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When K-Beauty shot into the mainstream media, beauty lovers across the globe were left equally intrigued and slightly overwhelmed with the dedication taken by its creators to achieve signature luminous, porcelain-like skin. Refreshingly, K-Beauty isn’t an acronym for Khloe, Kim or Kourtney but rather the beauty phenomenon of Korean beauty products, methods and modalities.

The average K-Beauty routine pairs a rigorous multi-step skincare routine with some of the world’s most unique in-clinic experiences. Standing out in arguably the most crowded global marketplace, K-Beauty has been celebrated by experts on countless occasions for their efficacy and commitment to their formulations and results. So, it was no surprise to us when the 02toDerm oxygen facial technology popped onto our radars with its arrival in Australia this year!

Voted as one of the best K-Beauty facial treatments, the 02toDerm oxygen facial is often referred to as the Glass Skin Facial thanks to its exceptionally luminous results that support skin tone, texture and overall replenishment. This exciting technology, exclusively distributed by the team at Panemorfi, gives the classic oxygen facial experience a K-Beauty spin through its Oxygen Bomb Whipping Mask. This mask, rich in Amazonian Camu Camu and antioxidants like Papaya and Pomegranate, forms a thick bubble-like consistency, fondly referred to as Oxygen Bubble Cleaning.

The arrival of the 02toDerm technology got us thinking, how could oxygen facial technology be totally maximised in a salon, spa or clinic? Of course, there’s the launch of a new facial but how else could this technology be used to pack a serious profitability punch? Here’s what our team came up with.

The perfect pre-wedding glow

Every bride-to-be that walks through your doors is dreaming of skin so naturally glowing that you’ll be able to see her walking down the aisle from space. Fortunately, oxygen facials deliver the instant glow factor like no other and are regularly featured as a red-carpet skin essential. It does this by re-energising the skin cells impacted by environmental stressors with a combination of purified oxygen, skin-loving vitamins and negative ions, captured in a 90% oxygen dome.

For many brides, their skin prep begins 6-12 months prior to their big day which is where a specifically designed pre-wedding skin plan can have your business at the forefront of their minds. Every skin tells a different story so whilst the treatments leading up to their big day may vary from bride-to-bride, the ultimate goal is to have them visiting your business frequently, utilising your retail skincare and fostering a relationship that continues once their big day is over. 

Oxygen facials fit seamlessly into any bride’s treatment plan as their last pre-wedding facial. Paired with the likes of LED or a de-stress massage, this is the perfect moment to lock-in that stunning bridal glow whilst giving them an opportunity to relax and take a moment away from the stress and anticipation.

Remember, it’s not just the bride that wants to say ‘I Do’ to glowing skin! Oxygen facials are also ideal for mothers of the bride, bridesmaids and hey, even the groom!


Stepping up your signature facial game

02toDerm proudly boasts that it can be layered with any existing facial treatment which makes it the ideal way to step up your signature facial game. On the K-Beauty scene, oxygen facials have been known to layer with the likes of microdermabrasion, enzyme peels and even carbon laser facials with the collective goal in mind of glass or porcelain-like skin.

We’ve recently spoken about the power of having a signature facial on your treatment menu and after hearing how the 02toDerm treatment works, it’s safe to say it fits the brief of having your business stand out from the crowd.

“Following the clients cleanse and Oxygen Bomb Whipping Mask, the oxygen delivery begins.

We massage a highly concentrated form of oxygen deep into the skin, which is dedicated to nourishing, detoxifying and brightening. We pair this with targeted ampoules, available with the 02toDerm system, which is an infusion of vitamins a, c and k. This promotes skin elasticity, addresses oxidative stress and of course, achieve the signature oxygen facial radiance.” explains the team at Panemorfi, distributors of the 02toDerm system.

An oxygen facial would fit into your signature facial following your exfoliation methods and as part of any mask and massage combination, you deliver during your service. We are taught that therapists have full control over the intensity of oxygen delivery to further customise where oxygen is delivered on the skin.

So, who would suit this elevated signature facial? That’s the best bit. The 02toDerm oxygen facial is celebrated as an efficacious treatment that’s suited for all skin types. In addition to the signature plumping, hydrating and line-smoothing effects of an oxygen facial, the 02toDerm system defends against free radical damage and harnesses the nutrients delivered through the treatment to destroy acne-causing bacterial, stimulate collagen production and achieve overall tone and textural improvements.

Increasing your dollar per hour

What stood out to us about the 02toDerm system is the generously sized oxygen dome that completes the oxygen facial service. Now, we’ve seen oxygen domes before but this one is big! This dome goes over your entire face, covering it from all sides to create an impressive chamber for the final oxygen therapy stage to begin.

This got our creative juices flowing as we thought to ourselves “wow, a business would truly stand out with such an out of this world treatment add-on available to their clients!”. There is where you can take the steps of a treatment, like an oxygen facial, and separate them into mini, yet profitable, add-on services. In this case, selecting the oxygen dome as an exciting upgrade that the client has likely never experienced before!

As the dome sits on the skin like a mask (or with a mask if you love multitasking), it doesn’t eat into your treatment time but can certainly increase your dollar per hour earned during that period. So, what’s in it for the client?

For starters, it’s working on defending against free radical damage with the support of negative ions. These ions clear the air of allergens, bacteria and harmful pollutants and allow the skin to revitalise itself. It works by sucking in air from the immediate environment, separating out the nitrogen, and pumping 90% oxygen through the dome which is then absorbed by the client’s skin. This delivery of pure oxygen is deeply detoxifying, restorative and incredibly well known for re-welcoming vitality to the complexion.

One machine, three ways to excite clients and that’s not even including the standalone treatment itself! We’re truly excited to see the Panemorfi team welcome the 02toDerm system into Aussie salons, spas and clinics and spread those glowy skin vibes!

Fairly simple – all you need to do is consider the before-care, after-care, and any relevant downtime. Another key to remember is to be flexible in your plans, and to tell your clients to do the same. Nobody is perfect, and perhaps a treatment you have recommended did not quite provide the outcome you were both hoping for. Perhaps they didn’t follow their homecare protocol and it puts you behind schedule. Whatever the case, if you head into the planning process telling your clients that their skin is a long-term journey, not a short-term destination, you’re likely to achieve amazing results and glowing happy clients!

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