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So often, we see therapists asking our community what the next device is they should be adding to their business and whilst they’re flooded with helpful suggestions, it really is a question that they should be asking their clients! At the end of the day, it is these individuals that are going to experience the treatment, rave to their friends about it and ultimately, cover your repayments.


It can be easy to be swept up in the glamour of multifunctional machinery, industry trends and the latest and greatest model on the market but it’s integral that your final purchasing decision comes less from a sales rep telling you how great something is but whether it makes sense for your business, your market, and your point of difference.


Unfortunately, many get to the stage of unboxing their new device and are left asking questions like, “well what do I do with this now?” or “where do I go from here?”

That dream of passive income magically appearing in your bank account by merely having the device quickly diminishes and the reality of maximising your return-on-investment kicks in.


Here to ignite (or reignite) therapists’ confidence to chase that return-on-investment, and then some, is Venus Concept and their brand-new program, IGNITE. Teaming up with marketing expert Nicole Montgomery and sales growth master, Neil Osborne, IGNITE is a Venus Concept client exclusive filled with the business tips, strategies, and tools you need to grow your business, develop your team, and strengthen your sales forecasts.


It’s no secret that technology is almost a non-negotiable in an advanced salon or clinic setting these days, with many salons and clinics offering similar client solutions but as we all know, no two devices are manufactured the same. With the support of Nicole, Neil and the IGNITE program, business owners are equipped with the confidence to articulate why treatments with their Venus Concept device are the ones to book when seeking the likes of body contouring, skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing and laser hair removal; just to name a few.


Designed exclusively down under, IGNITE was intentionally crafted for the Australian professional beauty landscape and its clients. For current Venus Concept clients, you may be familiar with Venus Academy, the existing learning platform that Nicole notes is globally directed and therefore more catered to the American market. With IGNITE, Australian Venus Concept clients are having their customer experience taken to a whole new level with all content and marketing strategies in the program crafted for and by people that inherently understood our industry.


The IGNITE program features three key offerings. The first is a 45-minute one-on-one session with the IGNITE experts on how they can be supporting the business to maximise their investment. The second is the IGNITE program itself with exclusive online access to learn anywhere, anytime and the third, point of difference marketing, to ensure that the strategies you have in place are setting your business apart from the competition and converting each lead into treatment packages and furthermore, repeat clients.


Nicole shares with us that IGNITE was originally designed for new clinics as part of their onboarding process with Venus Concept, but many established clinics have seen the program’s value too, particularly as an educative resource during lockdowns.  


Neil adds that one’s years in the industry doesn’t always equate to expertise in introducing a new service with many therapists (with decades of experience) still feeling intimidated by the idea of ‘selling’ to their clients. This is what makes the IGNITE program perfect for any stage of business life because regardless of your years on the tools, all can benefit from empowering new strategies to smash their targets.


We regularly talk about refreshing knowledge in performing treatments but less so about how to communicate them with our clients. What we love about the IGNITE program is that the content is not one-off information but rather a new business tool salons and clinics can add to their arsenal for whenever they need to reignite their knowledge, upskill a new team member or be reminded of the why behind booking in those treatment packages.


So, what can Venus Concept client’s expect to learn from Nicole and Neil?


Harnessing years of industry experience both in the treatment room and behind the scenes of our industry, Nicole is your go-to for marketing strategies that deliver. At the forefront of her lessons in the IGNITE program is executing well-considered strategies that deliver consistent messaging and deliver an abundance of leads that can be converted into return on investment on your device.


Nicole explains that an effective launch strategy for a new device goes much further than just a single announcement on social media. Instead, it’s about harnessing multiple marketing channels and platforms to deliver the key points of difference of your new offering and ensuring that however, a client connects with your business out of the treatment room, that they’re informed, excited and ready to invest.


When you pair this with the sales and conversion tactics shared by Neil, it’s no surprise to us that this is a total match made in profitability heaven. With 30+ years of sales growth expertise in the hair and beauty industries, it’s safe to say that Neil knows a thing or two about turning a piece of equipment into a serious profit maker.


For Neil, filling your calendar with appointments comes down to mastering the art of persuasion. A fantastic piece of advice he shares with us is that “telling isn’t selling”. Neil explains that most therapists feel as if they need to tell each client the top 10 reasons why they should explore a new service when the client is really just looking for their top 3 or 4 solutions solved. Placing great emphasis on how therapists conduct themselves in consultations and in the treatment room itself, Neil explains that it is up to the therapist and their ‘bedside manner’ to identify those top concerns and utilise those to secure the treatment booking or package.


With many business owners excitedly welcoming the fresh start that 2022 promises, IGNITE is one resource to be adding to the top of your business to-do list. Whether you’re ready to dust off that existing piece of machinery or kick off the new year with a brand-new offering, Nicole, Neil, and the entire Venus Concept team are here to help you unlock tools you never knew you had and maximise every inch of your business, from your team, database to industry expertise.  


If you would like to learn more about the IGNITE program or how to become a Venus Concept client, visit today.