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The only person who doesn’t love a discount is the Grinch, let’s face it! When told about packages, 4 out of 5 clients will purchase – we’ve done the study and put it to the test ourselves! From a client point of view, December is the month of spending – they know whichever shop they are about to walk into, they’re guaranteed to part money with – so why not your shop too? A pre-purchased package of treatments for a client purchasing 3 treatments secures their appointments for the first quarter of the following year, whereas a pre-purchased package of 6 treatments takes them through to securing the first half of the years appointments – talk about being organised! From a business point of view, pre-purchased treatment packages are great for cashflow. When the client pays for 3 or 6 treatments in advance, it looks healthy on your EOM reporting and reflects as such in your appointment book.
For follow up appointments in the new year, the client’s spend has already been processed back in December, therefore they’re more likely to spend at each appointment on retail or upgrading the treatment because the original spend is out of sight out of mind. When you’re checking out your clients, let them know of any pre-purchased packs that you might have, for example, purchase 5 lash tints and receive the 6th one for free or purchase 3 facials and receive a complimentary skin analysis and a cleanser. Don’t have pre-purchase packages? Create them now! Bundle up 5 of any treatment and allow the 6th one complimentary!
3. Treatment Plans