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Christmas time for a beauty business owner generally sees us running around like mad women, guzzling gallons of coffee and with permanently fixed dirty hair that has been dry-shampooed to the enth degree, all while our poor little exhausted adrenal glands are desperately crying out for help! Well not this year my friend, this year you are cool as a cucumber – why? Because you’re equipped with the tools to get you through the silly season one day at a time! Here’s how:

Take breaks

As simple as this sounds, you must take a break. I’m the first one to put my hand up and cancel lunch to squeeze in another client, take that phone call or sell another gift voucher, however breaks are essential for your sanity. By taking a break you are giving your body the chance to catch up, giving your lungs the chance to breathe, and the nervous system a chance to recover.

We are not humans, we need to stop, settle and revive and your break is the chance.

Try to step outside of your beauty space during your break or even go for a quick walk around the block or sit in the park, so that you’re not distracted by clients and you can completely switch off for a moment or two.

Increase your fruits and vegetables

While the packet of tim-tams and bowl of salty chips might seem tempting, they’re really doing nothing for your energy nor brain power during the busy times. Choose foods to eat and snack on that are going to give you long lasting energy and help you actually survive the day, rather than running around on pure sugar! Frequently snacking between clients will give you a lighter tummy to be able to run around on, rather than eating a big heavy meal in the middle of the day.

Our faves are freshly cut apples and bananas with natural peanut butter smeared all over them!

Disconnect from the day

Easier said than done but absolutely essential for your mental load! At the end of the day, break away from traditional cleaning duties and client bitching and put on a little music over your sound system. Music encourages a different vibration in the space, lifts the energy and gives you and your team a break from the conversations, consultations and complaints of the day.

Encourage singing, dancing and generally moving your body for at least 5 minutes during end of day pack down and watch the vibe relax and your mind melt.

Say thanks

As much as we think our team know we appreciate them, sometimes they need reminding. Thank each and every person on your team every single day throughout the month of December. Show them you care, value them and validate them with a simple ‘thank you for today’ as they’re walking out the door. A little thanks never hurt anyone and goes a long way after a long day.

Don’t forget to thank yourself too! Pause at the end of the day and tell yourself you did an amazing job today. You are an amazing human running a business!

Have fun!

It’s Christmas remember! How easy it is for us to become less Mrs Claus and more Grinch like with every late client arrival, upset client or client cancellation but remember, it’s Christmas! It’s the one time throughout the year that we get to eat, drink, gift presents, be around family and generally be merry for no good reason. Soak up the festive season and spread the Christmas cheer this year!

Simple and effective ways to ultimately survive Christmas in the beauty industry, keep your sanity and even (dare I say it) enjoy the silly season. Do you practice any of the above or maybe you have other ways to survive? We would love to hear about them!