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Let’s set the scene for you. One afternoon, Amy Doja joined her girlfriend for a coffee where they quickly got chatting about some recent cosmetic procedures her friend had done. Amy’s friend was telling her all about anti-wrinkle injections and filler treatments that blew her socks off. Approaching her 30’s, this conversation got Amy thinking about her own signs of ageing and whether it was time to explore these treatments for herself.

So, later that day, she got searching! Scrolling the web for a cosmetic injector that offered not only the treatments Amy wanted but at a time and location that suited her busy Mum life best was deemed more difficult than she’d anticipated. Once she made her way onto page two or three of Google (and let’s face it, nothing good comes from that), she was left feeling frustrated and deflated.

Amy quickly acknowledged that this would not be the first time someone has tried to learn more about a brand-new treatment with little to no luck and alas, the Compare Cosmetica spark was ignited.

After learning all about the game-changing Compare Cosmetica, we couldn’t help but share the many features and benefits of the platform with our community. Get ready, because this is one platform you are not going to want to miss!

Australia’s first beauty treatment comparison website

Yes, the first! Compare Cosmetica is an online tool that offers consumers, aka your clients, the freedom and flexibility of learning more about the treatments on their wish list and then comparing them with others in their area.

When we asked Amy to explain the purpose behind Compare Cosmetic she shared, “Compare Cosmetica was created to simplify treatment information as much as possible because this was what I was looking for at the time and could not find”.

Attracting thousands looking for trusted providers, like yourself, Compare Cosmetica boosts your business with quality traffic, leads and of course, bookings. As a business listed on the platform, you’re exposed to clients seeking quick and easy access to the information they need about their desired aesthetic treatments and why your business should be the one they choose.

When people are empowered with the upfront knowledge of your services, pricing and location, they’re more likely to say yes and make the booking! Compare Cosmetica honours this consumer behaviour by saving them hours of research time by presenting suitable options for them in an easy to navigate and understand platform.

Created with the professional beauty industry at the forefront

It was the power of human connection that drove Amy away from the corporate world. She wanted real-life interactions and to create long-lasting connections with others. Well, it’s safe to say she’s joined the right industry!

During the initial development stages of Compare Cosmetica, Amy connected with clinic owners to uncover their initial thoughts on the platform and how it could benefit their business. When Amy shared this with us, we couldn’t help but shout a big Yes!

When brands, of all kinds, get started, they often are so excited about the prospect of launching that they forgot a pivotal, and potentially game-changing element – consulting the industry they’re getting started in.

Amy saw Compare Cosmetica through the eyes of the two key stakeholders – her family and friends, otherwise known as the consumer, and the professional beauty industry. At each level, she asked about their pain points and what simplifying that treatment-hunting experience would mean to each of them. It was in these moments that she could really tell that Compare Cosmetica was on the right path.

“Listening to the industry is more important than the general public because if you don’t have that industry behind you, you’re not going to have anything. I started door knocking, introducing myself to business owners in the industry and began to create connections”, Amy explains.

Comparing so much more than just price

It was music to our ears when we learnt that Compare Cosmetica is going well beyond price when it comes to their platform comparisons. Salons, spas and clinics alike offer so much more value to their clients than just the price of their treatments and for many consumers, price is not the driving factor when making a purchasing decision.

Through her consultation with the industry at each level of the platform’s development, Amy took this reality into account and transformed the way consumers would compare treatments.

“When a customer is presented comparisons via Compare Cosmetica, they’re given information on the treatment price, whether the clinic is a boutique or franchise business, their opening hours, their location which is adjustable via a radius filter, reviews of that business, consultation terms, cancellation policy information and lastly, a statement from the business itself on why they should be the one the consumer books”, she proudly explains.

All delivered one easy to navigate page with no distracting clicking around, Amy and her team amalgamated all the elements she wished she could have found during her own experiences and made it accessible via one simple search.

The likes of cancellation policies and consultation terms are second nature to us as therapists but for Amy and fellow consumers, this is new territory, which was why she wanted to synergise this essential knowledge and really spell out what consumers needed to know before making an appointment.

For your receptionist or clinic manager, the conversation of cancellation policies, where to park, what’s included in a consultation and upgrades can be a 10-20-minute phone call, happening multiple times each day. The worst part? They may have that conversation and the client doesn’t even book in! A platform like Compare Cosmetica is saving your business a tonne of time by sharing that information during the comparison process and simplifying, if not speeding up, the customer booking experience.

Built on visibility and transparency

Compare Cosmetica worked one-on-one with clinic owners in the background during the developmental stages of the platform. Consulted at every level of the site’s evolution, Amy and her team added, tweaked and adjusted the platform to work in synergy with a clinic owners’ expectations, goals and ways they would identify a return on investment.

Once a clinic signs up, they’re not eligible to get posting right away. The Compare Cosmetica team qualifies each and every business that signs up to the platform to ensure their suitability. This is just one of the ways that Amy is honouring the business owner’s pain points she discovered during those initial start-up phases.

Currently, to qualify for a listing on Compare Cosmetica, the business needs to be a professional retail clinic. Home-based businesses are not currently eligible for comparison on the platform. The likes of street-front salons, clinics, franchises and spas qualify for Compare Cosmetica memberships.

Now, the benefits of the platform to our customers and consumers are pretty obvious. It’s making finding their desired treatment experience incredibly easy and accessible via a simple search. So, how does a clinic owner like yourself benefit from it? Amy explains that the key benefit of listing your business on Compare Cosmetica is visibility. Helping lighten the marketing load, a Compare Cosmetica membership enables your business to be seen by an abundance of potential new customers without needing to lift a finger.

“The main thing that is going to benefit a clinic right now is having the visibility on our platform. Compare Cosmetica will become a platform where the businesses name is advertised. It’s getting your name out there, even if you’re only getting 1 or 2 clients at the beginning, it’s setting you up for the long-term. There are studies to show that people that visit comparison websites may not book straight away but 80% of them will use that information to guide their purchasing decision later down the track”, says Amy.

Clinic owners are equipped with their own private dashboard which delivers full transparency of your listing’s performance. Your dashboard will include insights such as how many times your treatments have been searched, how many times your business has shown up in a consumer’s “my compare basket”, and how many times has that engagement been redirected to their business. This full transparency allows you to identify at every stage of your Compare Cosmetica membership its return on investment, what is and isn’t working for you, and to maximise the value of your presence on the platform.

For business owners that are at capacity with bookings, they’re able to pause their listing for any given time and reactivate it when they’re ready to welcome a new influx of clients. We love this kind of flexibility and that as a business owner, you’ve given all the facts and figures of your investment in a Compare Cosmetica membership.

Currently offering a 3-month free trial, Amy shares that if you don’t love your experience on the platform, you’re able to opt out with zero lock-in periods. That alone goes to show just how much she and her team believe in their product and the value it’s going to add to our industry.

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