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Pre and probiotic (and even more recently post-biotic) skincare have been steadily increasing their presence throughout the consumer and professional skincare spaces for the past several years, and the mindset is slowly shifting from passing fad to serious discussion as our knowledge and interest in the relevant research on skin microbiome catches up. 

Generally speaking, as an industry we have always known about the good bacteria and bad bacteria on the skin, and the important role they play in skin health and various skin conditions. Fast forward to 2021 and suddenly the professional industry is flooded with new products, education forums, conflicting viewpoints and mixed opinions. Some say prebiotic skincare is still just a fad, while others say a healthy skin microbiome is absolutely crucial for that ever-important B-word: barrier function. While the level of education is increasing in this field, it can still be exceptionally difficult to keep up with it all and easy to get lost in the hype. How can we better understand the confusing world of skin microbiome, and how can we apply this in a practical sense?

As a distributor of skincare focusing on long term skin health, Vital Plus has a keen interest in the developing concept of skin microbiome. Upon seeing a brand which spoke of such progressive learning when it comes to the skins bacteria, the VP team contacted JooMo’s founders shortly after they internationally launched their first product – a 100% natural facewash designed to enhance the skin’s microbiome. The JooMo brand was introduced to Australia by Vital Plus in 2019, and since then, their products have become recognised by many skincare professionals and loved by customers. 

One of Vital Plus’ biggest focuses is education and professional development, and this is no exception when it comes to their microbiome-focused range JooMo. On the 29th of March, Vital Plus will present the first-ever live talk by JooMo founders, Nick Wallen and Linda Russell, to the Australian audience. This is a must-attend event for any practitioner interested in the extensive and complex world of skin microbiology, including:

  • Skin and gut microbiome: same word, different functionality, and different pools of bacteria. What’s good for the gut, may not necessarily work for the skin, and vice versa. However, there is one fundamental principle applicable to any micro-and macro-biome (aka ecosystem): the more diverse an ecosystem is, the healthier it is. A fundamental approach to keeping any ecosystem healthy and thriving is protecting and restoring its natural biodiversity. How does this apply to skincare?
  •  What is the relation between the skin microbiome and the skin barrier? Are we doing more harm than good with some of our clinical treatments, including chemical peels?
  • Common skin problems: are they all linked with a damaged skin microbiome?
  • Why Biodiversity is the only measure of skin microbiome health – what is the latest research telling us about this?
  • Pre, pro and post-biotics: what are they and what is their role in skin health?

These are just some of the topics you can expect to hear at March 29’s ‘FUTURE BEAUTY TALKS: Facts & Fallacies of the Skin Microbiome’ with JooMo founders Nick and Linda. As Fiona Tuck said in recent Vital Plus virtual talk, “ it looks like we know that the problem is here, but where’s the solution?” Tune in at 1pm on March 29th to find out!