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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.

James Vivian
2D Wallace Ave, Toorak VIC 3142

James Vivian Signature Facial Treatment

“Think smooth, hydrated, glowing skin. The Signature Dermal Therapy Treatment is all about instant results that last. We’ve got every skin type covered with this proprietary mix of exfoliation, extractions, laser and light. We add a chemical peel specific to your skincare concerns and top it all off with a customised blend of corrective masks and serums. Capable of treating multiple concerns at once, and personalised for your skin each visit. Exclusive to James Vivian.”


We were so incredibly delighted to be invited by James and his team to experience their brand-new Toorak clinic, and feature James Vivian as our March Mystery Shop.
(So excited in fact that I made the appointment so fast your head would spin!)

The online booking process was simple and easy to use. Once on the website “book online” is right there in pink in the top right-hand corner, and at the push of a few buttons I had booked my appointment.

After about half an hour I received a call from James himself, who confirmed my appointment, checked all the information I had entered online was correct and proceeded to take my booking fee over the phone. He explained that a $50 deposit would be required to secure my booking, and would either be deducted from my appointment on the day, rolled over into any future appointment to secure those or if I cancelled prior to 24 hours before the appointment he would refund it back to me; “but, if you cancel within the 24 hours, it will be used as a cancellation fee”
The way James phrases and explains his booking deposit is so eloquent and has a sing-song ring to it that is just music to my ears! It was clear, concise, and pleasant! His tone of voice never wavered or changed throughout the conversation, which honestly left me thinking, “well, if anyone ever bitches about losing their deposit, it’s on them”. He then wraps up the conversation by asking if anything earlier should become available, would I like to be notified?

This was a cherry on top of what was already a delicious booking sundae! This is such a polite and courteous way to ensure your books always remain full: by filling in gaps with eager clients waiting to come in. While a lot of information was squeezed in, this phone call was less than 3 minutes.

I arrived 2 minutes after my appointment time because I got a little lost (SHAME!) – however I was greeted by James and the receptionist with a very big, welcoming smile. James asks me to have a seat, and offers me a herbal tea or water.

He gives me my consultation forms:
I have the usual client card to fill out, but I also have a little letter of welcome. James explains it talks about ‘how I could get the most out of my treatment today.’
I’m intrigued.

James asks me if I have brought any of my skincare with me today for assessment during my consultation; I had not because unfortunately as a therapist I goo-hoard and my skin care would take up 3 duffle bags, so instead I write down what I use daily or most days to give my therapist an understanding of what I regularly use.

After filling in my form, I take a quick squiz at the welcome letter…and what a beautiful touch it is!

Not only is it a warm welcome, but boy…
This letter encourages me to tell my therapist ev-er-y-thing!
All the way from letting them know if I’m not seeing results, to what my expectations are, to what my budget is – James Vivian want to know how I’m feeling every step of the way to ensure I have the best experience possible! 

The language of the letter is professional yet informal and speaks openly and honestly about the objections we often face from clients.

James then introduces me to Dawn, who greets me with a warm smile. Dawn is neat and tidy with glowing skin and natural makeup, wearing a white sleeveless button up and black pant combo which is extremely fitting to the salon’s bohemian style. I couldn’t help but notice Dawn’s amazing neutral snakeskin brogues that had me thinking “fashionable and functional”.

Dawn ushers me to the beautiful, dimly lit room and asks me to take a seat. She starts straight away by asking for an overview of my skin and my skin’s history (YES! This captures so much more than questions on paper!) I explain how I have
struggled with acne, talk about some of the treatments I have had and what I currently use. I tell her that at the moment I am struggling to get on top on some texture/congestion and redness and just don’t know where my skin is at. Dawn proceeds to go through my form with me.
Her consultation style is very “we are doing this together”, which is divine! She asks about my lifestyle, gut health and my sun exposure – tick, tick, tick!
She tells me she has an idea of what was happening with my skin but wants to take a scan to see exactly what is happening and confirm her diagnosis.

My skin scan is taken right there in the room and is all done from a convenient wheel in trolley. Once taken, Dawn shows me my photos and confirms the redness and congestion I had been speaking about. She mentions I have some signs of a Rosacea type skin, which being
half British would not be surprising (thanks mum!).

One of the things I was most excited about was getting a new diagnosis of my skin. Between being put on steroids for my Crohns disease last year, COVID isolation and it being almost a year since my last proper treatment, I didn’t know which was up with my skin anymore. We all know as therapists that sometimes we just need someone else to tell us what’s what!

But before I know it, Dawn is giving me directions on how to get changed and onto the bed. I get into the boho style sarong wrap and get myself comfortable. 

She first turns on the magi lamp facing the wall so that while she is donning her gloves, my eyes can adjust to the light before she shines
it on me like an episode of CSI. She then glances over my skin again
under the lamp before beginning 
a gauze cleanse. She gently talks me
through what she is doing every step of the way. She performs a 2nd deep cleanse finishing off with a lovely hot towel.

For my exfoliation, Dawn uses the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask on me – how do I know this? She told me! Dawn explains how the fruit enzymes break down the skin’s weakened bonds, allowing only what is ready to slough away to come away. She even says it is FUN to use at home… Fun?…Skincare? GIMME!

The next step in their signature facial is a chemical peel. 

Dawn advises me that my skin is suitable for 2 peel options: 1 which would likely make me shed, and 1 that wouldn’t. Anyone want to guess which one I was game for? While both peels were going to target my congestion concerns, Dawn wants to make absolutely sure that I am okay to have some down time. Being a clinic in Toorak this is likely common practice for them with clients shying away from downtime; but SO many clinics do not do this! It is easy for therapists to get caught up in the treatment without a second thought to what happens when that client leaves.

She begins applying the peel prep solution, instructing me to breathe in and then breathe slowly out as she applies so that I don’t inhale strong prep solution fumes! A technique I will now be stealing for all future fumy treatments I perform. As she applies the peel, she asks how it feels before charging onto other areas; again, a touch I very much appreciate. After leaving the peel for the appropriate amount of time, Dawn neutralises and gently removes, and it’s on to the laser genesis.

Now, Dawn did have to leave the room to retrieve the laser, which is a faux pas in my book; however, I did understand why this might be.
James Vivian is not a “getcha-in, getcha-out” clinic. They offer a full 1-hour treatment which includes the laser genesis, along with offering it individually as its own treatment.
PLUS being part of their signature treatment would likely make it higher in demand.
The Laser Genesis portion of the Signature Treatment takes a mere 10 minutes, so it’s much easier to wheel a laser from room to room than to move a client, play Tetris with your appointment book or miss out on revenue over 10 minutes of laser time.

As Dawn settles back in behind me, she explains simply and concisely what the treatment is and its benefits, along with how it will feel on my skin. Knowing the treatments I’ve had in the past from my consult, she compares it and says it will likely feel extremely comfortable. (my skin has been through it, y’all)
She protects both my eyes and my eyebrows (which are tattooed, so a very important step as a q-switch laser could either remove ink or turn it black).

Why do I mention this? This is something you would think would be common sense when operating a laser – right? WRONG. I know from my years of working with laser and my educator days that overconfident therapists love to skip this step – a recipe for disaster.

The Laser genesis feels like warm tingles on the face; and to be honest is actually very relaxing.

A sheet mask is applied, and in true Dawn fashion she explains the product and its amazing ingredients. The sheet mask loops around my ears, giving my face a delicious hydrating hug! And then the shoulder massage begins… Absolute heaven! Dawn knew all the moves to twist my head and get into my traps with ease.
After the massage, Dawn lightly touches my arm and tells me while I relax, she is going to leave for a moment and write my prescription.

I was already very Zen from my massage, so even though I typically hate when therapists leave the room, I once again gave this a pass. I would rather this than pen scratching in the room or being left to get changed just that little bit too long. Dawn re-enters very quietly and asks how I am feeling while taking my mask off. She massages any remaining liquid from the mask into my skin and finishes my skin with moisturiser and sunscreen. She instructs me to get dressed slowly and she will come back in and speak to me about my skin.

Dawn re-enters with the prescription and a smile. I think to myself “finally, the skin diagnosis I have been waiting for…” But while Dawn explained everything beautifully throughout the treatment, told me what the products were and their ingredients and benefits, and while she proceeds to recommended 2 products which would be ‘perfect for my skin’, I was never told the why.  

WHY I needed to add these products into my routine. WHAT the diagnosis of my skin was.
The why is valuable to every skin consultation and treatment, whether it is the 1st visit or the 15th. It educates clients so they can understand what they are purchasing, so they can make better informed choices with their skin at home (where they are most likely to be naughty and misbehave), and WHY they need to continue to come back to you for products and treatments rather than feeling like they’re just being sold to.

And while I didn’t feel like this was a sales pitch or a blind recommendation, I felt I missed out on insight into what my skin was doing and what I needed to keep doing or stop doing to keep it on track.

I loved this treatment. While Dawn didn’t verbalise my skin’s diagnosis with me, she addressed my redness with the laser genesis, my congestion and oiliness with a salicylic based peel and used a gentle hydrating sheet mask to tie it all in. I know that I am picky, and to a client this would likely be un-noticed.
Dawn is an outstanding therapist and her communication skills throughout the treatment and product knowledge remains unmatched! She did an incredible job.

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