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June 9th is Global Wellmess Day. Fitting that this day falls on a Saturday, as most people feel more ‘well’ on the weekend.

The wellness term by definition refers to ‘a state beyond absence of illness but rather aims to optimize well-being.’ So how does one reach ultimate internal health and increase being well?

There are 8 eight principles of wellness, which should be considered when aiming for wellness.

Nutrition: Eating well-balanced meals for nourishment of cells and the soul

Resilience: Discover motivational phrases or images to lift and inspire you

Mindfulness: Create space for stillness through out each day

Movement: Move more as you travel through your day. Walking to work, getting of the bus stop early or walking the dog after work.

Breathe: Carve out 1 minute to be still and bring attention to your breath. Meditation apps are great for meditation beginners.

Sleep: Turn off all technology at least 30mins before bed to nurture your mind. Induce sleep with magnesium on the feet, lavender on your pillow and melatonin under the tongue.

Values: Your values and beliefs guide your choices and responses, find what they are and reflect them in your daily life.

Purpose: Pause and reflect on what is most important to you, do more of that.

To impress Global Wellness in your journey through life, start by implementing two tasks, then three. We would love to hear which two tasks you’re going to introduce.