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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Yes Please Skin

Shop 1/66 Bloomfield St, Cleveland QLD 4163


The Dermapen System, $159

“The Dermapen System is our most sought after targeted skin regenerative process. This device encourages collagen and elastin formation along with tissue contraction. This builds skin density and structure, diminishes scar tissue, acne scarring and surface poor healing areas. It also tightens skin texture and micro-exfoliates dull surface layers, fades pigmentation and stops further formation of underlying melasma. The Dermapen system tightens enlarged pores, removes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, softens capillary activity and aids in effective hair growth. Our technique revisits areas of concern, multiple times for faster, more visible results. This treatment includes two other personalised modalities and restorative inhalation techniques.”




A local skin clinic near my house, I realised Yes Please existed through word of mouth from a friend and went to visit the space early last year as introduction to the Business Owner Renae.

Making my booking online was an absolute breeze as I clicked through their services, married up my appointment calendar and received confirmation via email. In typical client fashion, right after I made my appointment I realised that I had double booked myself, and quickly emailed through a change of date request. The response was quick, professional and completed with ease via email communication.

Arriving at Yes Please I was excited to see the space had expanded from the then 4 treatment room premise hidden down an esplanade, to the now 8 treatment room corner wrap around building which was so clearly seen from the street frontage. A nod towards the fact these ladies know how to treat skin, hence the need for an expansion.

I was greeted by a lovely receptionist behind the desk awaiting my arrival who presented me with a big smile and welcomed me into the space. Handed a consultation card I was shown the lounge area and asked if I would like a water or a tea while I waited for my therapist.


Lisa approached me and introduced herself as my therapist today and mentioned that she wouldn’t be too much longer as she was just finishing up with a client and will be over to take me through to the treatment room shortly. I LOVE when therapists do this. Communication is always key, especially when/if you’re running late – not that Lisa was, but I still loved this little touch regardless

Lisa was wearing her hair in a bun, her white t-shirt was cleaned, pressed and faultless, as was her make up and everything about her presentation. If you have been a reader of my Mystery Shops before, you would know that I’m a stickler for good presentation – this as great presentation!


Lisa took me through to the treatment room and instructed me how to get on the bed and prepare myself for todays treatment, while she left the room for privacy. While I was doing so I noticed there were three frames placed upon the shelf in the treatment room, all certificates with Lisa’s name and certification in modalities like Skin Needling, Microdermabrasion and even one which stated she was an award winner for “QLD state award for Best Acne Results Achieved”. This builds trust and credibility between client and treating therapist – a big YES PLEASE from me as someone who is about to have a skin needling treatment! Well done to Clairderm for having these available for therapists post treatment training. I have seen certificates displayed well and not so well. These fit perfectly in the space, they weren’t cramped, they didn’t over crowd then room and the frame aligned with the YP branding. This is the way to display certificates!

Enough about certificates – what about the consultation you ask!

Lisa re-entered the room as I was snuggling into the blanket, with my back slightly elevated and pulled up a chair next to me to face me. We discussed my concern of turning 30 (ahh!) this year and the need for age prevention prior to having anti-wrinkle treatments which I would like to prolong for as long as possible. Lisa went over my current products and my past treatment history before exploring my lifestyle and what I did for work – it was here that Lisa glued onto the fact that I was a therapist, yet continued to provide me with information and suggestions.


Most important about your consultation is a) asking open ended questions to build better rapport and investigate routine with your client and b) to find out their lifestyle.

Many therapists are filling the gaps of the clients homecare. For example, often I will not tick ‘eye cream’ on products that I use at home. Guess which product is constantly recommended to me from therapists? Eye cream! When I see this recommendation I know the therapist is gap filling my home care – something which is slightly lazy, rather than actually exploring why I am in their space in the first place!

When therapists make the connection between the client’s lifestyle (for me it would be drinking coffee and gin (not together!), not drinking enough water, high stress levels, flying around in planes monthly etc etc) this creates a lightbulb moment for the client and tells them WHY you are recommending said product. If you miss this connection, you’re not prescribing, you’re selling.


An application of a hair net and a lowering of my head, Lisa asked me to take in three deep breaths to begin todays treatment. I actually adored this touch as it was something I didn’t expect when having a skin needling treatment. Clearly their signature touch which absolutely lured me into considering having a more relaxing treatment for the sake of it in the near future.


Cleansing my eye area and performing a full face cleanse I was impressed that Lisa had in fact paid attention to the eye area as I didn’t have makeup on, yet would have had sunscreen and serum still on the skin. Sometimes when therapists see the client has no eye makeup on they leave out the eye and lip cleanse – an essential step in any facial which should not be left out.

Skin Analysis

Lisa asked if it was okay that she took a closer look at my skin now that it was cleansed – “of course”, I replied. Lisas fingers wandered over my face before she turned her chair around and faced me. Hallelujah, SING IT, hal-le-lu-jah! ( I hope you sang that line in your head in the voice of Dr. Alban circa 2011) because that’s what I was doing in my head while the Lisa turned to me!

The consultation Lisa and I had together now gave her the chance to connect the dots between my lifestyle which was creating my concern and the solution aka her prescription and rebooking recommendations.

Planting the seed and being as crystal clear and professional, Lisa spoke to the importance of combined homecare and prescription treatments for best results when it came to skin needling. Lisa emphasised that if I was going to do only one or the other, then my treatment plan wouldn’t be as efficient, nor as beneficial for my desired result.

This point is crucial to understand why I am singing Hallelujah. This conversation needs to happen before doing the treatment to get the clients buy-in. As a client I am thinking, ‘is this the investment i can afford to make for my skin?’, ‘what kind of commitment does that have me taking part in at home?’, and it also realigned my expectations, which takes pressure from the therapist in today’s treatment.

Lisa suggested my homecare routine could do with a few extra products and that she would need me to invest in at least three more treatments after today’s session so that I could continue to see results, then drop back to a treatment every second month for maintenance. WHOOO HOOOOO! Treatment series then maintenance to show me the entire treatment journey I would be on to get my results. Not a Harry Potter magical wand waving one-treatment-solves-all, but a detailed outline of my progression with Yes Please skin clinic.


Once accepting the agreement of getting results, Lisa completed a second cleanse with a glycolic cleanser buffed into the skin with gauze for added physical exfoliation benefits. I liked this clinical aspect of the treatment.


Lisa described for me that she was penetrating a Hyaluronic serum into the skin today to replenish hydration and plump out superficial fine lines, but too that the needling treatment would assist with the pigmentation she could see on my skin.

Horizontal and vertical needle passes ran over my face with a slight vibrational tickling making me want to sneeze and the needling part of the treatment was over. Less painful than I have had in the past and performed without numbing cream, I happily lay there as Lisa needled my skin to Victoria Secret status.

Finishing products

Post needling step Lisa massaged a gentle enzyme product into my skin (which also has vitamin b, HA and calendula in it) which instantly cooled the skin and relieved it from the tightness I was starting to experience.

A removal of the enzyme, a spritz of a mist, application of finishing serum and SPF protection and the treatment was over.


Lisa advised me we were finished the treatment and once I was ready, to hop up off the bed and to meet her outside at reception. After taking a few quick photos for you all, I made my way out to the reception desk where Lisa was waiting for me with product prescription and an aftercare form.

Aftercare forms are easily top five of my favourite things as WHO THE HECK REMEMBERS EVERYTHING A THERAPIST SAYS TO/NOT TO DO?? An aftercare form however solves that problem. It told me when to have a shower, when to avoid the gym, how to use my new retail products and when to resume my normal routine. Big brownie points here!

Lisa emphasised my rebooking treatment, however I declined today because I already have my next six months worth of Mystery Shop treatments booked into the calendar (will I be visiting you next?) Had I not however, I 100% would have made another treatment with Lisa.


The time Lisa spent with me during the consultation and after the cleanse explaining the prescription products and further treatments I would require saved her time after the treatment.

As this was all introduced at the beginning, there was no need for long sales-like scripts and awkward conversations to sell product to me, because as a client, I already had my mind made up! This stops your treatments from incurring the domino effect throughout the day – all of which we discuss in our Beaute Therapist Retail and Sales online program.

If you would like your space Mystery Shopped, or for further information on how to make a booking with me in your space for your team, please email

Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Reid (hello, I changed my last name to Reid – new name who dis?)

Post Skin Needling Treatment
Slight Erythemic Response

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