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We’ve all heard the phrase “80% of skin transformations happen at home” and we couldn’t agree more. Clients that are investing their time, energy, and money into advanced aesthetic treatments need to extend that commitment out of the treatment room and into their homes with a professionally prescribed skincare routine.

Curated, considered, and results-focused, offering medical-grade skincare innovations allow you to enhance your treatment menu offerings, deliver industry-leading treatment upgrades, elevate your consultation experience, and welcome reoccurring profits from clients addicted to their results.   

The team at The Global Beauty Group have shared their three top questions to ask when introducing high-end products into your business and why the Obagi medical-grade skincare collection is the perfect solution.

How is the brand setting your business apart?

Consumers have a plethora of skincare brands at their disposal offering the latest and greatest results, claims, and ground-breaking ingredients. It’s up to you as a skin professional to break through that noise and separate the trends from the transformations. This is why efficacy and science-backed results should be of utmost priority when welcoming a new brand into your business.

When choosing to stock high-end skincare, you’re making an investment into your business, your services, your team, and ultimately, your reputation. As a result, you want to ensure that the brand is equipping you with formulations that elevate your status as a total skin expert and strengthen your customer loyalty.

We’ve all had a moment with a skincare product that immediately surpassed all of our expectations and has seen us never look back. Months, years, and even decades later, we’re stepping back into our clinic to repurchase that product and replenish its firm place at the top of our skincare shelves. This response occurs when a brand has gone beyond basic skincare and into total transformation territory. It’s this very moment that’s set your business apart for the customer and keeps them coming back for more.

Obagi does just that by equipping clinic owners with medical-grade skincare built on a 30-year legacy of science and innovation. What we love about this range is that it’s not limited to just your high-paying clients. Offering both professional and retail skincare experiences, customers can get their hands on the Obagi difference at any stage of their skin health journey, even during low-barrier entry opportunities like 3-step kits and hero products.

What support will the brand provide my business?

From consumables, technology to skincare, ongoing support by your chosen supplier should be an absolute non-negotiable. As busy clinic owners, you’re wearing a lot of hats and shouldn’t have to search high and low for the ongoing business support you need. This was a key focus for The Global Beauty Group when introducing the Obagi range and a standout question they recommend you ask any high-end skincare brand you’re conversing with.

Supporting you and your team to smash retail KPI’s and maximise your investment, the best skincare brand for your business should have an overview of the range that is easy to understand and key features and benefits that can be seamlessly used for product training. Whilst some clients may consider themselves total skincare devotes; many are yet to get started with a regimented skincare routine which is why your therapists need to be equipped with the resources to support those clients to feel empowered by their skincare choices.

With their online portal, Obagi stockists can download jaw-dropping before and after results, a range of clinical studies and exciting marketing materials to confidently and effectively promote their products both in-clinic and online. Obagi stockists are also harnessed with exceptional ongoing clinical support and training to exceed their individual retail targets and consistently expand their own Obagi success stories.

What results can I expect for my clients?

Like any investment for your business, when selecting a high-end skincare brand for your business, it comes down to the results it’s going to deliver for your clients. When researching brands on offer, they should be able to provide you with a range of real client results, case studies, and clinical research papers to support their formulation claims.

We were thrilled to hear that Obagi delivers above and beyond in this department with their range, crafted by medical professionals, focusing on more than simply ‘correcting’ or ‘preventing’ but rather unleashing the full potential of the skin.

As skin experts, we know that no two complexions are the same which is why many clinics find themselves stocking multiple brands to adhere to the varying skin conditions they’re presented with. Obagi maximises your retail investments by delivering a brand that’s dedicated to not just a few key skin concerns but all of them. This means as your clients’ skin transforms over time, they can effortlessly transition onto a newly recommended regime with a brand they already know, like, and trust.

When asking what results your clients can expect, don’t forget to consider your treatment menu as well as your retail offerings. Utilising the brand in both treatment and retail settings enhances client opportunities to connect with the product and be receptive to post-treatment recommendations.

Thanks to their expertly crafted professional ranges, Obagi customers are given the opportunity to feel the luxurious textures on their skin and the glowing results of a prestige brand during their professional skin treatments. By the time they make their way to your retail space, an emotional connection with the products has already started and they’re excited to get started with their new at-home routine.

If you’d like to learn more about the Obagi medical-skincare range, contact ABIA winning salon suppliers The Global Beauty Group by visiting or call 1300 006 607.