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The team at Murad Australia are celebrating the end of 2021 in the best way they know how – with the launch of a brand-new product coming to salons and clinics in December!


The Daily Clarifying Peel is the latest innovation to join their Aussie line-up, donning the signature blue that is synonymous with their blemish, oil, and pore control products.


Balance is at the heart of this new nightly, alcohol-free peel as it harnesses 3 proven skin-clearing ingredients to deliver a truly unique exfoliation. When the product is shaken, a cocktail of resurfacing retinoid, glycolic acid and salicylic acid is blended to reveal a bi-phase peel.


Phase one of the peel puts the products BHA’s to work to exfoliate the skin whilst the inclusion of retinoid focuses on skin texture and improving smoothness. To reduce the shine that many oily skins experience is avocado extract which also works to bring the skin back into balance.


Phase two of the peel engages the product’s AHA’s to remove dull surface cells and improve the skin’s clarity whilst the BHA’s continue to improve the appearance of pore size. As those prone to an overproduction in oil are generally lacking hydration, the peel features glycerin to improve water retention and nourish a healthier-looking complexion.


Like any Murad Australia launch, the Daily Clarifying Peel comes with no shortage of studies to support the product’s impressive before and after results. After ceasing all other acne care products prior to study commencement, participants applied the Daily Clarifying Peel in the evening for 4 weeks.


By the end of the first week, 7 out of 10 participants noticed that their breakouts had cleared, their skin texture had improved, and their skin felt more balanced than before. By the week two mark, 70% of participants agreed that their enlarged pore appearance had minimised and by the conclusion of the study, participants had a lot to say about the efficacy of the triple action formula.


After using the Daily Clarifying Peel for the 4-week period, 71% of participants agreed that their blemishes and breakouts were clearing, 86% experienced softer and smoother skin and 93% agreed that their skin felt balanced and not too oily or dry.


23-year-old participant Briana, a hormonal acne sufferer, shared that after using the Daily Clarifying Peel for the 4-week period, the inflammation and discomfort she experienced from her breakouts had subsided, making them much more manageable.


“I notice how my hormonal breakouts are significantly less red and swollen when using this product. They are not as painful either and my pores on my cheeks look much less noticeable and much tighter there”, she explains.  


As you may have experienced with your own clients, managing acne and blemish-prone skin isn’t just about achieving clearer skin but welcoming back the self-confidence this debilitating condition has deprived an individual of.


Acne clients often find themselves visiting skin professionals, like yourself, as the last resort when wanting to make a real change in their skin. Whether they’ve been consumed by false advertising, tried social media hacks and fads, or perhaps used other cosmeceutical lines that weren’t prescribed to their skin’s needs, acne clients have little trust in their treatment journey until they start seeing results which is why it’s fantastic to see that the Daily Clarifying Peel delivered this within such a short amount of time.


The impressive results Murad achieved during their studies not only back up the efficacy of the product but provided these participants, who I’m sure remind you of clients of your own, with a solution that actually delivered on its promise.


In true Murad style, the Daily Clarifying Peel fits effortlessly into your client’s at-home routines. An extension of the skin clearing treatments they’re receiving in-clinic, Murad’s solution-focused product categories make it easy for the client to feel invested in their skincare journey, understand the role of their products and feel empowered by the steps in their routine to support their overall results.


Simply applied via cotton ball or pad in the evening, their new addition features after cleansing with their Clarifying Cleanser and before application of hydrators such as the Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel or their prescribed moisturiser. If your client is using other Murad treatments, like the Outsmart Blemish Clarifying Treatment, they can move this to their AM routine, followed by SPF, an essential when using powerhouse ingredients like retinoids.


Murad’s Daily Clarifying Peel features all the non-negotiable qualities that their stockists know and love including formulations without the use of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, formaldehyde, oxybenzone or petrolatum, plus their industry-leading business support including product education, treatment protocols and an abundance of marketing assets.


Murad Australia are also offering our Beaute Blog readers a 10ml Daily Clarifying peel for the first 50 people that get in touch and want to trial it – completely free and no catches!
If you’d like to learn more about the new Murad Daily Clarifying Peel or how to become a Murad Stockist, contact the team via today!