW 2870, Australia


Dermaviduals Signature Facial Treatment

“This prescriptive treatment is custom designed to target your skin’s condition and concerns, established during a Skin Discovery Session. This facial is composed of some serious skin treatments for some serious results. This ultimate facial treatment includes an Enzyme exfoliation, a customised treatment mask & relaxing face, neck, décolleté & hand massage. This facial treatment is free from emulsifiers, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, colours or amines.”




Unlike our traditional Mystery Shop reviews, this one was not made by me but rather booked for me by my friend and business owner, Rebecca Miller, Owner of La Bella Medispa.

Upon arriving at La Bella the light filled space and traditional house-like building warmly started my experience. Courtney was behind the desk who smiled at me and knowing my name asked that I take a seat on the lounge and kindly complete a client consultation form.

The consultation form detail was the first thing I noticed, with questions asking about my sugar and fluid intake, digestive movements, hormone levels and work/play lifestyle. This level of detail immediately entered my frame of mind into an educational and invested treatment, over a typical relaxation facial experience.

Whilst waiting in the lounge I noticed three large walls of professional retail product with ranges spanning from skincare and body to internal mushroom tonics, gut healing powers and herbal teas. This retail offering presented to show me as a client, along with the consultation form I had just completed, that all treatments at La Bella Medispa have a two pronged approach between external and internal health benefits.


My therapist Kate walked up to me (having met me the day prior at a team planning session), welcomed me into La Bella and asked if I had completed the form. Kate advised me that we would be around the other side of the building today and lead me there while walking in front of me, yet continually asking me questions to build rapport.

Normally I do like when therapists lead clients into the room first, however there were many twists and turns in the walk that I understood why she was leading the way. What I loved about Kate was that I rarely saw the back of her head while she was directing me to the room. She was looking back and engaging in conversation with me the entire trip. Great start!


Kate directed me into the treatment room and advised that all skin treatments started with a skin consultation, however as I had make up on, this would need to be removed to ensure she was looking at my skin in its most natural form. “QUEEEEEEN!” I’m thinking in my head as she was saying this. I lay on the bed and Kate briefly cleansed my skin and started the description of the treatment today.

Directing me into the most incredible consultation room I may have seen to date, I noticed the OBSERV 520 machine, a huge picture of the matrix of the skin pinned up on the wall, multiple award trophies and the product they stock,

Kate sat across from me on the desk and started the consultation with questions about my concern. That’s right – started the consultation with questions about my concern, not my current product routine! (seems like a no brainer, but often therapists go straight to ‘so Tamara, tell me about the products you’re using at the moment’ – insert me eye rolling.)

Kate was investigating my lifestyle and I could see she was creating a little story about my concern of pigmentation as per the details I was giving her. The conversation took us into what I do for work, how I get around for work, my travelling habits, the fact that I live and drive in Queensland and sit in a window seat on the plane fortnightly. Details like my stress levels and the fact that I don’t do anything besides drink gin, coffee and more coffee to counteract them were asked – she even dug riiiiiiiight down to the fact that I don’t wear sunglasses! When investigating my concern of pigment, Kate asked to see the backs of my hands, which I shamefully held up against one another, only to now notice the pigment on the backs of my hands – enter new area of concern!

At this point I’m dead. Literally blown away by the consultation! If Kate had stopped here and not said anymore, it still would have been the most impressed by a consultation that I have ever been, but she continued to WOW me.

Kate directed me into the OBSERV 520 skin diagnosis machine and proceeded to take photos of my face directly straight on and also on each side as a profile view. After analysing the results the machine confirmed for her, Kate showed me the photos of my face (scary!) and started to educate me on how I can improve my concern.

Pulling out two images and a book, Kate educated me on the layers of the skin and how the impairment of my barrier can increase my chance of further inducing pigment.

This is how she explained it; “This top layer up here (pointing to the stratum corneum) is like the roof of the house protecting everything inside – it’s also like the mum of the house. When the skins barrier is healthy it’s like mum is home taking care of the kids, or the top layer taking care of the other cells. When mum is on holidays it forces the kids to grow up – do their own washing, dishes, cook meals etc, but if the kids aren’t mature enough, the house is messy and things are chaos. At the moment, your protective skin layer, the roof, is impaired, meaning your cells underneath are starting to misbehave.”
HOLY PROTEIN BALLS. WHERE DID THIS THERAPIST COME FROM?! SOMEONE CLONE HER QUICK SMART! Understanding of the skin, tick! Client explanation, tick! Visual diagram usage, tick! Lightbulb moment, tick!

Kate continued to refer to the Dermaviduals book she pulled out earlier, explaining; “At La Bella, we use Dermaviduals which is created by Dr Hans specifically to have the cells functioning more efficiently. We love Dermaviduals because it’s built on the principles of using ingredients the skin is already producing like essential fatty acids, hydrators and others that the skin recognises, while also being free from nasties like alcohols, fragrances and synthetics.”

WOW TOWN FRIENDS! Imagine that! A therapist who truly lives and breathes the product range they use, as well as letting their client know WHY it’s the chosen range for their business. Genius. Kates passion and enthusiasm for the range got me excited about the treatment and future use of the product.

Referring back to the skin diagram, Kate suggested how these products would work with the pigmentation producing cell, but too advised me I would need to do some things at home to help the products, such as; wearing sunglasses so that a part of my brain didn’t further stimulate pigment when I was in the sunlight, perhaps wearing gloves while driving and too drinking more water and using more nourishing products to help heal my barrier.

Kate proceeded to advise me that pigmentation was the most difficult concern to treat and that If I wanted some serious results, that in conjunction to the regular treatments and products I am having, I should perhaps look down the laser pigmentation removal pathway. These were her words. “In today’s treatment we will be using the Dermaviduals products as well as applying an LED light onto the skin. While you’re under the light, I’ll also apply a serum to the backs on your hands, which we can rest up onto your decollate to treat that area while we are there. For the future, I would suggest going down a more serious pathway to treat your pigmentation, which would be laser pigmentation removal. Unfortunately I don’t perform that treatment, it is only done by a Senior Therapist, however that’s your ideal next treatment and package of treatments.”.

Beautiful Kate was not afraid that she was not a Senior Therapist who couldn’t perform the treatment, nor was she afraid what I would think of her not being a Senior Therapist, she didn’t even seem to worry that the rebooking may not be with her – she prescribed the best treatment for me and my concern, with or without her as the future therapist or her having anything to gain from the recommendation – bloody brilliant Harry!

Now this might seem like a long consultation and diagnosis but it really wasn’t at all. In fact it took about 20 minutes and because it was so well explained my lightbulb was constantly going off because things were being explained to me and everything make sense! Give me the product, sign me up to the package, pass go and collect your $200 Kate!

Kate took me into the treatment room and instructed me to change into a towel wrap and sit in the chair. Returning with a bowl of warm water, Kate started to cleanse and exfoliate my feet with a Pure Fiji scrub – smells like actual Fiji, delicious. This was such a divine start to a facial treatment that set the tone for results and relaxation, something that I am such a big fan of.

The only thing I would have changed about this was the scrub was in a large coconut dish with product that had been placed there for the entire days clients that came through. You could see where the previous therapist had picked up the product with her hands and the left over product was now being used on me and subsequent clients to come. This may not be the most hygienic practice, but an easy fix with a smaller dish that is washed and replenished between clients.

Onto the bed I hop for a tuck in, headband application and second facial cleanse. Kates hands are godly. Firm and confident yet fluid and purposeful.

With the most incredible mask brush I have ever felt (yes, there is a difference between a good mask brush and an old hard bristled one – I’m that pedantic!) an enzyme solution was applied. The application of the enzyme was almost a rhythmic massage in itself as it Kate made it dance and twirl across my face and around my eyes. Steam is applied to activate the enzymes while Kate manually massaged the skin for further circulation purposes before a warm towel removal.

Applying a custom selection of Dermaviduals serums to my skin and the backs of my hands, Kate positioned my hands up onto my decollate and the LED machine over my face and hands while heading down to my feet for a foot massage.

The LED/foot massage combination would have been heavenly except for the creaking and groaning of the LED rotations sounding like the machine could possibly fall onto my face at any minute. This made me a little more alert than normal. (I checked with Rebecca Miller, Business Owner after the treatment and asked how old the machine was, she mentioned it was only 18 months new and perhaps time for a service or visit to manufacture – I agreed.)

Returning to my face, Kate performed a neck, decollate and face massage that was perfectly, fine but didn’t melt me nor make me fall asleep – perhaps it wasn’t long enough? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Kate whipped up a rubber textured mask and smoothed it over my face, eyes and mouth allowing me to breathe through my nose. The cooling effect of the mask gave the treatment another element of temperature and texture, in comparison to the enzyme, LED light application and massage.

While the rubber mask was setting, Kate gave me a hand and arm massage and then a scalp massage. If you have been reading my Mystery Shops for a while now, you would know I’d give a left kidney for a good scalp massage. Unfortunately beautiful Kate left the head band on and the scalp massage only lasted 5 minutes. Maybe swap out the hand and arm massage and give a longer scalp massage or ask the client which one they would prefer? Some suggestions.

If you’re going to combine results driven treatments with relaxation elements you reeeeeally need to exceed the relaxation element. I’m talking firm pressure scalp frictions and hair combing that makes the client drool. At this point of the treatment having the cool mask on me and the aircon above me, I was feeling quite cold too, making it a little more difficult for me to relax – had I been snuggly and warm like a cocooned burrito in a blanket, perhaps I would have been more melty by now – An important note to check in with your client or apply a blanket or another towel during cooler elements of the treatment.

Peeling back the rubber mask, Kate removed the residual with a warm towel, applied her finishing products of eye creams, serums and sun protection.

Instructing me how to hop off the bed and get myself dressed, Kate directed me to the glass of water that was already waiting for me on a side dish next to my jewellery and mentioned she would be back to continue my prescription.

Returning to the room, Kate brought with her a La Bella Medispa prescription form detailing my perspective morning and evening product routine, future in clinic treatments and some highlighted ‘top tips for healthy, functioning skin’.

Kate reconfirmed the conversation we had during the consultation and too her findings during the treatment – tick, tick! Knowing that I am not from the rural area, Kate urged me to seek my nearest Dermaviduals skin clinic and laser pigment removal therapist for continuing the treatments effects today – happy dance. The only thing I could suggest here if I’m being picky (which I always am let’s face it!) would be to have the prices of the products written down on the prescription.

Imagine this, you walk into Luis Vuitton, you pick up a handbag and you don’t see a price. What do you automatically think? You think ‘it must be expensive’. Do you ask for the price, no, because you don’t want to look like the poor person who can’t afford Luis Vuitton – ‘do rich people ask for prices?’ – you think and you put the bag down.

If the Luis had a $1500 price tag on it you may think ‘hrm, what can I do to make this work today? When is my car payment coming out? DO I have to pay rent this week? Surely hubby wont noticed if I took it out of savings.’ And you make it work because you know the investment.

This same sentiment goes for products. If the price isn’t written down, the client assumes it’s too expensive and doesn’t enquire further. If the price is noted, it allows the client to weigh up the investment. Again, same for your treatment packages and future treatments.

Important to note
On the way out from treatment room to reception we walked past a makeup room with Jane Iredale and Young Blood. Knowing I was on my way to the airport to fly home, this would have been the perfect time for a quick colour match post treatment, for opportunity to open up another conversation around the products I am using for my skin. We should be maximising every opportunity, otherwise handing the client over to the receptionist to do so if we are running behind.

I am SERIOUSLY impressed with this treatment. It was the whole sha-bang for me in terms of connection, rapport, education, treatment and prescription. The treatment was divine, I am picky, to a client this would be the number one treatment she has ever received I am sure of it. Kate is an outstanding therapist – even if she doesn’t say so herself, this is a Senior Therapist if I have ever seen it. This level of knowledge, articulation and experience is second to none. The most ‘Senior Therapists’ have failed to provide me with this level of service.

Kate, please send me 1 x strand of your hair for cloning, I’m not even joking. IMAGINE if this was the level of every therapist. Beyond impressed. Well done.

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Until next time, Stay Connected.
Tamara Reid