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Let’s face it. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have had a serious social media detox, you’ve no doubt seen these incredibly unique and distinctly coloured masks across your beauty-loving newsfeeds. They’re the proud creation of the team at Esthemax known as the Hydrojelly™ Mask.

Boosted with the likes of pure algae and active ingredients, Hydrojelly™ Masks are an infusion of potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, phosphorous, bicarbonate and sodium pyrophosphate. Now whilst it sounds like we’re kicking it back to learning the elements chart, it’s the formulation that’s made Esthemax’s signature mask into a cult-status product and an unforgettable client experience.

The skin cannot properly absorb or retain water without the proper balance of electrolytes. The Hydrojelly™ Mask utilises this formulation to improve inter-cellular communication and improve the efficiency of the skin.

The Hydrojelly™ Mask has been deemed a social media sensation with salons and their clients alike posting selfies of their brightly coloured facial treatment. The mask has even made its way onto the faces of Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Winnie Harlow!

So, how can salons, spas and clinics maximise the traction of the Hydrojelly™ Mask and transform those likes into actual profit? Here are four profit-boosting strategies to consider.

Increase your client’s average spend

If you don’t currently have a treatment upgrade or add-on’s menu for your clients to peruse, then you’re missing out on some significant extra hourly profit. Your Hydrojelly™ masks fit seamlessly into this setting to enhance the client’s experience and increase their average spend per treatment.

A treatment add-on menu is the perfect addition to your waiting room, relaxation space or awaiting your clients on the treatment bed. It feels luxurious and many clients will think “what’s an extra $20, I’m treating myself!”

Upgrading your clients to a mask isn’t limited to those that have booked a facial. Those indulging in a pedicure, lash lift or even body contouring treatment can benefit from the versatile mask collection.

We asked the team at Esthemax what businesses can expect to charge for a Hydrojelly™ Mask upgrade and anywhere from $20-$40 was the average price they’re currently seeing across their stockists. If you think about how many clients booked in each day that could be offered this upgrade, that profit figure adds up pretty quickly!

Pick your own adventure treatments

When we see a salon’s Hydrojelly™ collection lined up on their shelf, it’s like the happiest skin-loving rainbow has appeared! So much more than just good looks, Esthemax tells us that these masks are completely customisable to treat each client.

As we know, many clients experience more than one skin concern which is where Hydrojelly™ stockists are encouraged to mix and match their mask applications.

With one of the most expansive ranges of masks available, the opportunities are endless to create targeted and truly unique client treatment packages. The Esthemax mask collection, including their skin-strengthening enzyme peels, invigorating contour masks, gentle cream masks and of course, the family Hydrojelly™ masks play well with others and can be incorporated after a peel or dermaplaning session, prior to a LED light therapy treatment or even as part of a body treatment (butt facial, anyone?).

We encourage you to look at both your client base and your current list of treatments and have fun mixing and matching your offerings. You can use these combinations to craft signature facials for your business and truly stand out from the crowd with express and deluxe skin treatments that go the distance for your clients.

Meraki Essential Beauty, a Queensland-based salon notes that introducing their clients to the Hydrojelly™ masks has seen their appointment calendar flourish and results go from strength to strength.

“My salon completely changed! The hydro jelly masks took me from steady to completely booked out 4 weeks in advance. My clients absolutely love all of the mass they are a crowd pleaser and unlike anything I’ve ever use the results are straight away”, they explain.  

Up your retail game

Sending our clients home with professional skincare doesn’t just improve our bottom line but ultimately, their long-term results. For those clients that are obsessed with their Hydrojelly™ experience are the take-home treatment kits.

Containing everything they need to perform their own at-home facial, these kits allow clients to treat their skin in-between their appointments with a product that you can be confident in. Did someone say no more rogue at-home facials?!

Salons shouldn’t be afraid to sell their clients more advanced at-home facials. Not only are these a fantastic retail offering but they keep your clients coming back for more, especially salon-exclusive offerings like the Hydrojelly™.

Esthemax has also introduced sheet masks for not just the face but the hands and feet too! 100% natural, biodegradable and made from skin-affinitive cellulose, these sheet masks make the perfect retail take-home treat, gift and pre-event skin prep staple. You can also utilise these low-cost, high-return retail items to incentivise package purchases and reward loyal clients.

Maximise your marketing  

If we asked the Esthemax team what their top lead source was, we have no doubt it’d be social media. When it comes to clients requesting “the jelly facial”, it’s likely they too have spotted it on the gram.

One salon that has totally maximised the social media type is SSKIN, a cosmetic clinic founded by Amy and Emilee Hembrow (yes, that Hembrow).

“These masks go crazy on social media, the bright colours, the texture, they peak interest which is a great way to get people talking about the amazing array of ingredients to target different skin concerns”, they explain when sharing how they turn the Hydrojelly hype into paying customers.

We encourage you to work the magic of the mask and share your treatment experience via reels, stories and video content. Videos as simple as applying the mask, mixing the mask or even removing the contoured creation from your client’s face can spark serious interest from potential customers.

The Esthemax Instagram feed is absolutely loaded with inspiration for social media content that will surprise, excite and intrigue your customers. Remember, when promoting any service on social media, never forget your call to action. Once you’ve got them hooked with a bright red Hydrojelly™ mask, tell them what they need to do next. If you confuse, you lose so spell it out and get that appointment calendar flowing and your clients glowing.


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