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You’ve heard of traditional, relaxation, anti-ageing and medi-facials, but have you heard about hypnotherapy facials?

Unlike the typical thought of snapping fingers on the count of three and turning into a chicken, (which probably popped into your head upon reading this title), hypnotherapy facials are a way of introducing the client into a relaxed state also known as hypnosis, during the facial itself.

I first heard of hypnotherapy facials after seeing a Facebook live with hypnotherapist, Vanessa Donlan. Vanessa talked about treating clients wanting to shake habits such as smoking, drinking and even pre-gastric band surgery, to assist with the loss of weight about to occur. In extreme curiosity and for purpose of industry research, I booked myself in for a hypnotherapy facial.

Arriving for my appointment at Serenity Skin and Body I was greeted with the freshly fitted out decor of this stunning new space in Manly, NSW.

Apprehensive about what exactly a hypnotherapy facial involved, Vanessa soon ensured me that hypnosis is simply a ‘relaxed state of mind’, which we commonly enter several times across the day – like when we drive our car and arrive at the destination without remembering the journey, or eat an entire block of chocolate while watching tv without remembering having done so.

I generally have trouble with falling asleep at night, so Vanessa opened the conversation around why I wasn’t sleeping, which soon turned into discussing high stress and adrenal levels. Figuring out what it would look like if I did sleep, I decided that I would be able to wake a three minutes prior to my alarm going off (5.27am) and feel rested.

This in depth analysis of my sleep hygiene (or lack thereof), helped Vanessa to set the tone for the session and form what she would say to me during the hypnosis.

The facial started as any normal facial does with a pre-cleanse, double cleanse and exfoliation of the skin using Sensatia Botanicals. A mask application and scalp massage relaxed the shoulders and had my mind slowing as Vanessa started with guided meditation instructions of noticing my breath, the warmth of the bed and visualising my muscles sinking deeper into relaxation.

It went a little something like this:

“When you relax the body, the mind relaxes. When the mind is relaxed, the brain in turn tells the heart rate to slow down, and lowers the blood pressure” – Vanessa Donlan

A sweeping, rhythmic face, neck and decollete massage started the translike eb and flow of Vanessa’s voice as she began the passage. Asking me to enter into a place of comfort that I recognised, I was soon visualising myself snuggling up in my own bed back home in Queensland. The visual of a warm mist soon entered my mind, becoming heavier and heavier and with each density increase, I was slowing sinking as Vanessa request I fall into a deep sleep.

If there was ever a time for me to cluck like a chicken – it would have been it.

I next heard Vanessa’s fingers click as my conscious re-entered the room and I became aware of my surroundings. The click slowly made noises from outside the treatment room, Vanessa’s voice and the reality of the treatment bed come back into my presence in a subtle way.

I opened my eyes to realise Vanessa had applied the finishing moisturiser and vitamin c serum prior to me drifting away and I had a newfound sense of calm and content hoping off the bed. Looking at my skin, my typical pink hue was now revitalised and had more clarity about it – a treat thanks to the Sensatia Botanicals product range.

Vanessa finished the treatment suggesting products suitable for my skin, as well as recommending a return treatment with mention of a 90 day pattern interrupt recording I should listen to prior to sleep at night.

In record follow up time just one hour later, Vanessa kindly sent me this recording to my email with the following instructions “Listen to (the recording) every night for the first week, three times per week the second week, once weekly the third week and then any time you need to relax and rest”.

My skin had that post facial glow – but how have I been sleeping you ask? LIKE A BABY.

Before I could finishing my nightly cup of chai I was yawning into the mug. Brushing teeth was a blur and my head hitting the pillow was the last thing I remember before waking up at 5,27AM, three minutes before my alarm normally goes off every day for the next week post session.

Gary V recently said at his nationwide tour that ‘a lack of sleep is one thing for certain that will cause burnout’ and I for sure am happy I have found Vanessa and her hypnotherapy facials to ensure that burnt out doesn’t occur in this body because baby is now soundly sleeping. Like wake yourself up jolting because you’re drooling sleeping.

Would I have a hypnotherapy facial again? Absolutely. Do I recommend you trying it out? Highly.

This post is in no way sponsored, however Vanessa did know who I was prior to her treating me. If you wish to book a hypnotherapy facial with Vanessa, you can do so here.

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