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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the client experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to educate, prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Qi Beauty International

63 Warrener Street, Nerang, QLD


Qi Beauty Facial Treatment

“Designed for health, aesthetic and inflammatory skin needs, Qi beauty™ treatments action energetic processes above and below the surface without injury to healthy tissues. Skin appears vibrant, clear and youthful, as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are noticeably reduced to make a lasting impression. During a Qi beauty treatment your skin is stimulated using a controlled Static Magnetic Field to activate energetic processes that support healthy skin function. Qi beauty™ treatments are deeply relaxing and soothing, with no injury, pain or discomfort. Qi beauty™ Treatments are ideal for brides, special occasions, events as there is no bruising, redness, or down time.”




Scrolling through Instagram generally sees me looking at facials, skincare and educational posts from beauty businesses but on one particular day in May, I scrolled past something I had never seen before which immediately caught my eye.

The Instagram post was a woman laying on a treatment bed with close up of her face which tiny little gold balls placed onto the skin like you would imagine a gold necklace would sit on a woman’s neckline. I zoomed in on the picture and couldn’t for the life of me understand what these little gold balls were! Were they gold chains? Acupuncture? Magnets? I honestly had no idea so I went to the brains trust, our Beaute Industrie Facebook Community, and asked you guys. Like me, there were hundreds of questions about the treatment and gold balls, so naturally I had to have a treatment for you all and report back – so here we are friends!

Clicking through the link in their Instagram biography (most important that your business IG directs clients straight to your website for booking purposes, might I add!) I was able to see the treatment ‘Qi Beauty Facial Treatment’, and progressed further to read that the facial is designed to ‘stimulate, energise and support’ the skin, to which I was nodding along thinking about my post iso dull, lifeless and lacklustre complexion.

Instagram tiles of little gold balls

I sent through an enquiry online and within minutes lovely Taara was saying how lovely it is to connect with me and we were securing appointment dates in no time.

Arriving one minute past my treatment start time (naughty client, I know, but I got lost on the way there! *insert therapist eye-roll*) I was greeted by Taara who directed me down a small hallway and into a large room set up with a treatment bed, shelves and consultation table. Taara asked that I complete the forms before my treatment and offered me a glass of magnesium water while I was completing the paperwork.

Do you know what I loved about this so much? Even though I was arriving slightly past my treatment tine, Taara was ready, prepped and waiting for my arrival so that she could take me on through right away. Often when clients arrive late they find themselves sitting in the lounge for such a long time waiting for the therapist to be ready. Not today, not with Taara running the show. Plus magnesium water – yum!


My therapist Kathy greeted me and took a seat at the consultation table and immediately I could see she was analysing my face. Kathy wore a black spa tunic, with black pants and black close toed shoes. Kathys hair was up, she had a natural face of minimal makeup and short, trimmed nails – the perfect therapist presentation!

I later found out that Kathy is the Founder of Qi Beauty International as well as the Global Trainer and my therapist today – wow. It’s impressive when business owners present as they wish their therapists to. Leadership starts from the top down – including presentation.


Reading through my consultation form and asking a few open ended qualifying questions to gauge more information, Kathy explored my eating habits, stress levels, water intake, at home product use and prior treatment history.

Kathy then puts down the consultation card and says confidently “the pigmentation, dryness and fine lines you’ve mentioned here will happen during todays treatment, I have no doubt about. What I do want to ask you is whether that left ear of yours has been giving you trouble?”

Well paint me green and call me a pickle, I was gobsmacked.


“Hoooooowwwww did you know that?!”, I pretty much blurted out (having not written anything of the sort on the consultation card!) eagerly awaiting the answers to these magical powers. Kathy then started to explain that she could see my left masseter muscle which was slightly swelling out the side, which she continued would be pushing down onto the sternocleidomastoid muscle, resulting in a pulling through to an insertion point which connects just above the temporal lobe behind the ear. GUYS, GUYS, GUYS, unsure if you know this but, THIS IS BLOODY MIND BLOWING!

I was sitting there flashing back to my Diploma of Beauty Therapy days at Elly Lukas learning massage 101 all over again thinking, ‘why hadn’t I paid more attention to this when I was a treating therapist?!’.

Further to this, Kathy asked if the dark circles under my eyes were a problem for me (if you have read our recent Mystery Shop for May, you would know that they are!) and again, I was wondering how her magical brain new my skin concerns better than I did. Kathy goes on to teach me about the eye area and how it’s the thinnest of all the skin, therefore the most easy to see the dermal layers filled with blood underneath. Kathy continues explaining how stagnant blood around the eye area generally sits and pools under the eye area making dark circles seem more prominent. The solution would be to focus on this area today to promote blood flow and clear the eye area. I’m loving the sounds of this!

Well by now, my socks are officially wow’d off and Kathy directs me to a small treatment room off the one we are currently in. Explaining perfectly how she would like me to undress, prepare of the treatment and her COVID-safe protocols, I jump into the bed ready for more magic.


Kathy starts by fastening a headband and cleanses the eye area with two warm cotton rounds before cleansing the skin with a cream cleanser. Kathy’s hands are firm, experienced and authoritative as she glides over the skin gently yet with enough pressure to actually clean the skin prior to treatment. Removing the cleanser with a hot towel, Kathy and I continue to talk as she explains the treatment sequence today.

Often therapists think that once the client is on the bed it’s time to zip the lip and stop talking – which in fact is very untrue. During the cleanse we are still allowed to dig further into consultation, explore skin quality now that it’s free from makeup and other products and also advise what the treatment plan is.

Kathy asks if I would like some before and after photos of my skin today so that I can see the immediate difference pre and post treatment, Here is my delightfully make up free face post cleanse.


Applying a gel with a mask brush, Kathy starts to explain the gold ball application benefit and process. Detailing how the face (and entire body) has specific meridian points throughout it, the little gold balls are applied on top of the gel (for purpose of holding them onto the skin) and are charged with a static magnetic energy, known to attract the skins naturally producing glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s) to the surface, by working on a muscular, dermal, nervous and immunity level within the skin.

It is believed that the little gold balls contain their own energy, and as such, they’re able to realign the the skins balance and harmony promoting Qi (pronounced ‘chi’) to the skin, resulting in reduction of fine lines, scarring, pigmentation, inflammation and stimulating circulation, blood flow and nutrient absorption.

The little gold balls are actually formed organically from the earth, and as such are vegan friendly, which are crushed and discarded into the garden post treatment. I can hear you ohhhhh-ing already!

Kathy spends roughly 15 minutes painting the gel and applying the little gold balls one-by-one onto the skin in such a way which is completely unique to each individual, as per their concerns. “No two treatments are ever the same”, says Kathy. Warning that I might fall asleep when reaching Qi, I notice an area of my face between my top right lip and the side of my right nostril start to tingle. Shortly thereafter, my left ear releases the strangest sensation as if it had been blocked and was suddenly unblocked and and enormous pressure is lifted from the left side of my head.

Applying a peptide solution on top of the little gold balls with a soft brush for further penetration, Kathy starts applying a cream mask to my neck and decollete and I am soon counting sheep in the land of little gold ball dreams.

When it’s time to remove the little gold balls, Kathy gently pushes them to either side of the face and together they lift off like the string of magnets they are. I did think this would take a little longer than it did given the general annoying-ness of abrasive bead exfoliants, however they were removed and I was being massaged in a matter of minutes.


Massaging my neck, decollete and down the arms with deep, firm pressure effleurage movements, the massage medium feels nourishing and hydrating while my skin’s Qi starts to settle.


Applying finishing products of peptide serums and moisturisers, Kathy asks me to come back into the room when Im ready and verbalised a few changes on my skin which have shown immediately. Immediately, Kathy explains what a difference she sees in my eye area, specifically to the dark circles diminishing, but too, to the little pitting in the skin. Where Kathy has placed the little gold balls, it looks like they’ve been the weight of a teeny- tiny bowling ball which has sunk into my skin leaving little mini depressions! Kathy brings me back to the GAG’s reference in the diagnosis and comments how much they’ve levitated to the surface of the skin, resulting in the slight swelling of hyaluronic acid, helping to hydrate the area.

Kathy is also pointing out the now uniform shape in my jawline from left in comparison to right, as the swelling of the master has halved, allowing my ear to release.

Instructing me to hop off the bed and get myself dressed, I do so and double take as I peak in the mirror at my skin. It is flawless. My eyes are wide, bright and full of life, just as my jaw is more slim and my face less puffy.


Meeting Kathy in the room where our consultation was performed, we sit back at the table across from each other as Kathy pulls together a pack for me of remaining mask left over from the treatment complete with mask brush, a protein ball and a white leather pouch with some at-home Qi facial balls.

Taking out a pen and a pamphlet, Kathy details and draws onto the diagram of the face where I should be placing the at home little gold balls for prolonged results.

Kathy states the release on top of the lip/nose would have been due to sinus and though my ear wasn’t blocked in the first place, the pressure due to the overworked muscles would have been what I could hear as the release in my ear.

Stating that I should use a peptide based serum and a nourishing face oil, Kathy recommends their Qi range of products and provides me some mini samples before walking me through to the reception desk to check out.

I reached my car and was honestly shell shocked upon looking in the mirror. I genuinely did not ever think a treatment or product would be able to get to clear my dark circles like this treatment had just done. Thinking it may be a temporary result, I waited a few more days for the darkness to appear again, however it just hasn’t!

Important to note

While this may seem like a ‘woo woo’ treatment, it actually makes a lot of sense when looking at it on a cellular biological level. We know that energy is matter, and matter becomes stagnant through lifestyle factors, creating client concerns we see on a daily basis. To heal the concerns, we re energise the skin through magnetic fields which earth the skin and rebalance the matter,

Kathy teaches and trains the Qi Beauty Facial through the Qi beauty Practitioner Certification all over the world, including right here in Australia! To learn more about this treatment visit their website or take a look here to see where and when their next therapist training dates are.

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Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Reid