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Most of our Beaute community will already know how much we love it when brands incorporate distinctive and unique strategies and methods in order to truly differentiate themselves. Well today, we’re bring you the details of another brand doing just this – Dermatonics. And if you’re a lover of phytonutrients or natural, plant-derived skincare, this one is a must-read!

Dermatonics harnesses nature’s purest active ingredients to create results-driven professional skincare products. Originating from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Dermatonics is formulated by husband and wife team, Dr Donna Lee Marçal and Dr Helder Marçal, who combine years of scientific knowledge and research to create their range of Australian-made skincare with a difference. The Dermatonics range incorporates unique combinations of medicinal plant extracts, herbs, essential nutrients, spices and other targeted active molecules, all while following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, EU restrictions (which are more stringent than in Australia) and GMP manufacturing. Aside from their signature range of naturally-derived products, another brand pillar on which Dermatonics is built is inflammation and wound healing, with most of the brand’s products designed to address these conditions.

For those with a keen interest in nutrition, you’ve surely heard the concept of various methods of extraction being used for fruits and vegetables in order to retain as many nutrients as possible. This can range from adjusting the temperature, to utilising different levels of pressure. There are a number of methods that can be used depending on the plant and the final product being created, but the philosophy remains the same – to manipulate the quality of the end products through the method of processing. Well, Dermatonics uses a similar concept to its advantage, harnessing a clever process when working with plant extracts in order to ensure the best possible quality and nutrient content. It’s called Supercritical Fluid Extraction.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) is a method of purification that Dermatonics use for the large majority of their natural extracts – and most of the brand’s products also contain certified organic extracts. However, even when plants are grown with certified organic conditions, there are several factors that influence the plant materials that you might never have considered. Firstly, you cannot control what has previously been in the soil (in which the plants are grown) and there may be trace elements from previous contaminants, which can linger in soil for thousands of years. Secondly, though they may be protected from pesticides, you also cannot control what other particles are circulating in the air around the plants, or what is in the water table for irrigation – unless purified water is used. Any and all of these can affect the final plant materials, but SFE addresses all of these concerns.

What SFE achieves is removing nearly all impurities that plants may incorporate in their life cycle. It is a very green and gentle technology, that allows for the purification of plant extracts to at least 98% purity. This means it is possible to eliminate the vast majority of impurities that can find their way into natural extracts, including heavy metals and contaminants from the soil, pollutants that plants incorporate from the circulating air, as well as impurities from the water used to irrigated the plants.

This is achieved by utilising a slightly higher temperature and pressure above a critical point, specifically 31°C and a pressure of 74 bar. CO2 is used as the extractant. These conditions are very gentle on the extract, ensuring not only purity of the final products but maintaining its integrity and the efficacy of the active components. This technique allows Dermatonics to ensure its products boast the highest possible quality and more pure ingredients for their products and customers.

Natural, organic, or plant-derived products make up a huge portion of the professional skincare market. These brand aspects have a large and loyal following of professionals, however, while some continue to disregard naturally-derived skincare products as ‘all the same’ or ‘inefficacious’, the products themselves vary and fluctuate dramatically from brand to brand, and this clever method of formulation from Dermatonics simply goes to show just how engrained in scientific, evidence-based practice our Australian ‘botanical formulations’ can be!

If you’d like to learn more about Dermatonics, SFE, or their product ranges, click here for more information, or to enquire about becoming a Dermatonics partner.