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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Heart Space Beauty

37a Bangalla Street, Auchenflower 4066


The Heart Ritual – Signature Facial 85 mins $169 Website reads: “A deeply renewing facial to help soothe stress, anxiety and tension through the face, body and soul performed with a foundation of compassion and love. The rhythmic facial massage designed by Rachel encapsulates the entire upper body to help shift stagnant energy to leave the skin and soul luminous, and the heart open”




Browsing through Instagram wondering where my next Mystery shop treatment would take place, I scrolled past an image of a therapist with her hands cupped around a client’s face during treatment and felt instantly relaxed and drawn toward having a treatment wherever this picture was taken. Clicking into the profile of Heart Space Beauty, I noticed the words ‘Skin Wizard and Brow Guru’ present themselves first.

On scrolling further down the profile I noticed a true sense of serenity and physical presence as I saw photos of a therapists hands touching, hovering and connecting with the client during treatment. It was here I knew I needed to have a treatment at Heart Space Beauty.

Heart Space Beauty Instagram Feed

The ease of booking online through the HSB website was a simple and efficient one. Choose your service, date, time and the appointment is confirmed. I opted for The Heart Ritual, their Signature facial, as it was my first time treatment and wanted to experience the entire service they have to offer. This proves you do not have to have a big business to have an online booking system. Well done Rachel.

Arriving at the location I didn’t realise Heart Space Beauty was housed within Cheveux Design and Espresso – a gorgeous hair boutique fully equipped with espresso café. The sign was purposely placed and directed me into the building without confusion. Lovely Rachel, my therapist, was waiting ready for me as she collected and directed me into the treatment room.


Rachel presented beautifully in professional yet casual clothes, which fit perfectly into the boutique feel of the hairdresser and her treatment room.

What I very first noticed about Rachel actually had little to do with her clothing, and more to do with her face and body language – a huge smile and open welcoming arms thanking me for coming today.

Often, as therapists, we don’t realise how these small touches, a smile, an open palm, a welcoming presence, can truly affect the way we are perceived prior to treating. Well done Rachel – this meet and greet could not have been done more perfectly.


After being directed into the treatment room, Rachel handed me a consultation form to complete and gathered me a glass of water with fresh lemon to drink before the treatment started. The consultation form was simple, asking of me my concerns, my stress levels, my current products and preference of massage pressure.

Rachel gathered the consultation form, quickly read over what I had written with some polite nods of her head, and asked me if I knew what today’s treatment entailed. Their Signature facial combined Spa Ceuticals products customised to my skin complete with Reiki healing throughout the treatment. How divine.

Rachel then pulled out a deck of Archangel cards and asked me to pick one out and use it as the intention for today’s treatment. I picked Rhiannon who’s message was, “you are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.” How special is that!

Rachel thoroughly explained to me how to undress, get on the bed and that she would be returning to start the treatment when I was ready, then stepped out of the room.


Having browsed through HSB’s Instagram and website, it was clear to me that Rachel was not only a therapist, but a skin specialist and the business owner.

Knowing these details, the less structured consultation that took place did not leave me worrying about the treatment that was being performed, because I knew Rachel would be using the correct products for my broken out and pigmented skin, and I was about to have a stunning treatment.

I did wonder however, had I been a client of no prior knowledge of skin, of Rachels title or experience, I may have been a little hesitant as there wasn’t an in depth consultation that took place.

What would have been perfect here was a little more diving into skin concerns, eating habits, lifestyle factors and my past treatment history. This would have made the average client understand that Rachels treatments are not just ‘fluffy’ treatments, yet provide serious skin results at the same time.


As soon as Rachels hands lifted up my head and applied the headband, I knew I was about to have an incredible treatment. The connection, the presence, and the touch was intuitive and purposeful.

Applying a crystal on my heart chakra, Rachel started the treatment with guided meditation, asking me to focus on my breathing, my energy and my tension – once at that place, the treatment started.


Using the Bio Cleansing Oil, Rachel swept the product over my face, neck and decollete as the first cleanse.

The second cleanse was a tingly as the Lactic Cleanser was massaged into my skin at a 20% intensity to treat the skins conditions. Both were removed with hot towels.

Skin Analysis

Rachel felt the texture of my skin, the response to the products. and looked at the tone and clarity as part of her analysis. Unfortunately, none of this was verbalised to me as a client.


The Resveratrol FX allowed tiny little particles of micronized cacao to exfoliate the skin. Rachel left this exfoliant on to double as a mask as she moved to my feet and cleansed them with a hot towel, prior to massaging them while the exfoliant was desquamating the skin.

(Had I known there was a foot massage in the sequence, I would have replaced my old shellac nail polish – sorry Rachel!)

Returning to my face, Rachel washed her hands – YES QUEEN! The amount of times a therapist has moved from the feet to the face without washing their hands is the ultimate skincare sin but it wasn’t just this move that had be singing inside.

Rachel removed the exfoliant with a hot towel and then changed my life, as she doubled the exfoliant removal by using a warm dry towel to gather the rest of the exfoliant that hadn’t come off in the first removal!!! Absolute genius stuff here ladies and gentlemen. There is NOTHING worse than a heavenly oil massage with exfoliant particles annoying you the entire time – you would understand that better than anyone therapists!


Rachel then started the massage but this was no ordinary massage – in fact it sent me into being that typical self-jolting, almost snoring client, of which I never am during treatment because I’m a therapist/mind never stops/Mystery shopper – this is a huge accomplishment!

Starting on the face, Rachel used a traditional European effleurage massage to stimulate the circulation within the skin, which not only covered the face but also included the neck, decollate and all the way down the back from underneath my shoulders. Rachels massaged then turned into a Reiki sequence of hovering, placing and connecting her hands with intention. That is all I remember because from there I was a snoring puddle of a client.


I woke upon application of the mask with a mask brush, where Rachel moved to my hands and arms to continue the relaxation.

Finishing products

Removing the mask with hot towels, Rachel applied the finishing products Phyto-B3 serum, Eye Infusion and Skin Boost.

As the treatment came to an end, Rachel gently said, “Tamara as we come to the end of your treatment today notice how your mind feels, notice how your body feels, and notice how your skin feels. When you are ready to come back into the space, you may open your eyes”. A stunning end to the treatment which I could not have done better myself.


As I got dressed I looked around the room and did not see any dirty bowls, consumables or towels – she had quickly and quietly cleaned her space before she left the room all without me noticing.

Looking in the mirror I could see my redness had dramatically reduced and my skin looked alive again.

Rachel returned, thanked me for visiting her and the treatment experience was finished.


Rachels’ treatment was easily in the top 3 treatments I have had to this date. The ability for someone to take you from a space of running at 100 miles per hour to a jolting, snoring client is second to none.

What would have made Rachel truly stand out as a skin therapist in my eyes, would have been a subtle nod to rebooking a package of treatments (who wouldn’t want to have that treatment on a monthly or bi-monthly basis) and also a product recommendation.

During that moment, because of the magical treatment I just had and the results I instantly noticed, I would have purchased anything Rachel had told me to buy.

It is this very reason that we limit ourselves as therapists and our clients are purchasing products online. I requested from Rachel a Spa Ceuticals product brochure, and had I been invested in continuing with this skin result, I would have 100% gone home and purchased the products that Rachel had ticked online. We can save this from happening, by recommending during the time of the treatment.

Overall, one of the best facial treatments I’ve had to date. A brilliant, educated, present therapist and a stunning space for a treatment. Small and simple sequence additions like a verbal skin analysis, a gentle recommendation toward home care and a rebooking would have made this the most perfect service in the skin industry. Well done Rachel. Highly recommend.

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Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Shaw