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The professional beauty industry has been no stranger to the financial and mental stress that comes with numerous lockdowns across our country. In the past few months, we have seen nearly every state in the country undergo some level of lockdown that has left salons, spas and clinics closed. 

For those in Victoria and New South Wales, it’s no secret that the days of their salon doors being closed this year are quickly overtaking those opened. 

When these lockdowns arise, many in our industry are left without any relief as they fail to meet the criteria to be eligible for State Government Support Packages. In fact, it was noted that during Victoria’s fourth lockdown, only one in seven were successfully meeting the framework required to receive financial assistance. 

Beauty businesses continued to hustle; launching into virtual consultations, online stores, product delivery services and innovative at-home treatment kits but with no finish line in sight, the thought of how dinner will make its way to the table was well and truly on the minds of many. 

As Victoria’s fourth lockdown was announced in June, it was evident that something needed to change otherwise many businesses in our industry would not reopen their doors once restrictions were lifted. It was time for us to louden the voices of our industry who were not being heard yet again. 

Beaute Industrie was proud to join forces with the Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council (ABIC), to establish a space where industry brands, suppliers, peers, and supporters alike could donate much-needed funds to those in need. With many digging deep for the industry they hold so dear, this generosity saw the Go Fund Me page skyrocket beyond the target goal within days. These funds raised would go on to deliver $40,000 in supermarket vouchers to beauty businesses owners and their families. 

As ABIC Facilitator Keira explains, being able to deliver these vouchers to business owners in need has meant so much more than the voucher itself; it’s the prospect of support from people that actually understand their situation. 

“For many, it hasn’t just been about the $100 voucher, it’s been about the idea that the voucher represents, that there are people in the industry that have their backs and that they aren’t alone”.

“One business owner from regional Victoria was at crisis point, she called us for business advice and support, she didn’t realise we had the COVID support available and broke down in tears of the mere PROSPECT that people were willing to GIVE what they could to support those on the front line of our industry”, Keira adds

As much as we’d love this to be the happy ending, we’ve all been searching for, the launch of the initiative came at the perfect time as since its take-off, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria have all been plunged in and out of lockdowns. In just two short months, we see Victoria in their fifth and sixth lockdown and New South Wales amidst an incredibly uncertain time. 

During this time, Victorian’s have been invited to apply for additional vouchers where needed and in the prediction of future lockdowns, we have decided to keep the fund open. As a collective, we continue to amplify the voices and needs of our industry by encouraging those that can, to contribute any spare funds to the initiative. 

Even an additional $10 can provide much-needed essentials to a family in need who are left with minimal following payments, like rent, that don’t disappear once a lockdown is announced. ABIC Facilitator Cathy shares this same sentiment as she reflects on a recent conversation with an ABIC member.

“I recall one member that called and expressed how grateful she was for the Gift Card as she had just paid the rent for the salon and had no money left to purchase any groceries for the next week.

The member was so grateful and appreciative of the ability to be able to buy food and was so glad that the ABIC is here to help the industry, especially with all that has been happening.”

Here are just a few of the hundreds of messages and comments of thanks we have received, and that you all have made possible:

“Thank you so much for the amazing commitment and support you are giving the industry at the moment in our time of need you have come to the rescue. I just want to say thank you to everyone that’s behind it helping those of us that struggle so hard to keep going” – grateful 

“Incredible and helpful for myself as covid has affected our industry and I have been struggling so much to catch up from the last big lockdown last year thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx” – thankful 

“I cannot thank you enough for doing this, never thought we would be in this position again

Thank you again, it is so incredibly kind and going to help me more than you know and more than I can explain… in tears” – relieved 

“That is so generous and amazing of you thank you so much you have NO IDEA how much it is going to help me. I am pregnant and off work and have so many extra expenses this is an absolute GODSEND thank you so much.” –  appreciative

Your generous contribution not only makes a significant difference to the lives of your industry peers but alerts our governments that more needs to be done about supporting all industries; especially one like ours that despite delivering life-changing outcomes for men and women each and every day, is continuously left in the dark when the challenges of lockdowns arise. You have the chance to make a difference right now, so let’s go for it! 

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