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As a business owner, your job is to get the very best out of your team. You may do this through strategies like regular training and education, incentives programmes, rewarding positive behaviour, team bonding sessions, and investing in their future however you can. All of these are wonderful and will go a long way in ensuring most of your staff stay with you for the long haul. But are you doing anything to keep your staff motivated? We’re talking tangible, on-the-ground, in-salon methods of getting your staff pumped to be part of this industry, excited to be part of your team, and rearing to get the best from each day. 

For anyone thinking this is a little unrealistic, we know of one special business owner that is doing just that, by kicking off each day in the salon with a morning team huddle. Undeniably our industry’s queen on all things team motivation and culture, we simply had to consult ‘The Skin Whisperer’, Rebecca Miller, for some insight into her daily team huddles, and how they drive the success of her business. “In my clinics, we kick off every morning with a daily huddle,” Rebecca tells us. “Our daily huddles are high energy, packed with positivity and the perfect way to engage the team before the day starts.”

“Simple, easy but oh so impactful, there are so many benefits to daily huddles. Implementing it as a daily part of our day is a powerful habit that connects the team to our cultural values, increases flow of communication, provides opportunities to offer each other support and a big dose of get-sh*t-done energy!”

So how does one carry out a team huddle? Some salons, spas and clinics already have regular team brekkies to start their days, but a motivational huddle takes this one step further. By asking your team members to lay out specific goals for the day, you not only solidify that goal for the therapist by having it said out loud but also create accountability by having it stated in front of colleagues. “Our team makes a public declaration every single day on the task they will get done on that day in our team huddle,” says Rebecca. This accountability is a super powerful dedication to performance but also creates autonomous behaviour and complete alignment in our team.”

For those wondering how a short daily meeting can really have that great an effect on a team’s performance, Rebecca assures us it has made a world of difference at her La Bella clinics. “When I started the daily huddle process, I had zero idea the impact it would have on my team and my business. I ran the daily huddles myself for around 6 months to really embed the behaviours, the language and the energy required to get the best out of my team. Our daily huddles give everyone the opportunity to have the floor. They’re highly focused with no storytelling, we get to the point and make the magic happen. Trust me, in 10-minutes, you will uncover mind-blowing levels of productivity and goal achievement. It’s the definition of time well spent!”

Want to give it a try with your team? Here are the specifics on how Rebecca runs her huddles each day:

10-minutes before start time, the team stands together and shares:

1) What are some wins from the day before?

2) What are the 3 tasks for the day therapists are committing to achieving? 

3) What are the values to live by for that day?

4) Any bottlenecks that could potentially prevent the team achieving their goals

5) How can the team help one another troubleshoot and get sh*t done?

5) One thing that makes each therapist grateful about being a part of the team?

Remember, while you exist to serve your clients, your team is the number one driver of your business, and their happiness and mental wellbeing has an enormous impact on how well they perform their treatments, how they connect with clients, and how they work alongside their colleagues. If you can take just 10 minutes out of each morning to get your team excited, motivated, focused and in the right headspace to take on the world, why wouldn’t you?