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We regularly receive questions and conversation-starters in the Beaute Industrie community around interior styling and inspiration, salon design, decor and furnishings – and for this reason, we love to share success stories from businesses who have recently relocated, renovated, or upsized their premises to perfection. Today, we’re sharing a major glow up by Perth business LoveBeauty Skin Clinic, who recently revamped their clinic into a tranquil and feminine blush oasis after outgrowing their last home of two years.

“The new look LoveBeauty Skin Clinic is an updated integration of the businesses evolution combined with our original branding touches in way of the blush pink features, brass finishes and the open-plan reception and lounge areas” owner Rachel Eleisha tells us. “We envisioned an inviting atmosphere where our clients could take a moment to immerse in our beautiful surroundings before going through to the treatment rooms for their appointments.”

One of the trickiest parts of a clinic rennovation is creating the design concept, and deciding where to draw inspiration from. How does one choose which colours to opt for, or which textures, or where to buy furniture from? If you’re asking yourself these types of questions, we would probably recommend seeking the help of an expert, to help clarify your vision and design journey with you. For Rachel, their muse came in the form of State 28 Interiors. “We worked closely with our incredible designers Tash and Kate on the unique concept of bringing together natural textures with earthy tones, complemented by hints of marble for a holistic, homely yet high end feel. It was important for us to create a distinct clinic aesthetic staying authentic and not following ever-changing trends, we can proudly say that LoveBeauty is a one-of-a-kind design!” 

To pay homage to the building’s own original unique features and give it some extra personality, the team chose to replicate these in their furniture. “We pulled inspiration from the building’s original features such as the high arches and repeated the curves in our custom-built buffet shelving and reception desk,” says Rachel. “My favourite pieces are the Celine sofa from Empire, the huggy chairs from Sarah Ellison, and we scored an absolute bargain with our stone/glass table from Facebook market place. What a find, and it suits the skin lounge perfectly.”

Rachel tells us the journey was a long but worthwhile one. “The planning took the most time to get everything precise before the build, there were extended lead times on the decor and we were on a tight deadline to have everything finalised for the new year. The actual construction was only about 5 weeks in total, our builders were working over Christmas to get everything completed in time. We worked with the fit-out specialists Veritruss, the experience was quite smooth sailing and super organised to a T, I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are here in Perth. Our team were very supportive as always and worked hard to hold the fort at our original clinic so I could focus on everything going on with our new design and the logistics of opening up a new business.”

So when does a beauty business owner decide that it’s time to upgrade their space? For LoveBeauty, it was simply a matter of too many clients, not enough time. “Our team were working on top of each other and we were operating crazy hours to accommodate clients, opening late five nights a week as well as Sundays, we didn’t have the room capacity to onboard new therapists to keep up with the demand, the space was holding us back. I put my feelers out there to see what was available at the time and we found the perfect location in our new premises, it’s five times the size at 280 sqm with its own private parking. The flexibility with the rooms has been the best part and we are now able to work at our full potential.”

When planning a redesign, it’s incredibly important to consider the client journey from the moment they enter. How would you like your space to make clients feel? For Rachel, her redesign was all about the client experience. “Upon entering the clinic we want our clients to feel welcomed and apart of our Lovebeauty family. Our clinic emanates a relaxed vibe and we go the extra mile offering refreshments and having a friendly catch up with clients as they wait to be seen. Everything has been purposefully thought out, all client areas are spacious and open including the product shelving so they can browse as they please without feeling in the way or cramped. The luxe experience is all in the finer details – we always have a beautiful warm scented candle out the front filling the rooms with a sweet aroma, relaxed music to set the tone of the space and we even have guilt-free, non-processed chocolate bars available for our clients with a sweet tooth to enjoy if they please. It’s important to us that our clients know we go above and beyond for them and that they feel they are special to us and comfortable at all times looking forward to their next visit.”

While relocating your business is a prime opportunity to redo your fitout, you don’t have to be moving shop in order to update your styling and key pieces of furniture. And though it may not be pragmatic for businesses to refurbish their premises regularly, we firmly believe in the importance of reviewing your look every few years. Aside from the element of style, as your furniture and decor elements age; such as your rugs becoming ratty, paint staining or chipping, or drawers squeaking or bowing as they are opened – these are the small details that clients will notice. And some of these clients may even think to themselves ‘if they can’t take care of the clinic, how can I expect them to take care of me?’ 

Rachel agrees reviewing your business’ look is absolutely imperative. “I believe it is a must to stay relevant and not become complacent, it is as much about the clinic experience as it is about the treatment experience. My tips would be keeping the product shelves as a statement piece with product placement being an important visual factor, swapping up furniture pieces as they become outdated or adding a splash of paint to keep things fresh! Keep in mind at the end of the day the space you work in is representing your business and an integral part of your branding making it worth the investment.”

Remember, when it comes to every client visit, it isn’t just about the treatment. Your clients judge their experience as a whole, and this includes the time before and the time after visiting the treatment room. Take the opportunity to connect with your clients on a deeper level using visuals and textures utilised throughout your space – colour, art, lighting, fabrics, shapes, soft and hard furnishings: the list is endless. Infuse your premises with your branding, your philosophies, and make your clients feel something special. And as Rachel so wisely says “Create the type of business that clients would love to visit.