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Building a clientele is one of the most important things you can do as a Business Owner or Therapist in the professional beauty and aesthetic industry. After all, it is the primary source of your income and the reason you do what you do every single day. That being said, what do you do if you haven’t built a clientele just yet? Or, more importantly, your appointment books are looking a little slower than normal and you’re stuck with therapists standing around and empty beds to be filled. Well, here are some quick and easy, surefire ways you can build your clientele fast – without giving away your services for free!

  1. Run a limited time, for you only, intro offer
    If you’re a new business, you’ll want to entice clients into your space. The reason people visit a space is because they know, like and trust the business. But, if your clients don’t know your business (or you!) then how can they like you or trust you? When thinking about an offer to attract your clients, think about something that your potential clients absolutely cannot refuse. Offers like ‘bring a friend for 50% off’, ‘purchase 2 treatments or more and receive a complimentary skincare travel pack’ or ‘free product redeemable with any holistic skin consultation’ are all great ways for clients to be introduced to your space with an irresistible offer.
  2. Create visibility that disrupts
    Have you ever walked past a shop that looks so jaw droppingly aesthetic that you absolutely must walk into the space? Think Myer windows at Christmas, or even Mecca Cosmetica when they launch new promotional activations, digital screens, tester bars or the like. Such visibility from street, shopping centre or strip will capture a potential clients eye and give them a sneak peak into your space. When clients can visually see your space, they become familiar with it and instantly see themselves wanting a treatment.
  3. Make your salon visible in ALL search results
    In a recent conversation with Google Growth Hub held on Facebook Live (view here), Google shared with us just how many beauty and aesthetic business owners have not got an online Google presence. In the year of 2021 when the term ‘Google it’ exists, basically put, if you’re not on Google, then your business does not exist in the digital space – and if it doesn’t exist in the digital space, then you almost have no credibility towards potential clients. An easy to set up, click to activate way to get your business searchable on Google is to create a Google My Business account. This will allow your business to be visible when clients search ‘beauty treatment *insert location*’ and will also allow current clients to leave reviews on your page, again helping with that ‘like, know, trust’ element which makes a potential client a new client.
    In addition to ensuring your business is visible on Google, it’s best to make sure you claim your social media listings too. Activate your business across Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest and any other social media pages so that you’re targeting your clients across all levels of search – all which contribute to your Google search ranking too!
  4. Setup win-win partnerships with other local businesses
    Often business owners try to do it all on their own, including growing their clientele but, this doesn’t have to be the case. Partnering with like minded businesses like pilates studios, gyms, wellness cafes, cosmetic nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors (the list goes on!) can provide you huge benefits to access their clientele, increasing yours! You might like to provide incentives for new membership signups, donate raffle prizes for VIP nights or even partner for contra deals for all day treatment packages where you combine a girls day out spa treatment followed by a wellness lunch and glass of bubbles.
  5. Have the local paper write about you
    Circling back to the aforementioned point about building credibility, speaking about yourself and services is one thing, but having someone else speak about you and your services is another all together. Build traction and trust by introducing yourself to the local paper and strengthening that relationship. Reach out to local papers or radio stations and let them know your plans to launch, giving them all the fun details of your pre-launch strategy, opening specials and unique offering. when you plan on hosting your launch party and what makes your business stand out from the crowd.
  6. Offer superior service and give the unexpected extra
    If everyone in your immediate area is offering nail treatments and your business comes along opening with nail treatments then unfortunately there’s not much that sets you out from the rest. Instead, take a look at the businesses around the area you plan to service and perform a quick SWOT analysis. Paying particular attention to their strengths and weaknesses and maximising their opportunities that they’re missing out on or skimming over will provide an unique space for your business to step into. Ensure your services are exceptional quality, your team has a great company culture and performs a level of customer service that is unparalleled and word of mouth will spread in no time.
  7. Encourage your clients to recommend their friends by rewarding it
    “Omg, I love your dress – where did you get it!?”. This is the power of influence. We are most easily influenced by the people around us being our friends and family. If their skin looks good, we want to know where they go to treat it. If their hair is shiny, we want to know what conditioner they’re using to achieve that result and if they’re bragging about a service then you can bet we’re making a booking there in the near future. Current clients (also referred to as warm clients) are clients who again, already know, like and trust you, and generally, they’re quite happy to sing your praises! Reward happy clients with loyalty programs and refer a friend incentives if they tell a friend or family member who converts into a regular client. The existing client gets rewarded and feels valued for their referral, while the referred client gets a little something for coming in off the back of a referral. Win win !
  8. Always re-book clients
    The amount of times we have walked out of a treatment, only to be happily waved goodbye at by the treating therapist without asking or suggesting a follow up appointment is quite astounding. Therapists should enter every treatment with a plan and a projected pathway to results for the client in front of them – be those results to achieve a condition outcome or just to purely relax. Encourage therapists to open the follow up treatment conversation during the diagnosis of the treatment, to ensure complete results are achieved – after all there’s no such thing as a Harry Potter treatment that works after just one hour treatment.
  9. Activate your already existing network and ask for referrals
    One conversation that is frequently entertained in our community is ‘how do get new clients’, however, more often than not, salons already have a thriving database full of clients who are sitting there untapped. Reactivate your database through sms blasts, email EDM’s, social media communications and become present in your clients minds once again.

So, with all of the simple yet effective ways to connect and contact new clients above, the limit to increasing your beauty business clientele truly is endless. A little hard work, an outstanding customer service experience, exceptional treatment standards and client retention systems all implemented into one consistent client marketing strategy and you’ll have yourself a full booked appointment schedule in no time!