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The Beaute Industrie Community is growing at a rapid rate and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome each and every one of our new members! 

We have grown to be so much more than just a Facebook Group. We are a supportive network of like-minded industry professionals who are driven to create change. Our mission is to build fruitful connections, harness positive culture, host inclusive and proactive conversations and ultimately expand the industry community.

With the growth of our vibrant community is the rapid rate of questions submitted that are broadening the spectrum of beauty, business and everything in between.

To fill this gap and always connect you with the industry’s very best, we have hand selected a specialised group of experts to assist us. These are your Beaute Ambassadors. 


What is a Beaute Ambassador?

A Beaute Ambassador is the exclusive go-to person of expertise for our Beaute Community. They are a powerhouse of knowledge and insight into their field and have been carefully chosen to provide you unparalleled support. 

This is an invitation only role and like everything we do at Beaute Industrie, each Beaute Ambassador aligns to our core values of connection, conversation, community and culture.

Meet your Beaute Ambassadors

  • Nails – Rohani and Rosalie Osman
  • Brows – Mandy Jeffery
  • Mobile – Iman Davamoni 
  • Waxing – Tiarne Cockburn 
  • Injectables – Dr Martina Lavery
  • Advanced Modalities – Lashana Shepherd 
  • Cosmetic Tattooing – June Warry
  • Naturopathy and Holistic Therapies – Emma McDonald
  • Spa, Massage and Body – Berni Rees
  • Skin – Rhiannon Mits
  • Lashes and Makeup – Jodie Watkins


Where will you find your Beaute Ambassadors?

In addition to replying to relevant threads in the Beaute Industrie Facebook Community, you’ll find your Beaute Ambassadors featured in our monthly Digital Magazine, our Beaute Industrie Blog and the host of limited edition podcast episodes that are dedicated to their expertise. 

Our Mystery Shop Visits are a quintessential part of Beaute Industrie and we cannot wait to have our Beaute Ambassadors involved in visiting clinics, spas and salons across Australia too. 

You’ll also find your Beaute Ambassadors on our social media channels with exciting new video, reel and story content coming your way to amplify the conversation and connection online. 

If you have a question or topic you’d like covered by one of our Beaute Ambassadors, we’d love to hear from you!