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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at several components including the customer experience, and the product/treatment itself. Together these provide a successful measure of the current industry standard.

This mystery shop, we’ve decided to mix things up a little, after discovering a new beauty trend on Instagram – as one does these days! This particular trend? Stick on nail polish – not the traditional stick-on acrylic nails, but adhesive nail strips made from actual 100% nail polish. As I sit at my desk here at my apartment, in Sydney, in lockdown, investigating this type of product seems more relevant now than ever, as this is exactly the kind of thing many of our clients may be purchasing for themselves while they aren’t able to visit us professionals for their usual mani services.

The Customer Experience
The brand we’ve opted for is called Starlit, a boutique Aussie brand owned by Sydney-based mum of two, Lana. As I navigate the website, I’m surprised by how cheap the products are, with many of them also on sale. There is a LOT of choice, and it takes me a few cycles through all of the pages to decide which ones I want. Once I’ve made my purchase, I head back to the home page, where I find a nice, simple instructional video on how to apply the nails. Already I’m feeling pretty excited for their arrival and confident the application will be a cynch.

My order arrived the following week, packaged in a thick card envelope. I opened it to find the nail strips I had selected, an instruction card with written and visual diagram application info, a hand-written note to say thank you and that Lana hoped I loved my purchase, along with a second set of nail strips in a different colour as a free sample. Feeling very warm and fuzzy by the level of detail and love included in such a small, affordable product, I dive into the pack of nails eagerly.

The Prep
The pack of nails itself includes two sets of nail strips, 10 on each one, in different sizes. When it’s time to apply, the idea is to match one strip to one of your nails in the correct width, then file off the excess length. The pack also includes an alcohol wipe and a miniature orangewood stick and nail file (so cute!). The instructions direct me to push back my cuticles, and clean the nails with the alcohol swab. My inner Beauty Therapist screams out as I discover the mini file is WAY tougher than 240 grit, so I swap it out for one of my own before continuing. I try not to feel too bad about the shocking job I’ve done on my right hand (I’ve never been able to master it – anyone else!?) Once I’m done cuticle-pushing, filing and swabbing, it’s time to get sticking.

The Application
As instructed, I start by peeling the clear layer off the top of the strip of nails – I can smell the real nail polish at this point! I match one of them up to the correct width of my thumbnail, tear it off the tab, and line it up to apply. It’s very sticky and adheres well and immediately, I just smoosh it down with my fingers until it’s stuck on smooth. Once it’s stuck down, I grab my file and start filing through the excess nail polish at the free edge where my nail length ends. It cuts through easily and I tear it off, then clean up the edge with the file. I’m pretty impressed with the results, it really does looked like a grabbed a bottle of polish and painted it myself, and the process was pretty simple. I crack on with the rest of my remaining nails. I did place a couple down off-centre but it was simple enough to pull it back off the nail and reapply without damaging it. I got a bit more confident with my technique after a few goes.

 The Final Result
I will admit that the entire process was longer and more fiddly than just painting my nails with nail polish. In saying that – as someone who can’t paint their right hand to save their life, and who HATES wet polish and waiting around for it to dry, I would highly recommend this solution. It looks and feels just like real nail polish, the result is neat and consistent, and there are no bumps or chips coming my way.

Nails do seem to be one of those services in our industry experiencing a few advancements of late, as you would have seen recently if you follow us on Instagram – there are now salons in the US who have robots offering a quick nail polish service for under $10! We can’t wait to see how the beauty industry continues to develop from here!

Until next time, Stay Connected.