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All mystery shop reviews completed by Beaute Industrie are for the purpose of enhancing the beauty industry on a level of service and excellence. We look at three main components of the shop being; the customer experience, the performed treatment and the therapists ability to prescribe and rebook. Together these provide a successful measure of the level of professionalism for the client and stability for the industry.


Pretty In The City

28 Hawken Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067



Ginger and me Mindfulness Skin Treatments

“Ginger and me Neurocosmedics works on a cosmetic-medicine level to specifically counteract two modern-day skin distruptors stress and neuroaging. In today’s world our mental state is constantly being challenged, connection with people is in fact disconnected and we seem busier than ever. With this is mind we wanted to introduce a service that concentrated both on skin and mind. These MINDFULNESS facials are designed to treat skin conditions while experiencing a professional MINDFULNESS meditation session. Join us today for a treatment that gives birth to beauty from the inside out, first evident in a smile and a sense of peace.”





If you’re a long reader of our Mystery Shop blog pieces, you’ll know they generally start by something on social media catching my eye, adding to the must-try list of services that make way into the notes section of my mobile phone. This month’s Mystery Shop was no different.

As I scrolled through Instagram one night I saw a video of a facial being performed, ‘nothing normal here’ I thought, ‘looks relaxing’, until the therapist slid a pair of earphones on to the client mind facial and my jaw nearly hit the floor. What in facial heaven is this treatment? I must have it!

So, I pressed through the tag button on Instagram (the little person looking icon in the bottom right hand corner of the photo for those of you who have been living under a social media rock) and saw that the brand Ginger & Me was tagged. Having been sent a beautiful G&M hand cream last Christmas from the Co-Founder of the brand, Maria-Enna Cocciolone, I was familiar with the product, however I was not familiar with the treatment.

Immediately, I stalked Googled “Ginger and Me Mindfulness facial Brisbane”, and third from the top of the Google list of businesses was Pretty In The City.

If there are two things you should have already learnt from just this introduction alone it’s one; social media is your business billboard. If you’re not on social media, your business hardly exists. Before you tell me, ‘Tamara my clients aren’t on social media’, I’m going to stop you right there because Australia alone has 18 million social media users, from Australia’s population being 24 million . Do the math, your clients are on social media!

Two; Google is the blood of your business. What do we do when we have a problem? Trying to find something? Have an itch? Want to know the name of that thing thats on the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite put a name on it? Google. We Google it. Help your chances of being found on Google by creating a Google My Business account. A website (and guess what?) active social media pages also help your business be seen on Google.

Just when you thought that was enough technology for one paragraph to last a lifetime, I’m going to nerd out on you because I was able to jump into Pretty In The City’s appointment schedule and make my booking within seconds! That’s right. From the moment I saw the video on social media, Googled the treatment, went to the website and made the booking the tea kettle had boiled and I was days away from having my facial. It’s as simple as that people! PLUS, PITC has an online booking system which combats cancellations by charging a deposit before you can secure your appointment. Mine was $29.70, which I was more than happy to pay. Client no shows or cancels the appointment, and the therapist wage for the hour is taken care of – brilliant!

Exactly one week before my treatment, I received a gorgeous phone call from the lovely Kate on reception at PITC giving me directions about parking, school hours around my appointment and even pre-treatment covid questions to qualify my appointment moving forward. This level of contact, connection and care set me up with high levels of expectations for my treatment to come. THIS is what we should be doing for our clients. Always exceptional service, never average.



Completely disobeying Kate on reception and arriving at my appointment 7 minutes past my treatment start time (worst client ever I know, don’t hate me, it was the freeway, it took 90 minutes to get there and my GPS said it would take 60 GAH!) I rushed into the space in a flurry only to be greeted by business owner Aoife. 

Aoife is a member of our Facebook Community, has attended our Sydney Strategy Summit and I’ve seen her at a few local Brisbane Networking events, so I recognised her face right away. Though she was on the phone with a client upon my wind swept entrance, she kindly let the client on the phone know that she would be one moment while she checked their appointment book availability, placed the client on hold and directed her attention at me. 

Offering me a water and handing me a tablet to complete the consultation form which would be sent off to my therapist, I was soon answering questions for my treatment today. All the usual questions were on the consultation card but one which I really loved, ‘How serious are you in addressing your skin concerns today?’. 

Well, I thought to myself, ‘How serious are you Tamara?’. Thinking I would pretty much move hell and high water to have perfect skin, I ticked the 10/10 box.

Sheridan my therapist walked down the hall and greeted me with a big smile. Sheridan was not just any therapist, Sheridan was a therapist that I had personally spent two years with training in management and leadership in my previous National Educator role, so we knew each other already. As I knew Sheridans strengths and weaknesses in the treatment room prior to this treatment, the bar was set high for todays treatment – and Mystery Shop, which neither Aofie nor Sheridan had any idea I was performing today!

Sheridan was wearing a black therapist tunic and apron with her hair pushed back and secured. Makeup was applied lightly so that her naturally stunning skin could be seen, but you could tell she had put thought and effort into her presentation. I felt like a school mum watching their kid move from primary school into high school seeing Sheridan about to consult me with her 10/10 presentation standards, as this is something I frequently critiqued her on during our training time spent together years before hand. Presentation matters, it shows the client you care about your work, ultimately reflecting on how much you care how your client.



Directing me into the treatment room, we sat down together, Sheridan on the bed and myself on a little chair and Sheridan proceeded to dive through the already asked and answered questions on the tablet consultation card. 

Further to finding out I was pregnant, Sheridan moved her questions to focus on my skin during the last 4 months and any changes associated. I noted that while my skin, lips and hair was quite dry, it was randomly breaking out on places like my neck, forehead and jawline which was quite abnormal for me.

Picking up on the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, Sheridan directed the conversation towards pigmentation and investigated on areas like my superficial pigment and melasma that started to show around the eye area.


Prior to introducing me to the treatment bed, Sheridan explained that because the mindfulness facial is a quite and meditative facial, she wouldn’t be speaking much once the treatment started, so she would like to explain to me what the treatment will involve today prior to the relaxation part.

Sheridan perfectly educated me on being pregnant and having concerns of pigment and breakouts, my hormonal levels were going to continue to fluctuate for the next 5 months and furthermore as I started breastfeeding. It was for this reason, that Sheridan would choose the ‘Lemon Brightening Mindfulness Facial’ for me today, over the Corrective, Age Defying, Purifying or Hydrating options that were available on the menu. Ensuring that we should start to manage the pigmentation and prevent it from getting any worse throughout the pregnancy was the best pathway for the treatment to start on today, while also using elements of the treatment to exfoliate breakout areas and nourish drier ones. Sounded divine to me.

Acne, tick. Dryness, tick. Pigment, tick. A therapist who actually listened to my concerns, educated me on what is happening in my skin right now, and tailored the treatment to address such results – imagine how impressed I am already and the treatment hasn’t even begun!


Beginning the treatment with the G&M mindfulness ritual of inhalations, deep breaths, and reflexology type pressures, Sheridan started by applying pressure to the crown of my head, turning my head to either side to apply pressure to my neck, my shoulders to help them drop, my chest to help it sink, my arms to free the tension and my hands to release and relax them.

A double cleanse was performed first with a cleansing oil followed by a milky/gel type textured cleanser. Both products were applied to the skin with Sheridans hands which were the perfect combination of a confident therapist, the warmth of a bowl of porridge and the care of a hug as she swept and moved the product over my skin, followed by a hot towel removal.


Manually manipulating an abrasive exfoliant over the skin, I recognised the scent as one of my favourite products I constantly have on rotation in my shower, it was the G&M Power Exfoliant Mask. Knowing how difficult it is to remove granular exfoliants from the skin during treatment, this one being especially granular, I thought to myself how is Sheridan going to get this baby off my skin and not ruin the oil massage with little beaded particles rubbing their way through the massage? But friends, she did it!

Starting with a damp fibrella removal to take away the superficial granules Sheridan did a thorough but completely relaxing removal, followed by a hot towel removal and the granules were gone! She taught those little granles a lesson in removal let me tell you, I struggle to remove the little devils in the shower with running water!


Next up, the massage. You guys know how fussy I am about a facial massage, so it will come as a surprise to you when I say, I have zero things to complain about with Sheridans massage today – I know, I’m shocked too! 

Starting on the neck and moving down the decollete and further onto the arms, this was no ordinary massage. It was a massage performed with two things I continually preach about, grace and presence. Sheridan as a therapist, was here in the room with me mentally. I knew by her energy, that she was present during this massage. Sheridan wasn’t thinking about her next client, what she was going to have for lunch, Saturday night plans or her boyfriend, Sheridan was performing this massage for me, for the client in front of her. This is what separates the average therapists from the exceptional therapist. Today I was having an exceptional treatment from an exceptional therapist.

Spending a great amount of time on the neck, dec and arm massage, Sheridan made her way up to my face. With considered movements, Sheridan knuckled, kneaded, pinched, pressure pointed and glided her way around my face before making her way to the top of my head with a scalp massage.

Deep, sleep inducing movements of combing, pulling, brushing and circles melted me further into treatment heaven as I started to forget about remembering things to write down for this blog piece until, the next thing happened.


Applying a sheet mask onto the skin, Sheridan smoothed out the creases and applied a towel to the top of my head before sliding on a pair of the G&M headphones. Immediately but gently, a voice started to introduce me to the meditation today. A small wave of panic swept over me as the voice told me today would be a ten minute guided meditation as the Lemon Brightening mask started to penetrate my skin.

Ten minutes of meditation?! I can’t even sit still for two minutes in the morning waiting for my coffee to brew, how am I going to sit still and meditate for ten minutes? Soon, the voice was telling me I have the option to choose my tude for todays treatment. 

  • Your Attitude – The way you do life
  • Your Altitude – What you get out of life
  • Your Gratitude – How you acknowledge life’s blessings
  • Your Beautytude – The way you show up to life

So, I thought, I’ll choose an open and relaxed tude and continue to let the treatment guide me to what I need today. The guided meditation took me back through some of my most favourite memories of being in the Grampians up in a treetop cabin where my husband proposed to me with native birds and leaves rustling above and the Daintree rainforest where we spent a lazy afternoon drinking wine and swimming just the two of us, down by the crystal clear creek we had accidently discovered on an afternoon stroll, before I was drifting off to sleep.  


Sheridan returned to the room and the lengthy ten minute meditation I was stressing about felt like just two minutes had passed. Removing the headphones and mask, Sheridan finished with serums, eye creams, moisturisers and tinted sun protection products, before completing the sequence with the same opening pressures that started the treatment.


Letting me know that the treatment was finished today and I was to gently hop myself up when I was ready, there was a cup of Miss Vitality Blue herbal team awaiting me. Sheridan let me know she would return to the room once I was dressed to continue the conversation today.

Entering back into the room Sheridan brought with her a prescription card and a big smile, asking how my treatment was today. Divine, I told her. 

Sheridan reconfirmed for me the benefits of the treatment today and what the products did for my skin, however the treatment doesn’t stop there. Talking through three key products that would be beneficial for my skin today we started the conversation on Vitamin B serums for additional absorption of my EFA supplement and skin dryness concern, a vitamin c crystal power for my pigment, and a nourishing body oil to massage into my belly and hips to avoid stretch marks. 

Sheridan continued the stretch mark and pigmentation conversation by recommending I add in a home needling device in the form of a roller, which I can roll over the skin on my face for pigment, and also the skin on my tummy pre and post baby to assist with the skins elasticity and reduction of colour, if stretch marks were to start appearing.

Holy therapist on a bike, I could’ve kissed Sheridan! Not only did she address my concerns on my face, but skin is all over the body, and with lots of changes to the body during pregnancy, she talked about the entire body prescription! LOVE, OBSESSED, THRILLED, GENIUS! 

I’ve joked about cloning therapists of this level before but seriously people, bring in the cloning machine!! (*insert Dr Evil voice*)

Then this happened; “Tamara, I’ve seen on your Instagram stories that you get sent quite a lot of products from brands in our industry, and even some from the ranges we stock, but did you need to top up on any products today?'”. Mic drop, I’m dead. Actually dead! 

One of the biggest objections I hear from therapists all the time is ‘Tamara, my client literally has everything, there’s no point prescribing today’, so they don’t. They don’t encourage the conversation any further and think that’s the end of that! How wrong you are, i’ll tell you why.

Yes, I get sent products from very generous brands, weekly in fact. These brands are often bringing out new serums, new moisturisers, new colours of foundation or new additional retail items like a cleansing brush or foaming mit, so do you know what my bathroom cupboard is always running out of? Cleanser and Exfoliant. 

To be honest, when I told my husband I was going to have a facial from G&M, he said ‘please come back with some scrub because we are nearly out’, so imagine my delight when Sheridan prompted me that we were running out of exfoliant! Surprise and delight in form of a conversation. Now my husband thinks I remembered what he told me and (I didn’t), and in fact it was all brilliant Sheridan, just because she asked! 

Additional to the exfoliant for hubby, I also purchased the G&M body oil Sheridan recommended and the Vitamin B serum – because her recommendation made sense as per my concerns. She didn’t waffle on about the ingredients in the vitamin b product or the application, she told me it would help my skin and after all, I said I was 10/10 committed to good skin results remember?

Sheridan also wrote out for me a return treatment prescription of another mindfulness facial in combination with an LED to start addressing the breakouts, now that we had healed and nourished the skin and started brightening the pigment. This is treating a treatment like a routine, not like a one off relaxation treat. Great work Sheridan!

Important to note

The total I walked into the treatment expecting to pay was $149, the amount of the treatment.

The total I walked out of the treatment paying was $354.19, $205.19 more than planned for because everything connected to my concern and Sheridan held space for the conversation today.

Had Sheridan been an average therapist, thinking the client ‘wasn’t going to buy’ just because she had product at home, then $149 was the most Sheridan could’ve made in that 90 minutes. Instead, she doubled the business for herself, her business owner and gained me, the client, some pretty incredible results!

The lesson, do not dismiss your clients. They are in your space for a reason.

If you would like your space Mystery Shopped, or for further information on how to make a booking with me in your space for your team, please email

Until next time, Stay Connected.
Tamara Reid