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Imagine this; you walk down the street past a beauty salon to see a full-length window image of a size 6, blonde hair, blue-eyed model promoting a Summer Spray Tan special. You glance down at your legs peeking out through your shorts that have been hibernating through lockdown and initially think ‘gosh I’d love a spray tan for April’s birthday drinks this weekend’ before flooding subconscious thoughts of ‘my bum doesn’t look like that though!’ and ‘what if the therapist doesn’t want to spray tan me because of my recent surgery scar?’. Sadly, more often than not, these are thoughts our clients are having when they’re walking past our salons every single day. Here’s how you irradicate that daunting feeling with a few simple changes.

Think of any ten clients in your business, right now. What do they look like? Do they look like the size 6 spray tan promotional model? Do they have the even the poreless airbrush perfected skin that featured in your last social media post? Is their skin all one colour? Are their bodies all perfectly sculpted and toned? Chances are, you’re answering ‘no’ to these questions. So. my question to you is; why are these the only photos we are using to attract and promote to our clients, when our clients don’t look like this at all?


Let’s start by showing up for clients of all ages.
For your next promotion, use photos of people with real laugh-out-loud faces and expressions. Happy, vibrant clients, who are realistic about the ageing process and don’t want to ‘reverse the signs’ like all the popular TV commercials tell us we should be doing. This promo might feature a woman with a grey hair or two because life happened and she wants to celebrate it or even show an array of ages from women of all decades to normalise the fact that everyone has concerns of lifeless skin, no matter what age you are.


Next up, show every-body!
They’re not perfect and we don’t want them to be! Our clients, (like us!) have jiggly, bouncy, uneven, lopsided, dimpled and certainly not ‘fit for summer’ bodies who are worth celebrating. They come in all shapes and sizes of tall, small, slender, curvy and everything in between – there’s no fitting our clients into a body shape cookie-cutter so, let’s proudly post on social media and show them that they are welcome in our space no matter what flippin’ size their jeans tell them they are!


Then celebrate skin.
This one you know all to well – no one skin is the same as another. Let’s say goodbye to unrealistic, Face-tuned, perfectly poreless skin, aka Posh Spice Victoria Beckham who doesn’t smile for the sake of not wanting to create creases – what kind of life is that! Between tone, texture, skin conditions and lifestyle indulgences, our clients are freckled, spotted, plump, dehydrated, oily, dewy, irritated and dry so let’s show that having these concerns is normal and a part of life that everyone goes through. Excema, acne, pigment or otherwise, the difference in skin makes us who we are, so let’s use all skin types and conditions in our social media and marketing campaigns and abolish ‘perfect skin goals’.


Include all genders.
Do ingredients discriminate between genders? No, so why should indulge in a relaxation facial or a massage be only catered to females? It’s interesting to see men appear in our campaigns around two occasions; Valentine’s day or Fathers Day – oddly enough the only two days a year we speak to men! Men are surrounded by the same skin and body concerns as females and too, are generally surrounded by sisters, mums, wives and friends who they might like to treat with a treatment gift voucher. Use your platforms to speak to men, an untapped market if you ask us!


Finally, and most importantly, speak to clients of various backgrounds.
Did you know, 1 in 4 people living in Australia are black, indigenous people of colour! This being said, there is no typical Australian look, nor there is there a typical client, so make sure your messaging is diverse in tone. Including models and people of all backgrounds only helps your clients see your business to be genuine, approachable, relatable and encourages them to want to visit your space.


It’s time for us to be better advocates for our clients through every single touchpoint that they experience from our social media profiles to our treatment offering, our marketing campaigns and even starting right at the heart of our business, within ourselves and our team. Let’s show our clients that we see them, we hear them and we validate their backgrounds, gender, skin and bodies – their real actually-lived in bodies and skins who have grown through life, laughed out loud, given birth, seen the world, survived an emotional experience, eaten the damn ice-cream and married their best friend. The time is now to be a better advocate for your client – how are you going to show up?