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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


David Jones Westfield Carindale

1151 Creek Rd, Carindale QLD 4152


Skin Ritual, 30 Minutes

“Define your daily skin ritual to enhance your complexion. From cleansing and toning to multi-masking, we will provide you the best daily routine.”




Walking through the newly launched David Jones at Westfield Carindale last week, I noticed a ‘Beauty Concierge’ space and had to take a look. With no one around I walked down past the reception desk and noticed two treatment rooms and thought to myself ‘yes!, What a great opportunity for a Mystery Shop’. I noticed a menu flyer on the front counter, took it home and jumped online to make my booking.

Seamlessly enough, the David Jones website allows you to choose a treatment either by brand, or by service (more on this later). I chose to book via treatment which gave me five options of choice; Makeup Bag Makeover, What’s New, Iconic Beauty, Perfect Base or Skin Ritual. I chose the latter.

Completing the service I noticed no prices were visible, however as I am a consumer not driven by price, I made the booking regardless with a few extra clicks which directed me to fill in a pre-consultation form. This was such a unique experience that no other online booking system has ever taken me through – in fact, I quite enjoyed completing the pre-consultation form, as it gave me a chance to think about my skin and my objectives from the treatment I was booking. This made me think about perhaps introducing new products into my routine and being open to the fact that this was a conversation that was very much going to be had – very clever retail seed planting cookies DJs!
Arriving at David Jones Beauty Concierge, I was greeted my a lovely woman (whom I have forgotten her name, sorry) who I told I was here for an appointment. The woman became immediately excited and told me she would get one of the ‘beauty experts’ to come and take me through. I loved that the person who was about to treat me was titled a ‘beauty expert’, it made me feel like I was about to be in very capable hands. It made me think, perhaps we should be titling and calling therapists as per their speciality for example, ‘your skin expert, Jodie will be out to see you shortly’, or ‘your laser specialist Tanya will come and collect you in a moment’ – something about the title just made me feel at ease.


Angelee presented not two seconds later with a big smile, shining through her perfectly applied coral lipstick. Angelee was warm, friendly and looked the part of a brand new beauty space in David Jones. Her hair was neatly away from her face, blush pink t-shirt cleaned and pressed, and her makeup and skin, flawless. Angelee even had a NAME TAG on. You guys know my pet hate is when therapists don’t wear name tags, so tick for you Angelee! This is what a beauty therapist should look like. 10/10 for presentation for Angelee.


Angelee took me down to the small waiting area outside the treatment room and mentioned to me that I could have a 45 minute facial or a 60 minute facial today, and that they both came redeemable with either two products or three products respectively. I advised her that upon taking a look at my skin, she could decide which she thought was best suited. Angelee handed me a consultation card (which I noticed had Ella Bache branding on) for me to complete, to which I did, and she returned to ask me qualifying questions for todays treatment.

Focusing entirely on my noted concern of freckles and breakouts, Angelee spoke of resurfacing, pigment blockers and clarity, all the while I was doing a happy dance in my head. YES therapist! Talk about the client concern, tell them how you can help and what they need to be doing to help themselves!

The one thing I would like improved during this consultation was more conversation about my lifestyle and the things I am doing such as; running of a morning, flying frequently and drinking champagne on a Friday night – which would have been the perfect connection as to why I had my concern in the first place. A good job nonetheless.


Angelee guided me into treatment room number one, only to find another team members bags on the floor, and quickly decided that we would move to treatment room number two. Perfectly explaining to me how to undress and prepare for the treatment, Angelee said she would give me one minute to enter into the bed. The door closed, I got undressed in a flash, jumped into the sheets and waited for what felt like a good 8 minutes. The door finally opened however, instead of seeing Angelee’s face, I saw a mans face (his name I found out later is TK), who quickly apologised and closed the door.

Angelee promptly returned to the room after that and apologised tremendously for TK’s opening of the door, and said that she has a small gift to give me because she felt so bad.

What I loved about this transaction was the accountability of Angelee and TK. Knowing that walking into the incorrect treatment room is taboo in our industry, they held themselves accountable and apologised, rather than just pretending it didn’t happen. Well done team!


With the sound of soothing ocean tones that Angelee turned on now drowning out the Christmas horns and sound of Michael Buble playing over the department store, I was ready to relax.

Angelee applied a hair net onto my head, ensured I was comfortable in the position I was, and asked for my pressure preference for the massage – ‘medium please’ was my response.


Angelee mentioned that she was going to use the Ella Bache product range on my skin today, and started with the most divine smelling cleanser I have possibly ever smelt from a cleanser. Angelee’s hands were confident yet gentle as she connected every move with another and danced her way across my skin.

Skin Analysis

Post hot towel removal, Angelee asked if it were okay that she turn up the lights and take a further look at my skin. YES THERAPIST QUEEN YOU CAN! You know I’m a sucker for a good skin analysis.

Angelee returned to my skin and proceeded to tell me all of the things. She told me about my levels of dehydration, my texture and too pointed out my pigment concern being more prominent on one side of the face than another. Then, something magical happened – Angelee turned around to me (yes, moved from the therapist safe space of the head of the bed and stood next to me) and had a conversation with me about the product I would need to invest in to get my pigment away. Oh my good days I thought, FINALLY, a therapist who gets it!

Why this point of the treatment excites me so much, which I talk about in my Therapist retail & Sales Training Program, is because this part of the treatment plants the seed for the close and prescription. Angelee did not mention name, brands or price of the product, just what the ingredients would do for my skin, and she did so without push or pressure. This is what a true skin diagnosis is my friends!

Further to the already incredible time I was having during the diagnosis, Angelee told me every single step that would follow from now, and then gently told me now was my relaxation time. It was like she had literally just spent a day in retail training with me, quoting me back to me – only she hadn’t, this was all her! I was so proud!

Angelee turned the lights down and cleansed with a second cleanser, that she said was a treatment cleanser, which was again removed with a hot towel.


Providing me with an explanation of what she was about to do, Angelee performed a manual exfoliant, followed by a chemical peel, to which she kindly performed tapping movements over to distract from the ants-running-over-my-skin sensation that the peel was having on my face.

Angelee stopped tapping and started to give me a scalp massage while the peel was working its magic. This, was the only part of the treatment that was somewhat of a let down, as Angelee left my hair net on for the scalp massage – noooooooo! Whip that hairnet off girlfriend!

You absolutely cannot give scalp moving, tension releasing, melting moments scalp massages if the hairnet is on. Nonetheless, it was pleasant but not heavenly.

Mask & Massage

After removing the peel, Angelee applied a sheet mask to my skin and began to perform a hand and arm massage, before returning to the head of the bed and finishing with divine head turning, pressure pointing, sweeping effleurage movements. This was a divine massage.

More than just relaxing, Angelee maneuvered my head and neck from side to side to work on my knots around the scapula, while still being enough motion to make anyone fall asleep.

Removing the mask seemed to be a little difficult, as Angelee later told me there was no serum left on the mask because my skin had soaked it all up – coffee and champagne i’m looking to you as the culprits here!

Finishing products

Spritzing mists, applying pigment blocking serums and SPF factor 30+ moisturisers, Angelee let me know that my treatment was over. While I was laying there on the bed coming to, Angelee asked me if in fact I was wearing an SPF on a daily basis (I may drink coffee and champagne but I never skip my SPF!) and mentioned that if I liked a lighter SPF that included some covering make up minerals, that the Ella Bache tinted moisturiser with SPF in it would be a great option for me, and even offered to apply some on for me. THIS IS HOW YOU INTRODUCE MAKE UP INTO SKIN TREATMENTS LADIES! Whoo Hoo!

A simple line, again, non pushy or salesy, that left me thinking ‘maybe I do need a tinted moisturiser’, even though I have never used one in my life. Magical what a little seed planting can do!


Angelee directed me to get dressed and meet her outside of the treatment room. Once dressed, I walked down the corridor to find Angelee waiting for me, ushering me across to a retail bar which had mirrors, consumables and a sink all placed perfectly next to the three products she was recommending me today.

Angelee talked me through the three products, (Ella Bache Resurfacing Peel, Hydra Extreme Plumping Mask and the Botanical Skin Treatment Oil) however emphasised on the two most important for me being the Peel and the Mask. Again, not motivated by price, the fact that Angelee had planted the seed meaning I was ready to purchase, I purchased both products. There was a ‘purchase 2 receive a free Hydration Mist’ promotion, so I walked out with three products to now add to my homecare.

Angelee directed me towards the desk and helped checkout my treatment and products today. TK (the man who walked into the treatment room at the beginning of the treatment) apologised for walking into the treatment room and gave me two Dior fragrance minis as a token of his apology. This was a very sweet touch.

TK then asked if Angelee had told me about the Beauty Concierge concept, which I encouraged him to do, as he explained that the Beauty Concierge is not brand specific, meaning you can have a facial of any brand that David Jones stocks. Me being me, I had to ask if they were qualified Beauty Therapists, to which TK responded they were all therapists from specialised brands such as UltraCeuticals, Dermalogica and Ella Bache, for example. A very cool concept I thought.

I thanked them both for checking me out of the treatment, having a chat and let them know that they had been Mystery Shopped by Beaute Industrie.


At first I was (ashamedly) worried about going to a department store for a facial, until I later realised that everyone treating was in fact a qualified Beauty Therapist! This goes to show that you can be a Beauty Therapist, retail products and sell like a cosmetic counter, even when you aren’t one!

Apart from a few small wrinkles that could be ironed out due to being such a new space, I was very impressed by the David Jones Beauty Concierge and beautiful Angelee, who nearly fell over when I mentioned she had just been Mystery Shopped.

If you would like your space Mystery Shopped, or for further information on how to make a booking with me in your space for your team, please email

Until next time, Stay Connected.

Tamara Shaw