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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Elevate Hub

16 Park St,

Mona Vale NSW 2103


Float Pod – 60 MIN – $79

Website reads “Leave your troubles at the door and check in for a session in our Float Pod for an experience you’ll never forget. But be warned – one hour spent relaxing like never before can prove seriously addictive and you might just have to book again!”




Wanting a different service to my usual mid monthly facial or massage, I was suggested a session in the float tank by Bernie, beauty business owner of Elevate Hub.

After suggesting the treatment, Bernie booked me via phone and I was in for an appointment the next week. Explaining where to park, suggesting a breakfast cafe spot before my treatment and having the most friendly and accomodating reception manner was the start to a beautiful treatment that was.

Subtly nestled into the leafy street strip of Mona Vale, Elevate hub is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and just a half hour ride away.

Entering the space is other worldly and absolute retail heaven at the same time. Shelfs of professional product line the walls while large palm leaves and deep green and grey interiors create an instant feeling of calm and spa.


Ready for welcoming clients, the reception was manned and I was greeted by a warm friendly smile from the therapist behind the front desk. Asking my name I was given an ipad to complete my consultation form. What’s that you say? NO PAPER?! YES!!

I love that the beauty industry is catching up to the rest of the tech world! Go Elevate Hub and Phorest Salon Software for ipad integration and for futurising the beauty industry!

Bernie then collected me from the reception area where I was completing the consultation and directed me down through the spa towards the back and gave me a tour as we were walking through. I was lead to a comfy couch nook in the spa where herbal tea and a bliss ball were waiting for me on a plate. Consultation heaven.

Bernie was dressed in all black, professional yet classic sheike in a neat black top and black linen pants. Bernie has minimal makeup which let her skin glow underneath and her hair pulled back in a relaxed yet styled bun – the perfect therapist look in my books!


Taking a seat, Bernie clarified my concerns of stress, irritable sleeping and large workload – which is apparently the perfect combination for a float tank experience.

The consultation was brief yet comforting and thorough given the treatment I was about to have. As there are quite a few contraindications to having the float treatment, Bernie double checked the questions I had completed and proceeded to direct me to the treatment room.

THE DETAILS As we enter into the treatment room there is excitement around having the new treatment and as the typical client I am I am looking around the room and asking questions rather than listening to what Bernie is saying.

Bernie senses my excitement, lowers her voice and says politely “Tamara, before your treatment there are quite a few things you need to know about, then you can play, look around and enjoy the treatment as much as you like!”.

By lowering her voice, Bernie has created the perfect way to gain a clients attention and direct instructions – genius therapist move!

Bernie explains that I am to shower prior to entering and shows me how to pull the door closed after entering.

THE SEQUENCE There is a shower in the corner of the room and a basket on a bench seat with slippers, Synergie Skin body wash and face cleanser for use prior to entering into the float tank.

After showering, I step into the float tank which is extremely buoyant due to the mineral content. I sit down and pull the door shut behind me. Cautious because of my slight claustrophobia when in tight or small spaces, I actually feel quite calm in the tank.

It’s large enough so that when I lay on my back I can spread out my arms to either side and my legs so my body is the shape of a star and I’m still nowhere near touching the walls.

For the first ten minutes the sound of the rainforest plays as you start to let the water hold you. The minerals help you float without any hesitancy and you lay relatively in the same spot the entire time. Once the soundtrack turns off, you’re left with the sound of the trickling water and your thoughts.

As someone whos brain does not stop…ever…I was actually a little nervous to be alone with my own thoughts for an entire hour! I closed my eyes for a little but felt like I wanted to keep them open and got lost in the blue lights which were creating an abstract dance on the roof of the pod.

Thoughts during float tank:

I wonder how long I have left?

Surely that’s an hour already?

Maybe they’re forgotten about me!

How is magnesium so buoyant?

This is great for my muscles.

I should buy a magnesium spray.

Maybe I’ll sleep good tonight.

I’m hungry.

etc etc etc

Before I know it, the rainforest music is playing and my time is up – I made it through my first hour float tank experience!


Letting myself out of the pod, I showered the residual salts from my body which had crystalised now that I was drying. There were shampoo and conditioner next to the shower which I didn’t take advantage of and definately should have because I was crunchy and salty for the rest of the day until I got home that night.

I left the treatment room and Bernie was waiting for me outside the door as I was directed back to the consultation nook. On a plate this time were fresh blueberries, water and another herbal tea, as I was encouraged to watch my nutrient and water intake as I would be continuing the detoxification process over the next few days post treatment.

Bernie had a beautiful set up of retail products for me waiting as she explained them in detail while I munched and sipped at my lovely spa offerings. The Synergie skin range is one that I had not used before and as per her recommendation, purchased two of the five products she suggested.

I would absolutely have re-booked the treatment if I was visiting Sydney again and was asked to do so by Bernie who knew I was visiting from interstate.

Overall, I loved the experience and would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity. As an addition to your current treatment services, a value add, and the added benefit of the treatment itself, a float tank is the perfect addition to any spa space who has the room. Bernie was the most beautiful therapist who clearly explained every step of the way, especially to a new and nervous client – always needed so you don’t walk back into the room and the client has the g-string on her head with her hairnet in hand figuring out what to do next!

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Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Shaw