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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Inspiration Place Wellness Centre
Shop 4, 4-14 Walpole Street, Kew, Victoria 3101


Ascend Treatment
Every facial experience that you have with us will be unique. Your powerfully intuitive Inspiration Place Therapist spends time tuning in to exactly what your skin and energetic requirements are before your hands-on session commences, to ensure that structure of the treatment serves you and your specific needs brilliantly.

I had a combination of Facial, Sound Healing, and LED light therapy.


Pia (with an appearance from Taylor)


We were beyond delighted to be invited by Pia Kynoch and her team at Inspiration Place to experience their one-of-a-kind holistic treatments.

Being such an alternative treatment, Pia called me prior to making the booking to make sure that this was going to be the right fit for both of us. I needed to be in the right frame of mind for this experience to be rewarding, and if this was “just because” rather than something that I was open to mind, body, and soul, then this wasn’t going to work for her or for me. Pia said I would likely just lay there and think “what is this crazy woman doing!?”. However, it was to Pia’s surprise, and probably some of yours, that I am in fact a girl that loves crystals, astrology, flower essences, tarot cards, and everything in-between. I see an amazing kinesiologist regularly and I do my best to stay connected with my spiritual side. Of course, hearing this was a relief and a delight to Pia!

We began to discuss a time to book the appointment; Pia asks for a second to look through her schedule before saying she has time free on the 19th….my 32nd birthday. You know in the movies where you see girls hold hands and jump up and down with excitement? If Pia and I could do that at that very moment, we would have! We were both so moved that the universe obviously had it in its plans for me to do a complete refresh and reset on my birthday, ready for the year ahead! With that, the booking was made and I eagerly awaited my appointment.

A week prior to my treatment, consultation and consent forms land in my inbox, and with a few clicks of the mouse it is all submitted, ready for my appointment.


Upon arriving I was warmly greeted by Inspiration Place’s lovely receptionist with a warm smile. She was dressed in a beautiful emerald green silk jacket over an ‘Inspiration Place’ logoed tee, with her hair up in two very adorable space buns. She immediately offers me a herbal tea and asks if I would like to use the bathroom prior to my experience. Because I had filled all of my forms out online, I didn’t need to worry about sitting and scribbling. I got to sit back, sip my tea and take in what is Inspiration Place.

Everything in this beautiful space is designed to create a warm and welcome environment. It is a delicious blend of decorative plants, beautifully placed skincare, and crystals all wrapped up in a beautiful dark green evoking the feeling of refreshment, peace, rest, and security.

As I get up to use the bathroom, Pia meets me in the hall. We both share a big hug in celebration of my birthday before she shows me the way. Pia also wears a Green silk jacket, a logoed tee, black pants, and black shoes. Her long blonde hair tied half up, half down, with her piercing blue eyes beautifully lined with a winged liner; Very bohemian chic.

As I take a seat in the treatment room, Pia asks me how my day has been and allows me to get comfortable. She begins by telling me that she has pulled a North and South node card for me before my arrival. She explains that it was a Pisces card and goes on to describe the details of my North (where I am heading), and my South (what I was leaving behind today). She asks if it resonates with me at all, and it did indeed! This begins to give Pia an idea of what holistic modalities to use during the treatment today. 

Along the wall are some beautifully numbered boxes. Pia asks me which number resonates with me the most and I can’t take my eyes off number 5. She reveals that these boxes are actually numbered after our 7 chakras and contain bespoke scented candles with select aromas for that chakra point… and I had picked the throat. This blew me away! Anyone that understands astrology would know that Taurus is known for their throat issues. On top of constantly having sore throats, breathing issues, and losing my voice (which I do regularly! And let me tell you during COVID it has been test city!) She explains that I likely have trouble expressing when I am upset or my true feelings to those around me, and of course, she couldn’t be more on the money. Like most of you, I am a true blue people pleaser, empath, and worry about others before myself. (I feel like this comes with being a Beauty Therapist? No? Just me?) As a symbol of today’s aim of balancing my throat chakra, I ceremoniously light the candle so these balancing aromas can get to work as I enjoy my treatment.

Pia goes on to explain that a large part of today’s treatment is going to be something called
sound work using beautiful crystal and Tibetan sound bowls along with drums, vocals, and gongs. Sound therapy works very similarly to a lot of the technologies we now use in clinic! So even if you aren’t “woo-woo” minded like I am, you will still likely resonate with how sound therapy works. Sound therapy works on the frequency or ‘Hertz’ of your body. The same way our skin cells resonate and absorb certain frequencies of light, so too do our bodily cells respond to certain frequencies of sound, creating different responses and reactions depending on what our body requires. Our cells exchange information and regulate bodily functions through the sending and receiving of specific frequencies – so when these natural frequency signals become scrambled, so does our body’s ability to self-regulate and maintain healthy function. Still not convinced? Think of music. Music can evoke an emotional response in the human body that can result in everything from goosebumps to a flood of tears. Sound therapy is all about introducing the right frequencies to get our body balanced again.


We begin our time together with some breathwork and meditation. Pia points to a small book on the table beside me and explains that this notebook is to be used after our breathwork exercise, and I am to fill out any affirmations, sentences, goals, or anything that comes to the front of my mind prior to the treatment.

While still seated,  Pia guides me through a meditation concentrating on my breath, allowing my mind to quiet. It is always hard for me to sink into quieting my mile-a-minute mind, but having someone guide me through allows me to concentrate on something else and switch my mind off. (Okay, maybe only 80% off – but it is still soooo nice). 

Pia then quietly leaves the room and allows me to write anything that I want down in my notebook. Anyone that works with me, especially our writer Rachel, understands that I am absolutely horrible at writing things off the cuff because usually, I have so many thoughts running around in my brain at one time. It is controlled chaos in the old noggin! But oh my word, did those thoughts keep coming! I filled 2 pages in two minutes! Affirmations, thoughts, feelings, sentences all just pouring out of seemingly nowhere. I was writing them down before I could even think of them. 

Silly me was already in such a relaxed state that Pia came back in to see me still sitting on the chair instead of having gotten up, changed and onto the bed like I was supposed to. She gave me one more minute to get undressed and comfortable on the bed before returning.


Pia begins by looking at my skin- after all, this is still a facial! She notices straight away that I have small bumps, along with a little bit of inflammation and texture issues. She promptly asks if I have gut health issues before quickly remembering that I have Crohn’s disease. Pia immediately jumps into therapist mode. Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m a fairly clued-up skin therapist – and she knocked me out of the park! Pia instantly clocks my failure to digest fats well and, explains in depth the thinning of my skin’s matrix around my mouth… this woman is just incredible!
Holistic facial or not, she is one of the most knowledgeable therapists that I’ve ever had the pleasure to have a facial from. Pia is slightly disappointed we aren’t doing a more intensive skin focused facial today, but
recommends regular micro-needling to assist with rebuilding and rethickening my skin, and also discusses options for my gut health. Today, being a more immersive experience, she will still use targeted products during the facial for these concerns, while of course, assisting with my body’s balance will show on my skin.

The facial begins with a beautiful cleanse, and let me tell you – Pia has a gorgeous firm touch. After a double cleanses removes my tinted moisturiser and SPF, she continues with a combination enzymatic and granular exfoliation treatment.  Once gently massaged into my skin, steam is applied. While I steam and exfoliate away, Pia begins to perform the most divine neck and shoulder massage I think I have ever had! I like it rough (shh, don’t be rude!) and Pia delivers the good with her firm pressure. During the massage, Pia continues to verbally guide me through further meditation and affirmations, allowing me to completely relax and let every inch of me sink into the bed. At this point, I am in complete heaven.


Once the exfoliation treatment has been removed, Pia gently places goggles over my eyes and applies her red light LED. She explains this will not only help my skin by assisting with the inflammation, PIH and healing the texture issues that I experience, but it will also work towards thickening my thinner skin. It was here the sound work began. Immersed under the warm bath of the LED light, I begin to hear the gorgeous sounds of the Crystal and Tibetan sound bowls, all the while Pia continuing her guided affirmations. I found the sound bowls to be quite an interesting experience because they were much louder than I thought they would be, but they are also oddly soothing and you do in fact feel the energy emitting from them. It is almost like being next to a speaker at a concert; you can feel the sound travelling through you.
At this point, I am losing track of space and time as Pia finishes my time under the LED with a lovely scalp massage. 


From here, it is on to the mask. Pia applies a beautiful alginate mask and checks to make sure that I am not claustrophobic. As Pia leaves the mask to set, she performs a foot massage while performing further guided meditation. Enter Taylor. I didn’t even hear the door open, and yet I am receiving an incredible foot massage and hearing more crystal bowl sound work. While Pia’s massage skills are top-notch, I don’t think she has 4 sets of hands!

This was extremely intense!
While my mind wouldn’t quiet completely, I was able to envision everything that she needed me to envision through her guided meditation. If Pia asked me to envision myself floating in a sea of nothingness, it was very easy for me to do. Imagine receiving a foot massage while vibrations run through you – I was a ball of delicious treatment-relaxation mush!

Part of the sound work not only included the crystal bowls but too, the rhythmic beating of a drum. I found this oddly satisfying as it broke up the constant vibrations of the sound bowls with bursts of energy.

After my foot massage, Pia returns to the head of the bed and gently removes the mask before applying the finishing serums and moisturisers, and calmly allows me to take my time as I get up off the bed. She advises me that it is completely up to me as to what happens to the flame of my candle (whether I would like to leave it burning or snuff it out) or, whether I would like to revisit my notebook to reaffirm anything or jot down anything that has come to mind as the treatment unfolded.


I emerge almost energised. I often leave facials feeling quite foggy, a little headachey and sleepy, but this actually made me feel surprisingly awake. I felt like I had a lot of energy and I was ready to take on the evening. The biggest sensation I noticed was my hands! They felt like they were electrified with static, like I was Peter Griffin wearing long johns! My hands feel like I could zap someone with a single touch!

Pia sits with me in reception and thanks me for my openness today. She again talks about other options we can explore to address my gut health and therefore my skin health. I am gifted a rose quartz to take home, and I have also decided to take home my recommended flower essences for when I feel that pesky throat chakra closing and my chosen number 5 candle with me. The candle comes with a card that includes information on all the essential oil aromas and their purpose, my daily mantra, and information on the throat chakra.

What an immersive and incredible experience. I absolutely applaud Pia and her team for taking total skin health, wellness and alternative therapies and combining them into one. In a world where we are now starting to talk about the inner and skin health axis, this treatment which is completely bespoke and catered to each individual client is so refreshingly unique. Truly wonderful and truly holistic experience!

“Where science meets soul, from skin to within”

Thank you Inspiration Place for allowing me to share this experience!

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