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Dear therapists, business owners, product houses and account managers, today is International Women’s Day.

As a female lead industry, we are surrounded by women in our colleagues, peers and clients, so for us every day should feel like International Women’s Day, however today March 8th, we are celebrated moreso than ever.

Being in the beauty and wellness industry is like running or living in an entire family of women, only you’ve hired rather than birthed – but still care for like they’re yours all the same!

Your boss becomes a mother figure, caring and protective, your colleagues become your sisters, supportive and challenging, your industry peers become your elders, wise and inspiring and your clients become your network, motivating and encouraging.

With an abundance of advice and support any which way we look, you could say we’re the luckiest industry in the economy.

Unlike other industries, the beauty industry forces us to select service based on time, meaning we have the rare chance to reflect on ourselves, our work and our clients. Time of stillness during massage, facial mask application or pedicure, sees we share presence with another’s soul and ground or restore energy within the space. Not many industries can say they do that as a profession.

The best thing about being in the beauty industry is developing bonds that are unbreakable, it’s listening to lifelong clients as they share the highs and lows of their life’s journey, making some of the best friends and memories you will ever experience and stepping out of your comfort zone to grow as a person.

You are some seriously special women every single day, because you are creating community in of an often trying industry and moving towards positive change, but today on IWD, you are noticed – you’re not ‘just a beauty therapist’!

Being this year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #balanceforbetter I would also like to acknowledge the men of our industry, because every day you are surrounded by women, which means you must be learning lots, but also be patient, caring and kind. It takes strong men to support strong women, and we truly appreciate and thank you for your strength and resilience.

So ladies, continue to be your feminine self, nurture those that surround you, support each other, our businesses, our teams, our mental load, our hearts and our passion for the industry.

Lastly, tag a work friend, your boss, your neighbouring spa/salon or your team if you appreciate their femininity and strength and want them to see this.

Happy #IWD19 sisters!

Until next time, Stay connected,

Tamara Shaw – Founding Director of Beaute Industrie