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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the client experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to educate, prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.

Brows by Georgiana
Shop 4/27 Lamington Street, New Farm, Brisbane

Brow Lamination & Sculpt
90 minutes $120



I’ve been seriously considering having my eyebrows cosmetic tattooed for at least 6 years now. I’ve stalked and saved that many pictures of idealic brows, researched countless practitioners and have gone to book the treatment only to chicken out at least 8 times already. As a perfectionist and someone who is very over the top about trying to control as many things as I humanly can, cosmetic tattooing scares the poop out of me!

What if I look in the mirror after three hours of laying on the bed and hate them? What if they’re the wrong shape? What if they’re the wrong colour and it fades to a gross shade of blue-bruise colour? What if my skin reacts, I’m left with a staff infection and Tracey Grimshaw hunts me down to be ‘that client’ on A Current Affair? I have all of the questions and too much anxiety about it.

Enter Georgiana.
Georgiana noticed I was doing my typical pre-cancellation cosmetic brows stalk on her Instagram page and direct messaged me saying that she would love to see me in the clinic one day. After advising my sheer nerve for the situation, she offered up an alternative method of giving my brows the colour and hair they deserve – without the permanent effect of cosmetic tattooing; brow lamination, tinting and sculpting. (enter shoulders relaxing and intrigue increasing)

Georgiana explained to me that she could achieve a darker, fuller, more noticeable brow on me with this service, using the current hair I had and the now super popular technique of lamination. I thought ‘no way’ can anyone make these 90’s Britney Spears, over-plucked to the enth degree brows good without cosmetic enhancement, but I’ll give it a try.


Arriving at the clinic Georgiana was awaiting my arrival behind the desk and stood up when I walked in. If you’ve read any of our previous Mystery Shops, you will know I am a big fan of attentive therapists who stand up from their chair when the client walks in – we aren’t Ross from Monsters Inc afterall, be someone who loves people if you’re working in this industry!

Georgiana presented perfectly with her Sketchers shoes on to protect her feet, comfortable working pants and black shirt which were both ironed, natural makeup which complimented her skin and light jewellery which wasn’t changing and chiming as she moved about, thank god!

As you do when you’re about to have a treatment, I noticed Georgiana’s brows. They were subtle but face framing, and weren’t overly offensive in colour or shape. I knew I was in good hands here.


Asking me to take a seat, Georgiana went through a verbal consultation with me asking about my prior brow history. How did I maintain my brows? Did I prefer tweezing or waxing? Had I had tinting or dying done before? What was my morning and night-time routine and did it include my brows. Truthfully, all questions I had never even thought about prior to this very conversation, which made me think, we really should be asking these questions for all brow treatments, basic waxing and tinting included – not just those who have niched themselves into this space in the market.

I’m directed over to the chair in the large open plan treatment space which features large windows to viewing of winter trees dropping their leaves and natural sunlight and I’m laid back in a lounging position to start the treatment.

Brows prior to treatment without makeup:


Georgiana started to cleanse my brows with some warm water and a cleansing solution to remove any natural oils that had built up on the brows, along with the skincare product ingredients that were on them from my earlier applied serum and SPF.

Painting on a creamy, very intense sulphur like smelling solution in an upwards movement, Georgiana fixes some cling wrap to the brows as we wait for the lift to set and continue our conversation about brows and the look she is trying to achieve today.


Removing the wrap from my brows, Georgiana next applies the solution which fixes the brows into place. This solution is kind of tingly on my brows as the volume fixer works it magic and it’s here that I can tell how much Georgiana adores her job. This process is meticulously performed, as she carefully places every hair into the exact place which she wants to fix it. Constantly analysing the brows both individually and then together at the same time, my brows have never had this much love or attention and I am squirming to see the end result.


Now that the brows have been lifted and fixed into place, Georgiana applies the tint. Unlike other brow tints that I have had which are slapped onto the brows in any old fashion and whipped off after 2 minutes of being on the skin leaving me wondering what I am actually paying for, Georgiana takes her time defining the shape of the tint and is careful not to over apply to areas of the skin.


Using strip wax, though very gently, Georgiana starts to tidy up my previously untouched brows underneath to tame any unwanted, and often hard to see hairs – you know, the ones you only see when you’re looking in the sunny car mirror that you otherwise would not have known were sticking out of your face ready to poke someone else in the eye!

Tweezing a few stray strands and finishing with a nourishing oil, Georgiana completes the final step by filling the brows in with Kelly Baker products.


Georgiana hands me the mirror and I am unsure who is even looking back at me for the impossible thought that these fluffy, full brows could even belong to my face! To say I am shocked is an understatement in the best way possible.

Explaining to me that due to the nourishing oil application, the brows are looking a little more slick than they will, and also a little more dark than they will after the colour settles into the skin and fades out slightly. I see what she is talking about as the lamination has really set the hairs against the skin and from side on, it actually doesn’t look like real hair, more like a cosmetic tattoo stroke!

Georgiana gives me the advice to not wash my brows or get them wet for at least 24 hours and that the results of the treatment can last up to 8 weeks if I am careful not to apply my ‘actives’ to the treated area. I’m unsure if Georgiana was using the word ‘actives’ as she knew what I would mean given I’m in the industry, but I did think, if I were a client, I would have no idea what ‘actives’ were. Food for thought, use words that a typical client would understand.

It would be here that Georgiana should have prescribed me product and could have absolutely cleaned up in a retail sense, because I loved the result of the treatment and as I am an absolute novice when it comes to these types of treatments, anything she would have recommended me to use to prolong the effect of the colour or shape, I would have said yes to purchasing. That being said, there were no retail shelves that I could see, so perhaps this is not a treatment you can maintain with client homecare afterwards?

I was pleased to hear Georgiana recommend that I return in another 8 weeks for an additional treatment to top up the colour and reset the shape, should I like the effect we had achieved today. Points for bringing up the rebooking conversation!

Brows post treatment, with makeup:

Important to note

I am so happy that Georgiana recommended this service as a bridging service between having never worked on my brows before to having a complete cosmetic tattooing service. This treatment has given me the ability to understand what shapes I like on my face, what colours do and don’t work and the understanding of what it feels like to have your brows worked on for a period of time without seeing the result as the therapist progresses.

Would return and recommend the treatment based on the service today!

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Until next time, Stay Connected.
Tamara Reid