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Through the Global Pandemic, beauty businesses have had to increase their already strict and comprehensive cleaning and hygenine standards and take them to another level. BeautePartner, The Global Beauty Group have stepped up to the demand of these new requirements and have introduced a range of dynamic, ergonomic, and thoughtful Personal Protective Equipment that supports the highest possible standards of sanitation for skin professionals.

Designed for performing aesthetic technology and skin treatments, hair and nail services and use in other high touch fields, the range provides enhanced safety and reassurance for both treatment providers and clients with touch-free services and lower risk of cross-contamination.

This reusable, three-layer fabric is silver ion infused in its central core to provide antibacterial multi-layer protection, yet breathability for all-day wear. An eco-conscious option designed for durability, the robust bt-smartmask is made of high-quality materials and is effective for up to 50 washes, much more economically and environmentally friendly than reusable masks. The facial contour moulded design and athletic style weave is supremely protective yet comfortable for the therapist, while also being fully adjustable.

The bt-shield is a lightweight, reusable and sanitisable protective faceguard.
Developed by award-winning microdermabrasion machine manufacturer Bio-Therapeutic the shield features silicone touch points infused with antibacterial silver ion properties where the shield encounters the skin. The high-quality clear PET plastic shield is anti-fog and anti-scratch, while providing visibility that is distortion-free, so that you can continue to treat your clients in the precise manner you had prior to the pandemic.
The strategically extended nose bridge touch points allow for prescription glasses to be worn together with the bt-shield, making blurry vision for those with glasses or contacts a thing of the past.

During tender times like the ones we are currently facing, it’s important to go the extra mile and prove to your clients that you take their health and safety seriously in your professional space. Not only does this position your business as one of the great considerations you will go to for your clients, but it also instils a level of trust and loyalty for future appointments, which is always great for word of mouth recommendations!

To incorporate Personal Protective Equipment from The Global Beauty Group into your clinic protocols or learn more about their range of browse the new range on The Global Beauty Group Online Shop or call 1300 006 607.